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In Collaboration With I Love Wallpaper

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Are you one for bringing out your personality through your interiors? Then our Sister brand, Flooring Superstores’ collaboration with I Love Wallpaper might peak your interest. With quirky and stylish designs offering a wide range of aesthetics, you’ll be able to easily take inspiration and replicate these in your homes. 

Bold and Beautiful Interiors


If making a statement is something you want to achieve with your home décor, then you might want to take out your notepad and take down some tips on this bold and beautiful interior design. 


I love wallpaper - bold and beautiful interiors
Studio White Laminate


Using eccentric wallpaper as a feature piece, such as I Love Wallpapers Paradise Floral Wallpaper, can help to create a statement in your space, and tell your guests you have bold style, and you’re not afraid to use it!


Additionally, using eye-catching designs delivered through your wallpaper, can offset the rest of your room, where you can opt for more subtle pieces to tie together the design as a whole. 


Neutral furnishings and flooring is perfect for pairing with distinctive wallpapers. Flooring Superstore’s Studio White Laminate Flooring is the perfect companion for eccentric designs such as this. 


This helps to balance out the beautiful and striking patterns on the wallpaper. It also ensures that the design resonates with style and rather than chaos. 


The Modern Minimalist Interiors


This next interior style is one that is making a rise in the interiors industry. The modern minimalist. 

I love wallpaper - modern minimalist interiors
Studio Vanilla Oak Engineered Wood

The modern minimalist design sees the cutting down of furnishings and accessories to a minimum, allowing you to focus on bringing out style and beauty, without having to overdo it. 


One way to execute this design is to stay in touch with nature. Extract all of the natural beauty of elements such as real woods and plant life. 


Flooring Superstore’s Studio Vanilla Engineered Wood Flooring exquisitely demonstrates the beauty of nature, showing off natural grains and knots. 


This provides a more organic style. These elements are what help to bring the aesthetic to life when having minimal furnishing and accessories. 


Using a wallpaper that also encompasses the natural and organic aesthetic is a great way to complete this design. 


I Love Wallpapers Banana Leaf Wallpaper does this flawlessly, offering a black and white leaf design to further match the ongoing nature theme.


Sleek and Sophisticated


Looking to show off a sleek and sophisticated style when welcoming guests into your home?

I Love Wallpaper - Interiors
Loft Midnight Grey Laminate

Then this versatile design might be to your taste. 


Thanks to a neutral grey palette, the main components of this design are reflected in the Milan Metallic Wallpaper from I Love Wallpaper and Loft Midnight Grey Laminate from Flooring Superstore, you can easily alternate furnishings around this design. 


Not only that, the grey tones throughout this design add a chic modern tone to any space in your home. 


So when attempting a contemporary yet sophisticated decor, grey is certainly the way! 


If you liked what you saw in this fantastic collaboration between I Love Wallpaper and our Sister brand, Flooring Superstore, head over to their sites.


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Labor Day Flooring Sales

Labor Day flooring sales are important to find. Because the Holiday season is almost here, it’s important to get your flooring installation scheduled.  These challenging times have made it even more important to find great money saving deals.  Check out our special holiday low prices at The Carpet Guys.

labor day carpet flooring sales

Whole House Renovation on Sale

A whole house renovation is categorized as at least five rooms of flooring to be installed.  At The Carpet Guys, if you have 5+ rooms to have carpeted, then we will give $800* off the total price.  Undoubtedly a great deal for anyone who has just bought a new home or is looking to sell!  Also a great way to upgrade the look of the home. With great Labor Day deals, it’s inexpensive too!  Don’t shy away from getting all the rooms done together.  The more you have the greater the deal.

Look for Financing on Flooring

Only replacing flooring in three bedrooms? We have great Labor Day deals for that as well.  Qualified customers can get free financing as low as $45 a month1 for 3 rooms installed.  Our financing can be interest free for up to 48-months†.  That’s the equivalent to $1.50 a day.  Why spend your hard-earned money on your home improvements? On the other hand, you could use someone else’s money to finance your flooring dreams. You can have new flooring for less than a cup of coffee each day. Talk to one of our knowledgeable Design Consultants for the details.

