Vinyl Flooring Gives You the Opportunity to Have Luxurious Floors

Vinyl Flooring Gives You the Opportunity to Have Luxurious Floors

Changing out your flooring is an easy way to enhance the feel of your entire home. An upgrade to wood flooring especially can make rooms feel more refined and spacious. If solid wood or real tile isn’t in your budget, vinyl is a fantastic option that won’t break the bank while still looking spectacular! It is versatile and totally customizable! Read on for our suggestions on how to choose the best option for your space.

Vinyl comes in several types and multiple styles so that you can customize it to fit your home! Tiles are a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens. You can mimic grout lines that look real. A texture will help make your tiles look like a high-end stone to really enhance your space.

Sheets of vinyl will give you the look of hardwood flooring without the pain of cracks and crevices you’ll often find with wood. They’re easier to clean and can be more hypoallergenic since dust and dirt don’t have anywhere to hide.

Planks are ideal if you’re in need of a waterproof seal. They are similar to engineered and plan wood as they click into place with no glue! The planks simply sit on top of whatever flooring you already have.

Vinyl isn’t just for flooring! Since it comes in so many shapes, it’s also great for baseboards and molding around your house. The material makes clean up a breeze and it’s much cheaper to add crown and chair molding than using real wood.

If luxury is what you’re going for, there are high-end vinyl flooring styles that you can invest in. They also sit on top of your current flooring so they’re mess-free. Though pricier than other options, they are still cheaper than real wood and no one will be able to tell the difference!

Investing in vinyl flooring will save you money in the long run. They’re easier to maintain and don’t require repeated deep cleaning and sealing. Instillation is cheap and quick, and it’s easier to swap the flooring out if you want to change it up again in a few years!

If you’re ready to find out just how incredible vinyl flooring will look in your home, visit Our wide variety of options ensures that you’ll be able to find exactly what you want at a price point you can afford! Give us a call at 1-800-689-9006 if you’d like to speak with some directly.

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Flood Damaged Carpet

There are things that can be done when dealing with flood damaged carpet.  Whether it is cleaned, repaired or replaced, let The Carpet Guys help.  Here are some suggestions of how to deal with your carpet after the recent stream of rainstorms that is plaguing the state of Michigan.

How to Clean Flood Damaged Carpet

The first thing to do is stop the water from entering the home.  We recommend calling a professional waterproofing company and have the home inspected.  We work with Basement Waterproofing of Michigan because they have a long-standing history of waterproofing success and knowledge.

Once the water has stopped coming into your home, you can begin the cleaning process.  For carpet, pull up the carpet around the room to get air to the pad.  This is the place where mold and mildew will grow if water sits.  Use a dehumidifier and large fans to dry the space as soon as possible.  You may need multiple devices depending on the square footage of the water-logged space.  Once all the flooring and pad are dry, lay the carpet back in place and have it professionally cleaned.

Can Damaged Carpet be Repaired?

If there wasn’t a lot of water, or it was able to be dried up quickly, some types of flooring may be repairable.  It is not recommended to replace a section of carpet in a room.  Even if using the exact same color and style, the carpet changes based on sun exposure and wear and tear.  It will be very noticeable if you replace a small piece. The pad can be replaced. Once damaged by water, this is where mold and mildew may grow.  This would not be noticeable since it sits underneath the carpet.  Unfortunately, there is no other way to “repair” carpet once it’s damaged.  Replacing the flooring would be recommended.

Call a reputable restoration company to get an unbiased opinion whether the carpet can be repaired or should be replaced.  There are two companies that The Carpet Guys consistently work with because they are responsive and professional:  Rainbow International Restoration or 360 Fire & Flood Property Restoration

Should I Replace my Carpet?

Home Interior Water leaking damaged stair and carpet

If the carpet is going to be replaced, we recommend that you have your basement waterproofed before having the new flooring installed.  You don’t want to put money into your new floors only to have them water damaged again.

Once the flow of water into the home has been abated, The Carpet Guys can replace the carpet.  If it only happened in one room, the carpet in that room can be replaced without a noticeable difference in the other rooms.  We recommend replacing the pad as well. The pad is what absorbs the most water.  Once the installer pulls up the old carpet, they may decide a new subfloor is necessary depending on the amount of water damage.

