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Discover the Details on Engineered Wood Floors

Updating your flooring? If so, you are likely already familiar with the extensive range of options available to you, but are you familiar with engineered wood floors? Discover the details on engineered wood floors.

No matter what room in your home you are working on, engineered wood flooring is an excellent choice. This type of flooring combines the look of solid wood floors with the durability of laminate floors. If style and quality are important to you, you will love what engineered wood floors have to offer.

Prefinished Engineered Flooring

There is an engineered wood floor for every budget. Some engineered wood flooring is cheaper than solid wood, while more premium options are more expensive. Depending on the look, feel, and durability you’re going for, the price can range from about $6 to $15 per square foot.

Buyers can find engineered wood flooring in several species, including tigerwood, mahogany, walnut, cherry, birch, hickory, maple, and oak. You can also find engineered wood planks in a range of sizes, thicknesses, and finishes. Whether you desire something exotic or classic, you can find the look you’re going for as you shop for engineered wood. It’s easy to find engineered wood that matches the design style of your space.

Engineered wood is more stable than solid wood, meaning it’s less likely to shift, contract, or expand when exposed to moisture and humidity. That means you can use this flooring in your bathroom or kitchen, in addition to your living room, bedroom, office, and entryway.

Shop for high-quality engineered wood floors with Shop our selection online or give us a call at 1-800-689-9006 with any questions.

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Sisal or Jute, Which Rug Is Best For You?

When you decide to accent your home with a new rug, you have a lot of choices.

  • How big or how small?
  • Do you prefer bright colors or natural tones?
  • What type of fiber do you prefer?
  • Is eco-friendly important?

Stylish is a given. You want it to blend in with the rest of your decor, and showcase your individual personality.

For many homeowners looking for all that and more, they narrow their decision down to a sisal or jute rug. Natural rugs are growing in popularity because of all they have to offer. If you want green living, sisal or jute make good additions. They’re affordable, stylish, and provide neutral, earth-tone fibers that match decor in any room.

But if you’ve settled on sisal or jute, and aren’t sure which to select, we have a little advice for you. Either will make a great addition to any room, but each has its own list of pros and cons. Here’s our advice on each.

What is sisal?

Sisal is harvested from the Agave plant. While it is native to Mexico, because of its popularity, it can be harvested from many different countries around the world. Tanzania is one of the leading exporters of the Agave plant, and its fibers are used to make a variety of products, including:

  • Twine
  • Rope
  • Macrame
  • Baskets
  • Mats
  • Even mattresses and handbags

And of course, it’s a versatile fiber that can be used to create rugs.

Sisal began making its way into homes in the 1980s, and the design trend has continued ever since. Part of its appeal is it can be used in a casual way in the places you spend a lot of time, or change out the decor, and it instantly takes on a more sophisticated feel.

Sisal is a stiff fiber that is spun into a yarn-like fiber. Alone it has a natural white hue that makes it perfect for dying any color. It is one of the strongest fibers available, which makes it an ideal choice for high traffic areas such as hallways or entryways.

Sisal can be used alone, or combined with other fibers such as wool, to create a stunning appearance that works on both visual and functional levels. You’ll love the softness and durability if you move towards a sisal rug.

What is jute?

Jute is created from jute plants, with several different botanical varieties for different types of fiber. While cotton may be the most produced plant-based fiber, jute runs a close second. Jute creates a variety of everyday products, from burlap, bags, ropes, and canvas, to carpet, rugs, sweaters, and more. You’ll find jute out in the open and on display as often as you’ll find it in packing and agricultural uses.

If you want natural fibers, you’ll never go wrong with jute.

Like sisal, jute entered homes back when moving towards natural, earth-friendly designs became fashionable. India is currently the largest producer of jute rugs, with Bangladesh being a close second. In addition to being multipurpose, perfect for many different rooms in your home, they are also completely biodegradable, making their entire lifespan eco-friendly.