Included with These Specials

With a flooring installation from The Carpet Guys, you get the all-inclusive White Glove treatment.  Fortunately, it doesn’t matter if you refloor one room or all your rooms.  The all-inclusive package comes with all types and styles of flooring: hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and carpet.  We also include our Waterproof and Microban flooring products as well.  Additionally, we carry the best Made in America brands and have experienced and professional installers.  You will also get our exclusive:

all styles and types on sale
  • Free In-Home Design Consultant
  • Furniture Move
  • Lifetime Installation Warranty
  • Flooring Rip-up and Haul-away

Unfortunately, we can’t keep these deals all year round. However, you can take advantage of the best Labor Day flooring sales while they last. And make sure to get on our installation schedule before the busy Holiday season.  Call The Carpet Guys at 855-4-MY-GUYS (855-469-4897) or click HERE to schedule your Free In-Home Estimate now. Bookmark this page for any future Carpet Guys flooring specials.

$800 OFF Entire House of Carpet*

*Some restrictions may apply. Includes basic installation and pad, does not include extras. Valid only at initial consultation. Offers may not be combined with any other discount or special promotions. In stock carpeting only. Cannot be applied to current or past orders.  Sale ends 9/30/2021

$45/Month Flooring Sale 1 

1 Offer is for new applicants only and cannot be combined with other promotional discounts or special offers. Special financing subject to credit approval. Not all applicants will qualify. Minimum purchase and monthly payments required. $45 per month for 48 months with equal payments based on a purchase of $2,160. Actual payments will vary based on the final purchase and terms of financing. See sales consultant for details. Some restrictions apply. Sale ends 09/30/2021.


†Some restrictions may apply. Offer is for new applicants only and cannot be combined with other promotional discounts or special offers. Special financing subject to credit approval. Not all applicants will qualify. Minimum purchase and monthly payments required. See sales consultant for details. Sale ends 9/30/2021

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The Only Guide You’ll Need For Buying and Caring For a Rug

Homeowners love hardwood floors. Here in North America, the wood flooring market is a multi-billion dollar market, growing every year.

Resilient flooring is growing by leaps and bounds, rising over 21 percent this past year because of its ease and flexibility of use.

Ceramic tile comes in as the third-largest flooring sector.

What do all of these flooring categories have in common? A hard surface area that makes cleaning, maintenance, and functionality a snap.

Yet what gives them durability is also something that can be a challenge as well. It’s hard to lay on a ceramic tile floor to play a game. Or for the kids to play with their toys on hardwood.

For that, many homeowners turn to rugs. They add warmth to any room. They allow your personality to shine through.

Is buying a new rug in your future? Choose wisely, and caring for your new rug will be a breeze.

Where to start – Look for rug color and design

As a homeowner, your first thought when selecting something new for the home moves to color and design. It’s only natural. Why look at rugs with orange and red when what you really want is green and blue? If a round rug suits your needs, it makes it easy to bypass the rectangular rugs vying for your attention.

Yet even with the basics in mind, selecting rug color and design can be a daunting process.

The Only Guide You’ll Need For Buying and Caring For a RugWe recommend choosing rug color similarly to selecting furniture and paint color. Darker colors tend to make a room look smaller and cozier, while lighter colors open the space up. If you have neutral furniture, bringing in patterns and bright colors with a rug can add pizzazz. Go neutral if you want a calm, relaxing space.

Think about where your emphasis will be. The brighter colors or wilder patterns you choose will naturally bring the eye down to the floor. If you stay neutral, the eye will move to furniture, wall coverings, or other designs you use in your room.

Rug size

In addition to color and pattern, the size of your rug will also play a big part in the overall look and feel of the room. Before you shop, carefully measure your space. Designers recommend that you should leave at least 18 inches of flooring exposed beyond the rug size. While this rule works well in standard size rooms, you can use your own judgment based on the room size and your desires.