The Carpet Guys knowledgeable and experienced installation teams can make the unfortunate situation of flood damaged carpet an easy replacement process.  Call The Carpet Guys at 855-4-MY-GUYS (855-469-4897) or schedule a Free In-Home Estimate online and we will take care of all your flooring needs!

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Cheap Flooring – Replicate Real Wood On a Budget 

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When it comes to home renovations, there are a number of elements that come at a significant cost. Flooring is often one of them. Think about it; your flooring has to cover the entire area of your home. But it doesn’t always have to break the bank to achieve the desired aesthetic you’re wanting. In this blog, we’ll cover cheap flooring ideas that are alternatives to your expensive hardwood flooring. 

Laminate Flooring 


Where cheap flooring is concerned, laminate is a great option!

Narrow Dark Peterson Oak Laminate Flooring
Narrow Dark Peterson Oak Laminate Flooring

Laminate is renowned for being practical, budget friendly and excellently replicating real wood flooring in a wide range of colours and styles. So you can have a high performing floor at a low cost.


It is manufactured from multiple layers of high-density fibreboard (HDF). A digitally printed top layer covers densely-packed wood fibres to create a stable core. High-quality wood image is printed, which is often paired with authentic-feeling bevels and grains, to create a hyper-realistic wood effect. This has even extended to being available in tile designs too!


Benefits of Laminate


On top of being appealing from a budget angle, laminate offers a host of benefits that are practical to day-to-day life:


  • Manufactured to be highly durable
  • Easier and cheaper installation
  • Scratch and water resistant
  • Hygienic, easy cleanable surface.
  • Realistic design
  • Available in a wide range of styles
  • Available in a wide range of budgets 
  • Pet-friendly 


AC Ratings 


As previously mentioned, laminate is up there with being able to adhere to most budgets. Though there is still often the connotation that with laminate, whilst being budget friendly, quality is compromised. However, this isn’t necessarily true. 


When shopping for laminate flooring, you may encounter a term referred to as a “laminate AC rating”. Meaning “abrasion class”, AC rating describes a floor’s durability against a number of key factors. The higher the AC rating, the more durable it is. Whilst laminate with a rating of AC1 is only suitable for areas with little footfall, the higher AC5-rated laminate floors are robust enough for use in commercial buildings, such as busy retail stores.


Laminate AC rating determines how well a laminate floor copes within different environments.

In order to receive an AC rating, laminate flooring must go through rigorous testing. Known as the Taber test, the process assesses the flooring to measure its resistance. The AC rating is dependent on how it deals with a number of different stress points. Abrasion, stains, impact, moisture, heat and scratches are all factors used to produce a laminate AC rating.

To receive an AC rating, every aspect of the test requires a pass. If it fails even one, it receives an “unrated” label, meaning it misses the mark in terms of quality expected by both retailers and consumers.

So in reality, you don’t have to compromise quality at all. Making sure you know your stuff when it comes to AC ratings can help you with a steal – purchasing cheap flooring that supports the demands of any lifestyle. 

Saving Costs With Laminate


On top of laminate being relatively cheap to purchase for your packs of flooring, there are other cost saving benefits that come with choosing this cheap flooring option. 




When it comes to your installation, the majority of laminates are available in a tongue and groove locking system. This means that installation is quick and easy, so the DIY method is welcomed. Alternatively if you’re hiring a fitter, this could save you on costs as you wouldn’t require the fitter for as long a duration.    


Laminate Styles 


Another way you can save money by purchasing laminate flooring is in the style department. 


Herringbone and chevron are traditional flooring styles turned trend, now a popular choice with contemporary interiors. 

Vintage Chateau Herringbone Luxury Teak
Vintage Chateau Herringbone Luxury Teak

With this being more of a classic design, it has typically only been available in your hardwood flooring options, however there is now a vast array of designs available in laminate. So you can save money, whilst still shopping in style! 


LVT Flooring


The next contender on the cheap flooring list is LVT

Trade Select Concrete Grey LVT
Trade Select Concrete Grey LVT

Luxury Vinyl Tiles, also known as Click Vinyl Flooring or LVT, are renowned for the ability to imitate high-end flooring designs to an impeccable standard. Built with multiple layers, this robust flooring not only looks amazing but is one of the toughest flooring options on the market too.