While sisal creates a stiff fiber, jute is on the other end as one of the softest fibers. It has a natural brown hue that also takes well to being dyed, yet you’ll find it just as often left in its natural shade. Although it’s soft to the touch, it’s still durable material. It looks great in a variety of places throughout your home, and can handle light traffic well.

Pros for using a sisal or jute rug in your home

As you learned more about both sisal and jute rugs, you may be gravitating towards one or the other. Here are some additional things to consider as you’re finalizing your choice.

When it comes to placing a natural fiber rug in your home, both sisal and jute can’t be beat. Sisal often in higher traffic areas, while jute makes a great addition to the lower traffic rooms in your home.

One of the biggest reasons people select sisal or jute is due to cost. Both are budget-friendly and give you the opportunity to change out your rugs on a frequent basis.

Because both sisal and jute are plant-based fibers, they are non-toxic and are a good choice if anyone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma.

Sisal and jute are both considered green products, which means they are earth-friendly from beginning to end. When you’re through using your rug, they are biodegradable and will not live for an eternity in a landfill.

Because of their weaves, sisal and jute are both relatively low maintenance. Regular vacuuming is recommended to keep dirt away from the fibers. They are both considered to be natural dehumidifiers as each fiber is naturally absorbent. This can help keep your home cool on the hottest days of the year.

Cons for using a sisal or jute rug in your home

While sisal and jute have a wide array of advantages, because they are natural fibers, they also have a few disadvantages.

Because they are good at soaking up moisture, they don’t make a good choice for bathrooms or laundry rooms. You should never wash or steam either rug because added moisture can make them prone to mildew or mold.

While the fibers are sturdy enough for both indoor and outdoor use, you should place them in covered areas when used outside. They should never be allowed to soak when there’s rain in the forecast, or if your sprinkler system gets the flooring wet.

Neither sisal nor jute is known for its soft, cozy feel. If you combine sisal with another fiber such as wool, it will improve the softness.

Both sisal and jute have many similarities. When it comes to making your final decision, many often do so by looks. Consider your choices and lay them next to one another. Natural fiber rugs hold up well in many situations. So choose based on your preferences and what style will blend well with your personality. Whichever you choose, you’ll love the effect.

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How Long Does Carpet Last?

If you’ve ever wondered how long does carpet last, you are not alone.  When families try to decide what type of flooring to have installed in a room, that’s one of the most frequent questions our Design Consultants get.  Let The Carpet Guys help you understand by reading on.

What Matters for Carpet Longevity

hand on tan cut carpet fibers

There are many factors that go into the length of time a carpet will last.  Here are the most important components:

  1. The type of carpet
  2. Carpet padding
  3. Carpet fibers
  4. Wear and tear it is exposed to

Carpet Type

When choosing a carpet, the type is important for helping the flooring last.  A long, cut fiber will show matting and collect dirt quicker than a low-pile style.  Make sure to select a type that has dense face weight. The higher the density number, the better your carpet will perform.


Once a type of flooring has been selected, the next detail is the padding.  Cushion is what protects the carpet backing from rubbing on the subfloor and causing deterioration. It’s also what helps protect the covering from foot-fall traffic and creates a sort of soundproofing. Choose a pad that’s dense and appropriate for the type of flooring selected because a too thick option can damage some styles.  Most residential products require a 7/16-inch pad but the denser the material, the longer it will last.


Not all fibers are created equal.  There are natural and man-made materials in different flooring styles. One of the most durable types of fibers is nylon.  Though not all nylon styles are created equal.  Like most things, it’s important to upgrade to a durable and stain-resistant nylon fiber if looking for longevity. Another great fiber for durability is Smartstrand or Triexta.  This is a better stain resistant fiber than nylon but has an almost similar ability for prolonging the life of the flooring.

Wear and Tear

One of the hardest elements of knowing how long carpet will last is the wear and tear on the flooring.  Keep in mind that floors in a guest bedroom that isn’t used very often is going to last longer than a hallway or stairs.  Another problem to consider is if there are children or pets in the household.  The amount of dirt tracked in can cause premature matting of the flooring fibers.