When in doubt, err on the side of bigger. Undersized rugs often leave a room feeling disconnected. As a general guideline:

  • In living spaces, area rugs are often centered underneath coffee tables, with at least the front legs of furniture placed on the rug.
  • In dining spaces, add at least 3 feet in width from the table to ensure chairs are never on an uneven surface.
  • In bedrooms, rugs should be large enough for feet to land on when you get out of bed in the morning.

How rugs are made

If you want a rug to last for years, pay attention to how the rug is made. The weave used to make the rug, as well as what fibers are used in the process, will determine the durability of your rug.

Hand-knotted rugs – this is top of the line rug construction. While it’s highly durable, it also will be at the top of affordability. Many hand-knotted rugs are created by artists, designed to last for generations.

Hand-tufted and hand-hooked rugs – are a more affordable alternative to hand-knotted rugs. Hand-tufted has a cut pile, while hand-hooked has a looped pile. They are manufactured in similar ways.

Power-loomed – you’ll find these to be the most economical rugs on the market, using fibers like polyester and nylon for ease of use. You can expect these to last anywhere from three to ten years.

Flatweave – these rugs won’t have a base material, and instead are designed to be reversible, allowing you to use both sides. They’re often braided or woven, and can be cleaned easily.

Rug fibers

Rugs are made from a variety of different fibers. Many are created using synthetic fibers for both cleanability and durability. Want an eco-friendly option? There are natural fibers that fit the bill.

Acrylic – a durable plastic fiber that is mildew resistant and works well in bathrooms.

Bamboo – offers a natural choice that is commonly used in entryways or as hallway runners.

Cotton – it’s one of the most common fibers around, which is why it makes a great addition to a rug. It’s soft, easy to clean and maintain.

Jute – made from vegetable fiber, it is soft underfoot and can add texture to any room.

Nylon – offers the softness of silk without the hefty price. It’s easily cleaned and has high durability, making it the perfect choice for any room in your home.

Olefin – it’s a fiber similar to polypropylene, and is highly durable and easy to maintain.

Polypropylene – a synthetic plastic fiber that’s both durable and fade-resistant. It’s often used for both indoor and outdoor rugs because of its water-resistant qualities.

Silk – a luxurious fiber most often used in hand-knotted rugs, these delicate rugs should be tucked away in low traffic areas such as the bedroom.

Wool – the most commonly used natural fiber used in rugs. It’s durable, soft, hypoallergenic, and naturally stain-resistant.

Caring for your rug

We tend to develop patterns in our daily routines. You sit in the same chairs. Walk in the same direction. That can cause wear marks on your rug, so it’s a good idea to rotate your rug 180 degrees at least once per year.

Read the label and follow manufacturers’ guidelines to keep your rug looking well. They will define cleaning recommendations, and give you various ways to care for it.

When you spot clean, use suggested products to ensure it doesn’t impact the color of your rug. Blot the stain, never rub. Repeat until the stain disappears.

Vacuuming regularly should be all that’s required to keep your rug looking its best.

Ready to select a rug for your home? Stop by today, and see our entire selection of rugs. You’ll find the perfect one for your home.

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Can I Put Furniture On My Newly Installed Floors?

Getting new flooring is an exciting time for homeowners. You’ve waited months – years – to select the right flooring material. And now that the big day is here, you can’t wait for the results.

Once they’re installed, it’s life as usual. You can put your furniture back into place, and start living with your new floors.

Or can you?

Can you put your heavy wood furniture back into place without a problem? What about putting your sofa and chairs down, and start living once again? That might mean the kids jumping up and down, putting pressure on the legs of the sofa. Will that hurt your new floors?

It depends on the flooring you have installed.


Carpet continues to be a popular choice, especially in bedrooms. It may take a few hours to rip out the old and install the new. And it might be tempting to move furniture in right away and get back to living.

Can I Put Furniture On My Newly Installed Floors?While it’s important to read manufacturer’s guidelines, it’s equally important to note that for most carpet installations, it’s recommended to wait 24 hours before placing furniture back into the room.

One reason is that heavy furniture will impact the shape of your carpet. Think for a moment about how carpet is brought into your home. It’s rolled, carried in, stretched into place, and tacked and glued down. The carpet wasn’t designed for the shape of your room; instead, it melds to the shape as it’s laid into place. If the glue doesn’t dry properly, and you shift it with heavy furniture, it will end up buckled and misshapen, especially if you move your furniture once again.