Benefits of LVT


As well as being a front-runner for a cheap flooring option for your home, LVT offers an abundance of benefits, from style, to budget, to practicality. 


  • Available in a range of budgets
  • Available in a range of styles
  • Highly durable 
  • Waterproof
  • Slip resistant
  • Provides warmth and cushioned feel underfoot
  • Insulates sound
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Its innovative design makes it difficult to differentiate from real wood thanks to its textured finish 
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to replace individual tiles where any areas may be damaged
  • The average lifespan is 25-30 years (depending on maintenance and traffic)


Saving Costs With LVT


Thanks to the amazing price points of LVT with some ranges being from around £8.99, you’re already getting a whole lot of bang for your buck when comparing the price to the benefits. 


However, that’s not the only cost savings you will find with Luxury Vinyl Flooring. 




One money saving method that comes as a cost benefit of LVT is its easy installation. Because LVT is available in click or stickdown options, the installation is a lot quicker in comparison to fitting real wood, ceramic or stone flooring. 


As a result of this easy installation, time and effort will be saved when fitting, so if you’re hiring a fitter, this may save you a few pounds. 


Furthermore whilst Luxury Vinyl Flooring is extremely durable, on the off chance that any damage occurs to the flooring,  you can easily replace the area the damage has occurred without ripping up your entire flooring. 


This is because Luxury Vinyl Flooring is fitted in individual tiled packs as opposed to vinyl roll. So no more worrying about paying to replace your entire flooring for one or two scuffs. 

LVT Styles 


In addition to the cost saving in terms of practicality, this versatile flooring is also ahead of the game with style. More importantly, these styles could be the difference between a large bill or a pleasantly surprising one. 


Similarly to laminate flooring, LVT has a wide range of styles available. From herringbone, to tile to chevron and your typical real wood effect. 


This means that you can achieve the looks of more expensive flooring options for a fraction of the price. Moreover, if it’s a real wood effect you’re wanting to incorporate into your design, then LVT’s ability to imitate this is second to none, thanks to its innovative design. 


It’s extremely difficult to tell the difference between real wood and LVT because of the textured finish and bevelled edges adding realism to the design. 


As real wood can be a large investment on its own when it comes to renovating your home, you don’t have to compromise on adding a real wood tone into your interiors thanks to luxury vinyl flooring. 


EvoCore Flooring


Next on the list is a flooring you may not have heard of, or if you have, you may not associate it with the word cheap… EvoCore.


EvoCore is one of the most innovative flooring types on the market and with good reason, not all of the EvoCore ranges are at the lowest of price points in comparison to other flooring types. 


However, EvoCore has expanded its ranges to hit a wider range of budgets, so that practicality, style and versatility is made more affordable. 


Our ranges offer diverse results whether you’re transforming your home or commercial property, with a range of styles and budgets to suit a variety of needs.


These exclusive ranges are designed with every lifestyle in mind. Whether you’ve got a house-full or populated office, you can add luxury, comfort and style to your space with EvoCore.


Benefits of EvoCore 


EvoCore Flooring provides many beneficial factors. Each range comes with its own additional benefits, however we have listed the standard benefits below. 

They ensure the best protection and resistance against both common and rare household and commercial activities. Below is a bullet-pointed list of each benefit that this range offers: 

  • EvoCore is 100% waterproof
  • Anti-slip surface
  • No expansion or contraction when exposed to heat and cold
  • Pet-friendly
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • Easy installation
  • Real wood look and feel
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Compatible with underfloor heating
  • Hides minor subfloor imperfections
  • Can be laid over existing flooring
  • Eco-friendly


Saving Costs With EvoCore


Now that EvoCore has had such success in its initial ranges, it has continued to expand offering even more versatility. Through this expansion, we have been able to offer even more diversity in styles, practicality and budgets.


This is where it gains its place in this list of cheap flooring options. 


EvoCore Origins


EvoCore Origins is one of the more affordable ranges within the EvoCore brand, offering beautiful authentic wood designs for adding a natural warmth to your home. Featuring in-built underlay, home-wide suitability, high durability and a variety of colours and styles, EvoCore Origins is an ideal flooring for any home, with any lifestyle, and what’s more, it’s budget friendly. So you can have all of this without breaking the bank.