Obviously, the best way to find flooring that will last is to purchase from a reputable dealer and have it installed properly.  If you’re looking for amazing American-made products that will last you more than 5-10 years, call The Carpet Guys.  We will send our professional Design Consultant to your home with many of our nylon or Smartstrand styles.  They can help you choose a high face-weight style, and we carry an impressive dense Memory Foam padding for underneath.  Call now at 855-4-MY-GUYS (855-469-4897) or click HERE to schedule a free in-home estimate.  Another way to make sure your carpet will endure is to maintain your warranty with proper cleaning and care.  For more information read our blog: The Top 4 Ways to Maintain Your Carpet Warranty or you can check out The Carpet and Rug Institute for other carpet care instructions.

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4 Reasons Luxury Vinyl Will Be Your Flooring of Choice

Luxury vinyl is one of the hottest trends in flooring right now. Yet when you hear the term, it might bring back flashbacks of what your parents or grandparents had in their homes. What could possibly be luxurious about vinyl?

Well, today’s luxury vinyl is nothing like you remember from a few decades ago.

Where vinyl flooring started

While vinyl itself wasn’t used as a flooring until the 1930s, the substance was developed in the late 1800s. Chemist Eugen Baumann developed Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) in Germany in 1872. In 1913, Friedrich Klatte found a way of getting the substance to polymerize, and received a patent on the process.

In 1926, vinyl was developed by accident. Scientist Waldo Lonsbury Semon was trying to create an adhesive to bond to rubber, when he transformed the once rigid vinyl into a more gelatinous substance. Semon received patents as well, and the product was quickly used in many different products, from golf balls to heels of shoes.

It wasn’t until 1933 when the first vinyl tile was presented at a Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago. And the rest, as they say, is history. Shortages of materials during WWII made experimentation with the product even greater. With a lack of rubber, vinyl became one of the leading materials to create a wide array of products.

Vinyl continued advancement into the 1980s, when asbestos was added for strength. It was removed from production after years of research when it was discovered asbestos was cancer-causing.

Today’s luxury vinyl flooring may have roots from the original vinyl developed years ago, but it is distinctly a different product.

Today’s luxury vinyl flooring

4 Reasons Luxury Vinyl Will Be Your Flooring of ChoiceToday you’ll find both luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl planks, commonly referred to as LVT and LVP. These products are waterproof, easy to maintain, and easy to install. They can take on a variety of looks, mimicking some of the most loved flooring options in the world, including hardwood and tile.

Both LVT and LVP are made with synthetic materials formed by melting polyvinyl chloride resins with white pigments, calcium carbonate, plasticizers, fungicides, and UV stabilizers. They are combined using heat and pressure, before adding a backing layer to bring it all together. Luxury vinyl typically has four main layers:

Wear layer – a transparent top coating that protects the floor

Decorative image – this gives it its realistic appearance

Vinyl core – the PVC material that gives it its flexibility and makes it 100 percent waterproof

Backing layer – the finishing layer that helps prevent mold and mildew

Why luxury vinyl flooring makes a great addition to your home

Today’s luxury vinyl is being added to homes across the Front Range.

LVP was developed to give your floors the appearance of authentic hardwood floors. It’s realistic enough to make experts take a second glance. It improves on hardwood by being more durable, 100 percent waterproof, stain-resistant, and durable enough to handle all your family can dish out.

LVT consists of individual squares of various sizes that give you the look of stone tile. Using LVT is easier than handling real stone tiles, and it provides the durability of using vinyl rather than stone.

What’s making both LVP and LVT so popular?

Luxury vinyl flooring looks incredibly realistic

Both LVP and LVT are synthetic and completely fabricated, they look real enough to make anyone who enters your home take a second glance. As you’re installing the planks or tiles, you can see the various levels of construction. But once it’s laid into place, it produces a flooring that handles as well as it looks.