The heavier the furniture, the worse it can be.

The weight of the furniture can also have an impact. With so much force pushed into tiny legs attached to your furniture, it can cause the carpet and backing to sink lower, causing the glue to spread out and mold differently. Those tiny indentions may be there for the life of the carpet if you add weight too soon.


Laminate is in a unique position. It’s a product that looks like wood, acts like wood, but offers benefits to homeowners who want something a bit easier to handle.

In most cases, laminate is laid into place using a click and lock system. The boards actually hover over the subfloor, floating instead of being glued into place.

That gives laminate a unique feature of being able to move in the moment it’s in place. Heavy furniture won’t hurt the structure of the flooring because its “locked” feature is what gives it its strength.

Yet it is important to keep in mind that laminate does give you the look and feel of real hardwood, and with that comes the ability for scratching the surface. While you can move heavy furniture back into place soon after installation, be sure to do so with care. Consider adding felt pads underneath your furniture for maximum protection.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl planks are one of the fastest growing flooring choices. That’s because they give you the look and feel of hardwood, yet offer additional bonuses that work for some homeowners. Want easy care and easy maintenance? Luxury vinyl planks are a great choice. Want waterproof flooring? You won’t find anything better than luxury vinyl planks.

Depending on which product you choose determines how the planks will be laid into place. Some manufacturers provide a click and lock structure, while others offer a glue in place method.

How you install your luxury vinyl plank determines how quickly you can move your furniture back into place. If it’s glued down, most manufacturers will suggest waiting 48 hours to allow the glue to dry thoroughly. If it’s click and lock technology, you can move back in the same day.

Keep in mind that there are other things at play that will ultimately determine how long you should leave your floors furniture-free. Is it cold outside? It might take adhesive a bit longer to dry.

When in doubt, check manufacturer’s guidelines. They’ll give you the advice you need to make a decision about moving back into your room and start living again.


Hardwood is one of the most popular flooring choices for homeowners across Colorado.

If you’ve looked at hardwood, or owned it before, you know it takes special handling to lay it into place. Hardwood should always be acclimated to your home’s climate before installation. That gives the wood a chance to settle before it’s installed.

The same applies after installation.

Like other types of flooring, it depends on how your hardwood is installed. Is it glued into place? Allow enough time for the glue to thoroughly dry before you move and shift heavy furniture into place.

Furniture can bring all sorts of problems to hardwood flooring. Small legs on sofas and chairs can be sharp, and mar hardwood before it has time to settle. It can indent into the hardwood, leaving permanent marks.

Waiting for glues and adhesives to harden and dry will ensure your hardwood stays in place. Using felt pads and furniture bumpers will ensure your floors aren’t scratched and dented as you move your furniture back into place.

Get ready for installation

No matter what type of flooring you’re planning to install, a lot of your success comes from being properly prepared.

Talk with one of our associates before installation day. They can help you better understand the process, and give you advice on how soon you can put your room back together.

Prepare your floor’s surface area as much as you can. Move furniture to another room for storage, a place you can leave the furniture until your flooring is properly acclimated.

Get manufacturer’s guidelines before you install. This will give you a better understanding of what to do throughout the installation process.

Error on the side of giving your floors more time to settle rather than less. This will give your floors a good chance to settle in, and give you great results for years to come.

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Check Out These Five Home Design Tips for Hardwood Flooring

No matter what style you’re going for, hardwood floors can match your home design. This versatile flooring option can elevate the look of your space. For some home design tips for hardwood flooring, continue on.

The first tip for using hardwood flooring in your home is staying consistent. You don’t have to use the same exact flooring in every room of your home, but you do want the flooring you select to match. Try to keep your flooring in the same stain, species, or color scheme. This can help your home have a more cohesive feel and flow.

Hardwood Flooring in Bedroom

Next, add some texture to your floors by adding rugs. Hardwood flooring is beautiful, but breaking it up by adding some rugs provides more interest and texture to your space. This can soften your home and help it feel more your style.