When coupling the fact that this flooring is at a lower price point already, with it having in-built underlay and easy installation. You’re saving money in not one, not two but three places. 


You don’t have to purchase your underlay separately, and you can also save money on installation fees due to the ease of its installation. You could even fit it yourself if you’re feeling confident and want to upskill in the DIY department!




If you had your heart set on introducing real wood flooring into your design, but the cost is putting you off, don’t worry. Similarly, to laminate and LVT, EvoCore Origins is outstanding when it comes to imitating real wood. Each plank incorporates a registered embossed true-to-grain real wood feel. 


So if you were wanting the warmth, and natural essence delivered by real wood, you can still achieve this for a lower cost, and more practicality. 


Amazing, right?   


To conclude, you’re not short of cost effective ways to save on your flooring whilst still achieving that desired real wood effect in your home. Flooring can be a large investment but with these options, it doesn’t have to be. 


For any questions regarding your flooring, please get in touch with one of our advisors who will be happy to help with any queries. 



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Why Does My Floor Look Different After it’s Installed

Why does my floor look different after it’s installed?  A common question our Design Consultants receive after a customer has had an installation.  “The color is different.” “It’s too light.”  “It’s too dark.” And many more specifics.  The Carpet Guys can help explain why this happens.

Time of Day Changes the Look

One of the biggest changes that happens is time of day lighting.  One of the best things about The Carpet Guys is that we send our showroom of samples to your home, so you can see what the flooring will look like in your homes lighting and near the furniture.  Our Design Consultants are knowledgeable and helpful in finding the best flooring product for you household needs.  You get to choose the color based on what looks best right inside the room your reflooring.

If the appointment time the Design Consultant is in your home is in the morning, your grey laminate may look warmer with the sun rising into the room.  But when the installation is complete, it may be evening, and the flooring looks greyer under the artificial lighting.  We recommend giving yourself a couple of days before calling.  It may be that the flooring was chosen at a different time of day.

light and shadows change color of flooring
The color of the flooring looks different in the sun and shade.

Flooring Looks Lighter When Installed

Often, the small sample of flooring on a board looks darker than when it is installed.  Once the flooring has been installed, it opens up in the room and looks lighter than what was chosen.  We recommend when you are choosing flooring from a sample, especially in a room with little to no furniture, choose something a shade darker than what you think you want to avoid it looking too light.

Empty Room vs. Full Room

Once in a while, when choosing from a small sample on a white board, a sample will look lighter.  When installation is complete, and all your furniture is back in the room, shadows from overhead lighting can make the flooring look darker than the sample. Just like when you paint, and the paint gets darker as it dries.  If you’re room is full of furniture, choose a shade lighter than normal so it doesn’t make the room feel darker once installed.

Carpet looks light or dark depending on the direction of the vacuum lines.

Direction of Vacuum Lines

When hard surface is installed (like laminate, luxury vinyl plank, hardwood, etc), the direction the planks are laid, will change the colors you readily see entering or exiting the room. Even carpet has a flooring “direction”.  Depending on the direction it’s brushed, the fibers look a different color.  This is most noticeable after vacuuming.  When our installers finish your installation, they vacuum the carpet to fluff the fibers and will recommend you vacuum every day for a week and then once a week afterwards (see carpet care and maintenance for reference.  This helps the fibers to sprout so it will look uniform.  Again, finish the weeks’ worth of vacuuming before calling because it may just need to open up.

The Carpet Guys professional Design Consultants are all trained on these phenomena.  And can help you decide between darker or lighter shades of whatever flooring you love!  If for some reason you are not COMPLETELY satisfied with your installation, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We want you to enjoy your flooring from the day you choose it from a sample board to the day you have it replaced.  If you’re looking for all the best colors, textures and styles, call The Carpet Guys at 855-4-MY-GUYS (855-469-4897) or schedule your Free In-Home Estimate today.  We can’t wait to help make your flooring dreams come true!