Using modern technology, the design layer consists of photographic images taken of different hardwood products. Want hickory flooring with its distinctive dark wood look? LVP handles it well. Prefer a light oak wood or a whitewash as light as possible? You’ll find that too. In fact, LVP makes it possible to get colors and shades more difficult with actual hardwood. The unique plastic coating over the top seals the look, and adds depth through embossing and other finishes.

Luxury vinyl flooring is water resistant or waterproof

This is one of the leading attractors to the product. If you’ve ever been nervous about installing hardwood in places where moisture might be a problem, you’re going to love luxury vinyl flooring.

Since LVP and LVT are made of vinyl layers, it’s extremely water resistant. Some products on the market today go the extra mile, with certain luxury vinyl products being 100 percent waterproof – talk with a sales associate about the difference. If you’ve ever worried about the flooring you select in a bathroom, laundry room, or basement, you’re going to love luxury vinyl.

But LVP and LVT aren’t just for rooms prone to moisture. You’ll love the look enough to use luxury vinyl throughout your home. And if you have an active household, it’ll make cleanup and maintenance a breeze.

Luxury vinyl flooring is low maintenance

What makes luxury vinyl waterproof also makes it low maintenance. The protective layer makes it easy to keep clean, with just an occasional swipe of a mop with water and a mild detergent. No more worrying about cleanup if the kids (or you) spill more of dinner than they actually consume.

The durable wear layer also makes it slip resistant, quiet when you walk on it, and warm to the touch. If you want a flooring with a little more give, LVP and LVT is the choice for you. It can be the perfect choice for homes with small kids, or with adults with mobility issues where falling is at increased risk.

Luxury vinyl flooring is easy to install

Looking for a DIY project? Both LVP and LVT are an ideal flooring option for people wanting a hand in home renovation. LVP and LVT come either in glue-down or click-together product lines. The click-together is easy to install, and the flexibility of the product makes it easy to cut to fit along edges or in corners.

But don’t worry about installation if it’s not your thing. It can be easily installed by one of our professional installers, and you won’t have to wait days while the hardwood settles in your home’s environment. Installers can be in and out in a day, depending on the size of your project.

Yes, I want luxury vinyl flooring

What’s not to love about luxury vinyl flooring?

If you think it’s the perfect choice for your product, why not visit us today to find the ideal product for your needs. With different sizes, styles, colors, and patterns, there’s a lot for you to choose from. We’ll help you find the right product for your home. 

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Why Fall May Be The Perfect Time To Evaluate and Replace Your Flooring

September is a wonderful time of year here across the Front Range. The kids are back in school. The afternoons are still warm enough to enjoy being outside, while the evenings cool down to a comfortable level. You might enjoy being outside, but it’s also a great time to start looking around and planning your indoor projects for the colder winter months.

Fall is also the perfect time to replace your flooring.

Flooring takes a beating all year long. As you start to move back inside, take a look around. Do carpets look stained and worn? Is hardwood dull and scratched? Are tiles chipped and broken? Now maybe the perfect time for an upgrade.

What fall weather brings out in your flooring

While fall may be one of the most beautiful times of the year here in Colorado, it can also be one of the most destructive for your floors. Days may stay warm, but the nights cool down. It’s not uncommon to run the air conditioner during the day, and have the furnace turn on in the wee hours of the morning. This can drastically change the air within your home,

Hardwood contracts and expands depending on the amount of humidity in the room. With both the air and heat working, you may see more gaping between each individual board. While your home should remain consistent somewhere around 70 degrees, the increased heat and moisture can cause potential warping and buckling problems if you’re not careful. As rain turns to snow, you’re also more likely to track in water, which can impact hardwood. Be sure to pull out rugs to help combat this problem, or consider making your home a shoe-free zone.