Hardwood flooring comes in countless colors and stains. When you select your favorite shade of hardwood, select paint colors, furniture, and home decor that matches. The colors don’t have to match exactly, but they should be within the same color family.

If you’re adding hardwood flooring to your kitchen, beware of blending. While you want your cabinets and floors to match, you don’t want them to be the same exact shade. This can cause blending that makes a space feel smaller and flat. Instead, pick cabinets and flooring in different shades to add more depth and style to your kitchen.

Dark wood is elegant, moody, and timeless. However, it can also make a space feel small and dull. To elevate the look of dark hardwood flooring, increase the lighting in a room. Add floor lamps, chandeliers, and make an effort to allow natural light into your space.

When you follow these design tips, your house can look and feel like a home. Discover the perfect hardwood flooring for your space by shopping with! If you wish to speak to us directly, please call 800-689-9006!

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What is a Wooden Floor Wear Layer?

A wear layer is part of an engineered wooden floor.  It is the top layer of the plank of flooring which is seen once installed. The wear layer is the only part of engineered flooring that is solid hardwood, in the chosen species.  This is usually Oak or Walnut.  Once an engineered wooden floor has been installed, the only part that you will see is the ‘wear layer’ of solid wood.  This means that it will look exactly the same as a solid wooden floor but is far more versatile. Read More

She Shed Ideas

When it comes to She Shed ideas, there is no shortage.  In a world where gender specific lines are becoming blurrier, the She Shed is the natural progression after the Man Cave.  The space doesn’t have to be limited to sports or hunting.  And it’s possible to set up a “She Shed” type space, just about anywhere.  The Carpet Guys have brought together some suggestions for how to make this one-of-a-kind space all your own.

Figure Out Where the She Shed Space Will Be

grey she shed with terrace

There are lots of ideas to create a space all your own.  Don’t feel limited to an outdoor structure.  Though, it is nice to have a space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Ideally, it would be a small shed in the backyard.  But, like a Man Cave, it can be in a basement, garage, small extra bedroom, or even a large walk-in closet like a friend of mine.  If the space needs to be waterproofed, we recommend using Basement Waterproofing of Michigan.  They will make sure the space is dry and healthy for long term use.

You will also want to decide what the space will be used for, so you can figure out your needs within the space.  If you want it as an open Yoga space, you will want hard surface flooring and a small storage space for mats, balance blocks and maybe some small hand weights.  Maybe you are an avid gardener and want to have a space to pot plants.  You would want sheet vinyl flooring (easy to clean) and a water source.  At this point, you will want to hire the necessary contractors for getting plumbing, electrical, etc.

small she shed in backyard

Work Within a Budget to Acquire the Best She Shed Ideas

Now that you have your space outfit for your needs, you can begin bringing in necessary furniture and décor. We recommend accepting that your space will take time to complete.  When given time, there’s no rush to buy the first cabinet or easel you find! Garage sales, resale shops and even places online like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist can help.  There are lots of inexpensive options out there if you’re willing to take the time to look.

woman doing yoga at rustic yoga she shed

Be Willing to Think Outside of the Box

If you are a gardener looking for a work surface, there are plenty of out of the box ideas to use for She Sheds.  An old wooden work bench, an antique bathroom sink and cabinet or even an old desk or dish hutch would work.  If your space is small, you can use wooden pallets hung on a wall that fold up when not in use.  It’s important to let creativity shine.  When I wanted a small vanity to put my make up on, I bought 2 inexpensive plant stands that look like columns and found an oval mirror to put on top.  It makes for great reflective lighting and it’s easy to keep clean. With the invention of Pinterest, there is no shortage of ways to outfit small spaces or accomplish your needs.