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Wooden floor door bars explained

Wooden floor door bars are a great accessory that help you to close the gaps between doorways when fitting a floor.  There are a few different types to choose from depending on the type of floor that you have on the other side of the doorway.  Sometimes you will hear a door bar called a ‘threshold’, which is just another name for it.  We have a range of door bars including solid Oak door bars, and metal door bars. Read More

What are the Benefits of Bamboo Flooring?

Are you wondering why or if you should go for bamboo flooring instead of the other types of flooring out there? Let us help you out with the known benefits of bamboo flooring and why it should decorate the floors of your home instead. First off, let’s get this out of the way: bamboo is not wood; it is grass from the kingdom of plantae.

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring


Seeing that bamboo is grass, as mentioned above, your follow-up thought could be that it would easily be damaged by water or any form of moisture. Well, that is incorrect. Bamboo flooring has the same level of moisture resistance as hardwood flooring; this means that you get to use it for many years while it retains its original shine.

Vast Growth Locations

Do you know what bamboo forests are? They are a community of bamboo grasses. These forests have the capacity to grow the raw materials for bamboo floorings in different parts of the world. While the ideal growth location is hot/tropical locations like countries in Africa and South America, some variants of bamboo are known to grow in less tropical regions; these variants can also be grown indoors as well.

Home Legend Bamboo Solid Strand Woven Tobacco

Bamboo Flooring Variants

As with other flooring types, bamboo flooring has variants to offer, so you get to choose from a list instead of being stuck with a specific type. There are engineered bamboo flooring, stranded bamboo flooring and horizontal bamboo flooring; of these three, the stranded bamboo flooring variant is the best version of it, lasts longer and has lots of colors to select from.

Easily Renewable

Bamboo, the raw material for bamboo flooring, is easily renewable and quickly regenerates after stalks are cut from it. Rather than take years or a decade to grow, it grows many inches within a day and continues to grow.

We have variants of bamboo flooring here at For any questions answered you may have, or if you’d like to place an order today, please give us a call at 1-800-689-9006!

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Engineered Oak Herringbone

Firstly, Engineered Oak herringbone is a beautiful floor that will transform your room completely.  Herringbone is a geometric pattern that is created by using parquet block flooring.  It is the most popular pattern created and gives a distinctive looking floor. Read More

Get the Most Value from Your New Hardwood Floors

Customizing your home is a great way to make it more personal. You want to wake up every day excited to spend time in it. Upgrading your flooring is a fantastic way to do just that! Wood floors make any space feel more luxurious and warmer, and we’re here to help make sure you get the most value out of them.

Brazilian Cherry Prefinished Hardwood

One of the most important things to consider is the functionality of your flooring. High-traffic areas of your home will need durable floors. Think bathroom, kitchen, and family room. Wherever you spend the most time is where you’ll want to ensure you have a strong floor. Options cherry, walnut, or oak are best for these busy rooms to ensure they will last for years and look just as new as the day you have them installed.

Professional installers can make just about any design dream come true. You’re able to put fun patterns like chevron or herringbone in your home. Keep in mind that simple and timeless will give you the best resale value. Lighter-colored woods will help keep your home feeling light and airy, but darker colors will more easily hide dirt and stains.

Quality should also be a top consideration when choosing your floors. You don’t want to skimp on wood so that it will last you for years to come, but you also need to know your market. Keep in mind that your current home may not be your forever home. Are the other houses in your neighborhood decked out with luxury high-end flooring or simple, cost-effective options? You want to make sure you don’t stray too far away from most current homes to ensure your ability to resell for a profit later.

When you’re ready to upgrade your flooring, get in touch with us here at Online ordering is available 24/7 and you cannot beat our huge inventory at incredible prices! For immediate assistance, please give us a call at 800-689-9006!

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How To Keep Hardwood Floors Looking Their Best

If you were building your dream home today, what kind of flooring would you install?

According to a National Wood Flooring Association survey, just more than half of homeowners – 52 percent – say they currently have hardwood somewhere in their homes. But when you ask them what kind of flooring they would install in their dream home, two-thirds say hardwood floors. That includes 81 percent of current hardwood flooring owners, with the most common reasons given being it’s durable, easy to clean, and attractive in every room in the home.