Why Fall May Be The Perfect Time To Evaluate and Replace Your FlooringSummer is a great time to run barefoot through the grass. If your kids and pets took full advantage of it, you may notice muddy trails ground into your carpet. These stubborn stains are hard to get out in the best of conditions. Now that it’s ground in dirt, it may be impossible. While this is a perfect time for cleaning your carpet, it may be a time when you realize even carpet cleaning isn’t enough. What you really need is new flooring.

Tile can also become a problem over time. Light tile might be easily stained if it’s a porous material. Light grout may also be stained. Dropping heavy pans can crack tile if it’s not properly installed. And because tile comes in an almost unlimited supply of colors and patterns, you might be distracted from something you installed even just a few years before. After the year we’ve had, if you’re trying to create an entirely new look and feel in your home, your current tile might not be the right solution for your floors.

Replace your flooring this fall and enjoy the look you create as we start spending more time indoors.

Fall flooring trends – choosing what’s right for your home

Whether you shop at a local big box store, or head into a specialized store, you’re likely to see current trends impact the products you buy.

Every year, Pantone chooses a color of the year. This guides everything from fashion to home furnishings. Here in 2021, the colors are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a bright and cheery yellow. The executive director of the Pantone Color Institute states that “this is a color combination that gives us resilience and hope.” Maybe that’s why we’re seeing the impact of these colors throughout our favorite stores as we shop for new things.

You’ll also find the impact of these colors when you look at flooring.

Lighter colors

While dark flooring has been popular for years, you’ll notice now that a lot of options are leaning towards lighter colors. In hardwood and luxury vinyl, you’ll see more options in blonde and whitewash. Natural finishes are definitely all the rage.

With an increase in working and staying at home, people are once again opting for open floor plans. Hard surfaces give a more airy and light-hearted appearance when they are lighter, more natural in color.

Lighter floors also bring timelessness to the table. If you select a light color, they open up decor options in many ways. From rustic, contemporary, country, or traditional, you’ll achieve any look you desire by making a lighter, more natural flooring as your base.


Patterns don’t have to be wild and busy. Instead, it can create a natural flow no matter what material you select for your floors.

A patterned carpet works well in a busy household. Ceramic tile in distinct shapes can be laid into place in many ways. Or how about combining two different products – wood and tile to create intricate patterns that set your room apart from traditional.

While your personality can run wild with today’s choices, there are a few guidelines to consider. Bold patterns work well in smaller spaces like bathrooms, more subtle patterns are often better for large or open spaces. With hardwood, you can create exciting looks through installation techniques – how about herringbone, chevron, checkerboard, or whatever you find as you’re planning out your new design.


Rustic no longer means a log cabin in the middle of nowhere. You only have to head up into the Rocky Mountains to discover rustic has taken a  turn towards mountain modern.

But you can still install that mountain feel into your overall design. Hardwood is still a beloved material of choice in many home designs.

Rustic combines the new with the old. It creates a timeless look in new ways. How about distressed wood? Or using barn wood materials in certain spaces?

Rustic doesn’t have to be synonymous with hardwood. In fact, you might just find what you’re looking for in ceramic tile of luxury vinyl. It’s a great way to bring out a mountain modern look in every room of your home. And you won’t have to worry about the impact of hardwood in places like bathrooms or the basement.

What’s your look?

What are you trying to create?

Whatever your design preferences are, replace your flooring this fall, and you’ll love what you’ve created for years to come.

We’re here to help. Stop by today.

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Freddy My Love X Direct Wood Flooring 

Reading Time: 3 minutes

We’re excited to share our collaboration with YouTube star Freddy Cousin Brown. Freddy is in the process of renovating her London flat, and we are happy to have helped with the process of transforming her home. 

Let’s look at what flooring Freddy My Love loved and opted for in her kitchen and living room, and how you can get the ‘Freddy look’ in your home too. 


Farmhouse Chic With Freddy My Love


Where kitchen designs are concerned, Freddy My Love has a modern yet homely feel – Let’s go with farmhouse chic for this humbling interior. 


Initially she was looking to install solid wood due to the beauty of the organic features and authenticity of natural wood. However, because solid wood can expand and warp with the temperature and moisture fluctuations, we advise not installing this in a kitchen. 