Put All Your She Shed Ideas Together

gardening storage and work spaces for she sheds

Now that you know what your space will be used for and what you will need to make it happen, you can start decorating. Make sure to call The Carpet Guys for your flooring needs.  Our experienced and knowledgeable Design Consultants come to your home to help you decide what type of flooring would be best for your new space. They can also help if you are working with a limited budget. We carry all the top products and designs for outfitting any She Shed.

artist workspace and supplies for she shed ideas

If you need help with painting, we recommend 1-800-PAINTERS.  They can do indoor, outdoor and minor wall repairs.  If you’re unsure whether to paint or do flooring first, check out our blog on “Should I Paint Before Installing New Flooring?”  Or call 855-4-MY-GUYS (855-469-4897) and our representatives can answer all your flooring questions.  Click this link to Schedule your Free In-Home Estimate today.  We can help bring all your She Shed ideas to life!

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Are Natural Rugs Good For Wood Floors?

When you install hardwood floors into your home, you’re making an investment into your future. Hardwood floors can last years – decades – making them something that can grow and change with you as you change out your decor.

Want to sell in the future? Not a problem. They continue to be one of the most in-demand flooring materials requested by homebuyers.

But if you have hardwood floors, to make them last, you have to care for them. Adding area rugs, especially to high traffic areas, can give them the protection they need. Plus, area rugs are a great way to bring a pop of color to your room, and add warmth and sophistication depending on which rug you choose.

That’s where you might get stuck. What type of area rug should you get? Are natural rugs good for wood floors? Does it matter?

Area rugs are used to protect the wood floors underneath. Get the wrong rug, and it could damage the wood and leave your floors marred.

What should you do?

Read on for a guide to help you select the right rug for your home.

Types of rugs

When you start shopping for an area rug, you’ll find they come in every shape, size, and material you can imagine.

The first place to start is by measuring your space. Are you looking for an accent in front of the kitchen sink, for example? Or are you looking for a large rug in the dining room, one to accent a dining room table built for a dozen people?

Are Natural Rugs Good For Wood Floors?As you start to shop, it’s easy to focus on the size and the color. Those two items will ultimately determine how your finished room will appear. However, don’t ignore materials. The fiber used to create the rug is what adds longevity and functionality into your space.

Natural rug fibers offer something synthetic fibers don’t – they are created using natural materials.

Synthetic fibers may tout durability and state they add flexibility in the way the rug will handle over the years. Yet with synthetic rugs, you do need to watch what the material is made from. If it’s made from rigid plastic backing, it can easily scratch your hardwood floors.

Natural fibers are more flexible. They are made from natural fibers and often are interwoven with natural backing materials to make the entire rug easy to use and care for.


Jute is a popular choice in the natural rug category. It comes in earthy tones and can be woven into a variety of shapes and patterns. Jute isn’t known for softness, however. It’s maintenance-free, meaning you won’t need much work to keep it clean. But the stiffness of the fiber won’t feel good on your toes as you step out of bed in the morning.

For that reason, you’ll usually find homeowners placing jute rugs in places like hallways or foyers. Just be sure it has a softer, rubber backing, or you use a high-quality rug pad underneath to keep it in place and keep your hardwood floors safe from scratching.


Sisal is another natural fiber that looks good and satisfies homeowners’ desires to stay with a natural fiber. Sisal is known to be strong, durable, and affordable. It’s an environmentally friendly material that comes from the Agave Sisalana plant. It comes in rustic tones, and makes a good addition to your home.

Sisal will hold up well to foot traffic. It’s a popular choice in hallways, entryways, and mudrooms. But like Jute, it isn’t soft to the touch, and isn’t something you choose to get down and lay or play on. Pay attention to the backing to ensure it stays safe on your hardwood floors.


Cotton is known as a soft material that works for a variety of things, including area rugs. They aren’t known for their durability, but they do make fun additions to a room by being able to add a pop of color. Cotton rugs are usually pliable, can be easily cleaned, and in some cases can be thrown into the washing machine. Just be sure you pay attention to the backing or rug pad, as cotton can also be slippery when laid on hardwood flooring. It’ll be soft to the touch in the bedroom, but you don’t want to slide as you get up out of bed.


Wool may not be as budget-friendly as the other fibers listed above, but if you want a rug that wears well and will be a part of your home’s decor for years to come, you can’t go wrong with wool. They are a perfect way to bring texture and warmth to any room in your home.

