How To Lay Down A Lino Flooring And Common Mistakes To Avoid

How To Lay Down A Lino Flooring And Common Mistakes To Avoid

Lino flooring, also known as linoleum flooring, is a synthetic material made of [material], which is highly durable, cost-effective and is printed in a variety of styles to look like wooden planks or stone slabs.

Lino is a perfect flooring choice for kitchens and bathrooms as it’s waterproof, easy to mop up spills on and if properly maintained, can last for 10-20 years.

Lino is sold in wide roles of flexible material that can be easily cut to shape to fit any room, making it easy for you to lay down yourself. However, laying down a lino floor isn’t as simple as rolling out a new rug.

We’ve put together this handy guide for how to lay down a lino floor, and common mistakes you should avoid.

How To Put Down Lino Flooring

1. Work out how much lino flooring you need to fit by working out the total area of the room. To do this, simply multiply the width of the room by the length and this will give you the total area the room covers.

2. So for example if you have a 5m x 4m room, the total area of the room will be 20m², so you will need that much lino.

3. However, it is work noting that you should make sure that the lino you do put down has an additional 100mm of length either side in order to avoid leaving any gaps at the edges of the floor of the room.

4. Remove any old flooring material from the floor and lay down any underlay if you.

5.  Roll out your lino flooring onto the rooms floor, leaving some overlap at the edges of the room so you can cut it to size.

6. Using a retractable stanley knife, cut the lino around the edges of the room and lay flat.

7. Cut the lino around awkward pieces such as sinks, toilets and pipes that may be running out of the floor.

Can you put new flooring over old lino?

While there isn’t anything to stop you from laying down new lino flooring on top of old lino, we would strongly recommend against this.

While linoleum flooring is resistant to germs, mould can grow on it’s surface under the right conditions. If you lay new linoleum flooring down on top of flooring that has mould on it, even if you can’t see it with your naked eye, the mould can spread and present a health risk.

Do you need underlay for lino?

Tips For Laying Down Lino Flooring In Awkward Spaces

If you’re laying down lino flooring in a bathroom, it is more than likely that you will have to fit your lino flooring around the base of a sink.

The best way to fit your vinyl flooring around this is to cut the sheet around the object, leaving roughly 100m extra around the edge of the object. From there it will be easier to trim the sheet to fit the lino flooring around the object.

Common Lino Flooring Fitting Mistakes To Avoid

    Using a blunt knife or one that’s wide than a thin stanley knife will make it much more difficult to cut the lino flooring to shape when you’re laying it down. This will not only mean that you’re putting yourself at greater risk of slipping on the lino surface and cutting yourself but also it will be trickier to cut the lino sheet to the size of the room and can potentially leave gaps along the edges of your floor.

Not taking the time to measure a room before you purchase or cut a sheet of lino flooring runs the very likely risk of not being able to fit your new flooring properly

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