“I got advised against solid wood in a kitchen, so I had to find another nice option”


And that she did! After browsing our fantastic range of laminates, she opted for one from our hyper realistic wood Vintage Narrow range

Vintage Narrow Range

“It’s literally like wood, I can’t believe it. It’s not like laminate at all. It’s got a realistic grain and texture with knots in it like real wood has. I never thought laminate would be this nice.”


This range beautifully replicates real wood thanks to a high quality bevel and has a host of other amazing benefits to offer too:


  • Highly durable
  • Low maintenance 
  • Scratch guard
  • Stain-guard
  • Slip resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Underfloor heating 


The result is simply charming, and fits perfectly with her kitchen décor. 


“I’m beside myself, it looks so beautiful! I can’t believe how affordable it was either.”


Not only is this range stunning and excellently replicates wood flooring, but it is also a cheaper alternative to your typical real wood flooring options. So you can achieve that luxury feel without breaking the bank. 


Traditional meets Contemporary


Along with collaborating on her kitchen floor, we also helped Freddy My Love create her dream living room too. 


Choosing an elegant traditional style engineered wood flooring, she has completely transformed her living room into a perfectly balanced contemporary yet traditional space.


Our Avignon Natural Oak Versailles Tile Engineered Wood flooring, adds a magnificent statement piece to her large living room, creating a grand luxurious and inviting space. 


Just ask Freddy herself:


“It looks so elegant and so unique. I am just speechless. I can’t believe it. I think it looks absolutely incredible!”


This distinguished flooring not only provides a lavish conversation piece but offers a wide range of benefits for the space you lay it in. 


  • Highly durable
  • Easy to fit
  • Can be refinished
  • Looks just like solid wood 
  • Great temperature resistance 
  • Amazing warranties 


So if you’re looking to revamp your home and add a touch of luxury and elegance. This may be the flooring for you. 


If you like any of the flooring ranges from Freddy My Love and her collaboration, then you can order Free Samples today from our site


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Popular Wooden Floors

Wooden floors have been popular for decades.  They can really transform any room, giving a feel of luxury and sophistication.  As wood is a natural product, it tends not to go in and out of fashion.  It matches most colour schemes and decors and can last for a lifetime if looked after properly. Read More

Carpet with Pattern

If you’re looking for carpet with pattern, The Carpet Guys can help you find the one that fits into your budget.  Check out this blog for inspiration to all our favorite patterned carpet styles and colors.

textured berber style carpet with pattern
Berber carpet with pattern

Why Choose Patterned Carpet

The new style in today’s homes is a minimalist style.  Decorators have gotten away from knick-knacks and dusty collectibles.  Homeowners want a space that’s low maintenance and uncluttered.  When the focal point of these types of ornamentals are removed, the texture of the room is also taken away.  From a design standpoint, put by Shaw Floors, carpet with patterns is “calm, clean and serene”. There are many ways to add texture back into a room that may look bare.  With the addition of faux fur throw pillows, patterned wall coverings and even plants.  But the one we like the best is patterned carpet!

Different Types of Patterned Carpet

carpet with pattern in bedroom
Shaw Flooring Soothing Surround Reflection

There are many different types or styles of patterned carpet.  The most common is Berber.  Berber is a loop style carpet that sits low and is great for hiding dirt.  It can withstand everyday wear and tear without becoming matted.  For more information on Berber carpet, check out our blog “Why Choose Berber Carpet”. Unfortunately, we do not recommend Berber carpet for households with pets.  Pet’s nails may snag the loops.

patterned carpet in living room
Mohawk Industries Distinct Flair Bar Harbor

Another beautiful type is a plush style or cut loop that uses different color yarns. This will be softer under foot.  Either it can be a subtle pattern or can add pizzazz to the room depending on how drastic the color difference is. When using a comfortable style like a cut loop patterned carpet, the rest of the décor can be simple; one paint color with a simple trim, single color textiles and matching furniture.