Wool rugs have natural stain resistance, and can be a welcome addition to any place in your home. They’ll feel good underfoot as you hop out of bed in the morning, and handle well in living spaces where they receive a lot of foot traffic.


At the high end of the marketplace are silk rugs. In many cases, homeowners invest in silk rugs for their beauty rather than durability or practicality. They’ve been around for centuries, and well easily stand the test of time with proper maintenance. It gives any room a luxurious look and feel.

You’ll also find silk is often mixed with other fibers such as wool. That increases the price tag, but can create truly beautiful works of art.

Where to place area rugs

Wherever you have hardwood flooring is the perfect place to bring in an area rug. The reason they are in such high demand is because of their versatility.

You can put them to work – they can help keep your floors looking good if you use them in the kitchen or in an entryway.

You can use them for functionality – in a dining room, underneath the table is a great place to protect your floors from messes.

You can also use them for design – a gorgeous area rug will compliment your decor and high-end furnishings, just choose the perfect natural fibers for you.

It’s easy to get pulled in by color and size. More importantly, pay attention to the fibers used.

Fibers dictate longevity and how well the rug will function overall. Choose wisely, and you’ll bring in a great addition to your home that will last for years to come.

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Big Bank Holiday Sale – Wood Flooring 

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Are you finding that transforming your home is proving costly? Then you’ll be pleased to hear about our Big Bank Holiday Sale!  Working to budgets and promotions is a great way to save on renovation costs. If you’re planning on purchasing flooring as part of your renovation, then you won’t want to miss this bank holiday sale!

This bank holiday weekend, we’re giving you an extra 10% off site wide until 30th August 2021. So if you’re renovating on a budget, or even if you’re not, why not take advantage of our Big Bank Holiday Sale and save a few pounds on your journey to your dream home. 


We’ve got amazing deals on our flooring across our site, including our best sellers!


Best Seller Bank Holiday Sale Savings


Let’s take a look at some of our best seller savings and get the ball rolling for your house project.


EvoCore Light Meadow Oak


EvoCore flooring is one of the most innovative flooring types on the market today, with a tonne of amazing benefits including: 


  • 100% waterproof
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Pet-friendly
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • No glue needed for installation, due to its easy click-lock installation feature
  • Real wood look and feel
  • Scratch-resistant


This list is just a few benefits this amazing range of flooring offers. 

EvoCore Light Vanilla Oak
EvoCore Light Vanilla Oak

Our EvoCore Light Meadow Oak is one of our best sellers due to these amazing practical qualities combined with its stunning appearance. 


Its shades of sand and light browns, hits the neutral trend, and allows for a versatile setting to alternate interiors around over time. 


So if you have had your eye on this best seller, make sure you take advantage of our Big Bank Holiday Sale now!


Unfinished Parquet Oak Solid Wood


Our next best seller on the list is a natural beauty from our solid wood collection. Our Unfinished Parquet Oak Solid Wood flooring


This best seller makes for a stunning traditional statement piece, styles in a parquet pattern with striking wood knots and grains for authenticity. 

Unfinished Parquet Solid Wood Flooring


As this solid wood is unfinished you can reap all of the benefits of its natural appearance, and pattern whilst having the ability to further intensify with an oil or lacquer finish. 


This solid wood will stand the test of time, so your home will have added character for many years to come. 


If you want to make a statement with your flooring, then opt for this charming solid wood flooring, and save a few pounds with our Big Bank Holiday Sale. 


Herringbone Palazzo Oak Laminate


Another amazing flooring you have the option for big savings on, is our popular Herringbone Palazzo Oak Laminate


This beautiful herringbone design makes a great addition to both modern and traditional homes, regardless of lifestyle. 

Herringbone Palazzo Oak Laminate

Laminate has great practical qualities including:


  • High durability 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Scratch resistant 
  • Stain resistant
  • Hygienic


There is a reason this fantastic flooring is among our best sellers!


Grab yourself a bargain on this practical and stylish selection, and transform your home less. 


As you can see we have an amazing array of flooring types, styles and colours to suit any décor and aesthetic. There really is something for everyone, and we’re certain adding a great discount makes them all the more attractive when it comes to renovating your home!


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