While those numbers are based on averages from homeowners across the country, we would bet the statistics actually rise here in Colorado. Coloradans love hardwood. Maybe it’s because we’re right at the base of the Rocky Mountains. The idea of a mountain retreat is appealing to us because it’s our normal. The scent of pinewood, the look and feel of pine throughout a home, even adding another log to the fireplace are high up on our wishlist.

If you’re changing out the flooring in your home, and wondering if hardwood is the way to go, even a little bit of research online might leave you confused and overwhelmed. Do a quick search and you’ll find articles touting all kinds of issues with installing a hardwood floor. You find articles on:

  • How difficult it is keeping hardwood floors clean
  • Why hardwood flooring is a bad choice in busy households
  • Why hardwood flooring is fragile, dents easily, and is a wrong choice in homes with pets and kids

How To Keep Hardwood Floors Looking Their BestOf course, it’s easy to start questioning everything when you read these words of advice.

But before you form your own opinion, especially if you’ve never lived with hardwood floors before, we suggest you stop by and speak with an expert to learn more before you make your final choice.

What can you do to make hardwood floors look their best?

Clean up spills quickly

In many cases, what turns people off of hardwood flooring is the look and feel of hardwood after spills penetrate the wood.

Because wood swells and shrinks depending on moisture levels, both on the wood itself and in the air, it’s important to keep moisture at steady levels all throughout the year. If moisture seeps in between cracks in the planks, and slips down into the subfloor, it can quickly start to damage the wood. Swelling, expanding, contracting, warping and more can occur rapidly once moisture impacts the wood.

That’s also a reason to ban wet shoes at the door. Set up a mat as soon as you enter and require all shoes to be left at the door. That creates less of a mess throughout your home, and prevents water from accumulating in small puddles without you noticing.

Water and hardwood can also cause another potential problem – slip hazards. Water puddling combined with a hard lacquer finish can make the flooring slippery. This is especially dangerous on staircases or areas where the potential of falling increases.

Sweep and dust daily

Cleaning daily may seem a bit excessive, but it’s a great way to ensure the look and feel of hardwood floors stays in top condition.

Even if you’re a “no shoes” household, dust, tiny rocks, and other particles can easily make their way into your home and onto your floors. Baking cookies? What happens when a little bit of sugar spills underneath your feet? It’s easy for fine particles to be ground into the finish, dulling the look. You might not notice one or two tiny scratches, but over time, they can have a heavy impact on the finish or your flooring.

It doesn’t take much to run a broom or swiffer across the hardwood once a day to pick up these small amounts of dust and remove them from the finish.

Then once a week, go for the deeper clean. Run a vacuum over it and pick up things you missed. Be careful about using a wet mop as too much moisture on hardwood can quickly cause damage.

Use furniture pads

Scratches are one of the biggest problems for hardwood flooring. Those tiny scratches quickly add up, and can mar the look of your floors.

While some scratches are inevitable, others are preventable. Be aware of what items in your home have the potential for causing the greatest damage.

If you have island chairs, a breakfast nook, or dining room chairs, they will be pulled out and used every day. Adding furniture pads to the legs will help buffer the potential of damage caused by daily use.

Don’t ignore sofas, tables, and other furniture with tiny wooden or metal legs. These furniture pieces may be stationary, but it’s possible to bump them and have them move even a fraction at a time. Because of their weight, they can produce severe damage to the flooring underneath, especially if you bump and move the item regularly. You’ll notice it when you move the piece and add something new, or redecorate and change things up.

Use approved floor cleaners only 

You want clean floors. You find a product at your favorite market that promises clean wood floors. What could be wrong with picking up this product for weekly use?

A lot.

Many of the products on the market contain chemicals and other by-products not meant for use on wood floors – even if they state they’re safe for wood floor use. If you use the wrong product, you can damage your floors, and possibly null and void the warranty that came with your flooring.

Before you select a cleaning product, check with your flooring’s manufacturer first.

Schedule refinishing every three to five years

A single homeowner who travels a lot is different from a busy family with lots of kids and pets. Only you know how much activity your floors see on a daily basis.

With that in mind, schedule refinishing every few years to keep your floors looking good, and ensure they have a protective layer that helps prevent spills from penetrating. This will ensure the wood underneath lasts for years, and continues to look good no matter how often you change your decor.

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