To get the best of both worlds, my favorite patterned carpet is the mix of the two styles above.  This type creates a sophisticated, trendy room while adding rich texture.  A cut and loop carpet comes in many eye-catching designs including dotted, linear and the most popular, geometric patterns.  This is the most common carpet style that very high-end hotels will use in their décor.  It adds elegance and makes it easy to add uniform furniture selections

Now that you’re ready to add this luxury design element to your home, call The Carpet Guys at 855-4-MY-GUYS (855-469-4897) or schedule your Free In-Home Estimate with one of our professional Design Consultants.  We have a vast selection of patterned carpet for any budget.  And we carry all the best American-made products so you know you’re helping the economy recover from the Pandemic.  Our friendly representatives are standing by to take your call!

hotel lobby reception with patterned carpet
carpet with pattern on a very grand staircase
Master bedroom in luxury home with patterned carpet

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Nylon or Polyester Carpet – Which Is Best For Your Home

Choosing new flooring for your home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Choose the wrong material, and you’ll regret it shortly after installation.

But unlike other home purchases, flooring isn’t something you can replace easily. It’s expensive. It’s difficult to do – moving your furniture once is hard enough. Twice? You’ll definitely think twice before agreeing to that move.

If you’ve made the decision to replace existing flooring with carpet, you’re going to love the results. Carpet still is the most popular flooring choice, with nearly fifty percent of all sales in the flooring industry in the carpet niche. But even once you decide on carpet, you have more decisions to make. Because what carpet material you choose will determine how well it handles over time.

Two of the most common carpet materials are nylon and polyester. Want to know which is the right choice for you?

Nylon carpet

Nylon is the most popular synthetic fiber used in the carpet industry today. Nearly half of all carpet sold is created using nylon. It’s wildly popular in residential settings, and crosses over into commercial settings too.

Why do people love nylon? After generations of improvements, nylon is one of the most durable, easy to care for carpet materials you can select. Because of its popularity, it also comes in many designs, patterns, and colors. No matter what you have in mind for your flooring design, you’ll find it with nylon carpet.

Nylon is also one of the most wear-resistant plastics available. That means it’s great in high traffic areas, and won’t show wear and tear like other carpet choices.

Want stain resistance? Because of nylon’s popularity, it’s also where manufacturers have focused on creating the greatest technology to fight stains. Nylon carpet can help fight off all your family can dish out. Just be aware that nylon is still made of fibers, and certain products can and will penetrate into the fibers, staining over time. Kool-Aid, sodas, wine, tea, coffee – all of these may stain your carpet permanently. The faster you clean up the mess, the greater chance you have of making it disappear. Once it settles in, it may be there for life.

Fortunately, manufacturers of nylon carpet apply a variety of protectors to make the fibers more stain-resistant and able to fight off tough dirt and grime. Depending on the carpet, you may have to apply additional protectors over time.

Polyester carpet

Nylon or Polyester Carpet - Which Is Best For Your HomeCurrently, polyester carpet makes up about 25 percent of the carpet market. It’s come a long way since it was first introduced into the marketplace.

While polyester is considered to be slightly less durable than nylon, it’s come a long way since being introduced. Depending on the situation, polyester can be a good choice for your home.

Traditionally, polyester was the softest choice to the touch. If you want a luxurious feel, you can’t beat polyester. Nylon has made some catchup in this department, but go with polyester if softness is your focus.

Polyester is also considered to be more environmentally friendly. But there’s a caveat to that.

Polyester is made from corn, or from recycled materials such as plastic bottles. That makes it seem like polyester is the logical choice if you care about the environment. But to be truly eco-friendly, you also have to consider lifespan. And nylon is easier recycled at the end of life than its counterpart polyester. The choice is yours; you can speak to a flooring representative to learn more about each product before you buy.

Maybe one of the greatest reasons homeowners lean towards polyester is the cost. In most cases, you’ll find your biggest bargains in polyester carpet. If you’re looking to upgrade a room for a short time frame – maybe for selling your home – polyester may be the way to go. If you’re upgrading a rental, polyester can make a fantastic choice.

Polyester carpet is typically dyed to create different colors and patterns. Polyester uses a solution dyeing method that is quite stain-resistant. Polyester fibers are also hydrophobic, meaning it’ll be good at repelling liquid as well. Like nylon, polyester is further treated with stain resisting protectors, making it suitable for a variety of commercial applications.

Still confused on which makes the better choice for your situation? Let’s look at the pros and cons in a straightforward way.

Nylon carpet


  • It’s perfectly suited for high traffic areas
  • It has high stain resistant qualities
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s pet friendly
  • It’s easy to maintain
  • It fights mildew and mold
  • It fights allergic reactions


  • It’s the most expensive synthetic carpet on the market
  • It will produce static electricity
  • It’s not as soft as other carpets

Polyester carpet


  • It’s one of the most economical fibers on the market
  • It has low static electricity
  • It’s considered more eco-friendly than other options
  • It has a soft, luxurious texture
  • It absorbs less water
  • It’s resistant to biological growth
  • It’s pet friendly


  • It’s not as stain-resistant to oily spills
  • It’s sensitive to direct sunlight, and will fade over time

What’s the best choice for you?

Ultimately, flooring is all about giving you a base that best suits your needs.

Both nylon and polyester are synthetic fibers that make good additions to your home or commercial setting. If you’re looking for inexpensive flooring, either will suit your needs just fine.

Thinking of adding carpet to your basement? Both can be a good choice, thanks to the fact that both are resistant to water. However, if you do place carpet in the basement, spend time considering moisture barrier padding too. Talk to a flooring representative for more information.

Both nylon and polyester carpet can make a great addition to your home. It’s about choosing the right product to suit your needs.

What other questions do you have about choosing carpet for your home?

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Utilizing Hardwood Floors in the Bedroom

When you were a child, your mother always warned you about tracking mud and dirt on the carpet. Now you’re a grown up. If you wanted to, you could track all the mud in the world on your floor and no one would ever be the wiser. But who wants a messy carpet in their house? No one. That’s why your mother’s maternal wisdom should be taken to heart. Between vacuuming, shampooing and worrying about uncleanable stains, there’s a lot to upkeep that comes with owning a carpet. That’s why it’s time to embrace the world of the hardwood floor.

Wood Floor in Bedroom

Durability and easy upkeep

Depending on who you live with and what company you keep, there’s a lot of traffic on your floor. Depending on whether your babies have paws or wear diapers, there’s a lot of accidents that are just waiting to happen. Which is one of the advantages of having a hardwood floor. Carpets cost considerably less, but you end up paying in the long run with excessive treatments needed to keep them in pristine condition. While the initial cost of a hardwood floor might put you off, think of your purchase as a long-term investment.

All good in the wood

Now more than ever, the style and aesthetic our living spaces possess is a priority. While you might not be after achieving nirvana through the practice of Fung Shui, having your living space project an outward appearance that’s appealing Hardwood floors provide all of these. It doesn’t matter if you’re after a rustic look or an intimate setting for you or your significant other. A hardwood floor will help you achieve all your needs to make that special room in your house come alive.

Air quality

When it comes to the overall wellness of your living space, hardwood floors greatly improve air quality. Every time someone enters a room with carpet, they track in pesticides, microorganisms, and allergens from the places they’ve been. (YIKES!) Even the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has recommended the use of hardwood floors to improve the quality of life. For those who live in warmer climates, installing woods such as Beech and Hickory can help reduce humidity.

Now that you’re ready to rip that carpet out of your bedroom and cast it aside, why not let the professionals at help you choose the right material for you. Unfinished and prefinished flooring is available and all our products are brand new and under warranty. Visit us online or call us at 1-800-689-9006. Home might be where the heart is, but we have the perfect floor in store.

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