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Design Tips for Choosing the Right Colour Flooring

Looking to purchase flooring but not sure on the perfect colour to match your design? Sometimes you can be left deciding between two, three or even four different shades that are completely different. So how do you choose the right one?

In this blog we will look at design tips that account for other factors you can consider that may help you decide on the perfect colour for your home.

  • Room Size: Opt for a lighter flooring in a smaller sized room to give a light and airy feel.
  • Lighting: The colour of your flooring will alter when natural or artificial light hits. Test your samples in the room you’re laying your flooring over 24 hours for a realistic view of appearance in all lighting.
  • Décor: Create a mood board compiled of colours and textures to fit your décor to see if your flooring will complement this.


Room Size


One factor that will affect your flooring colour is room size. Different colours of flooring have different impacts depending on space and how you want your room to feel. 


Whether it’s a cosy feel you’re opting for, or you’re trying to open up the space, the colour of your flooring can make all the difference and give you the desired effect you’re wanting.


Smaller Rooms 


If you have a smaller space to work with the most common recommendation is to opt for lighter, natural tones in your room, and flooring. This is a great way to open up your room and add an airy feel to the space. This in turn makes it feel bigger. 


Rooms that are often typically smaller such as hallways, bathroom and offices, are great places to exercise this illusion. 



EvoCore Premium Light Meadow Oak
EvoCore Premium Light Meadow Oak


There are a wide range of flooring options available that offer lighter tones that you can incorporate. So you’re definitely not limited and budget shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to wanting to open up your room. 


If you’re reading this and thinking, I didn’t want to opt for a light floor when choosing the right colour of your flooring, whether it be for preference or practicality, don’t worry.


There is a way to make your room look bigger with darker flooring too. Using a dramatically darker wood with lighter coloured walls and accessories, also gives the illusion your room is bigger, with a sophisticated twist. 


Hacienda Herringbone Antique Oak Engineered Wood
Hacienda Herringbone Antique Oak Engineered Wood


Similarly, to the lighter coloured illusion, you’re not limited when it comes to options when choosing a darker shade. 


The majority of flooring types have a darker option you can opt for. So whether it is EvoCore, Laminate, Solid Wood, Engineered Wood or LVT, there will be a darker flooring option for you. 


So when it comes to colours, room sizes and the overall look and feel can be affected by the colour of the flooring you opt for. Knowing the tone you want to set in your room before buying your flooring is important so you know how to work with the size of your space.




The next consideration when it comes to choosing the right colour flooring for you, will spark some discussions in your home. Lighting!


Lighting is another factor that can affect your decision when it comes to choosing the colour of your floor. Both natural and artificial light will play a part in the overall appearance of your installation. 


With natural light, this is something that changes throughout the day as the sun moves across the day, allowing different amounts of light in throughout the day. 

Choosing the right colour flooring: Lighting
Branscombe Whitewashed Coastal Herringbone Oak Engineered Wood Flooring

Ensuring you have ordered samples and laying them out where you plan to install your flooring is a great way of getting a true representation of what your flooring will look like throughout the course of the day as the sun moves around your home. 


This will allow you to determine whether the shades and tones the light pulls out in your flooring is something you would be happy with once installed. 


The same consideration should be taken for artificial lighting. On a night when you are relaxing with your family with the lamps on, this again will alter the appearance of your flooring. 


Placing your samples in this setting too will give you the most realistic view of how it will look once installed. 




Next on the list of design tips to take into account when choosing the colour of your floor is the décor you plan on filling your room with. 


Furniture, accessories and colour schemes are all great ways of judging what shade of floor will best suit your space. 


Choosing the right colour flooring: Our Vintage Chateau Herringbone Nature Oak Laminate
Our Vintage Chateau Herringbone Nature Oak Laminate


Ordering samples and holding these against your furniture, or making a mood board using images, tones, colours and textures that will be in your space is a great way to get a feel for how the finished overall look will pan out. 


Top Tip: If accenting specific pieces is something you’re looking to do, then neutral tones will definitely do the job. 


If you’re replacing your floor in a room that already has the furniture you’re planning on replacing, room visualisers are a great tool to use. These are a modern way of giving you a realistic perspective of different floorings once installed into your space, available on lots of flooring sites. 


All you have to do is take a picture of the space you’re expecting to install your floor. Then upload this to the site and choose the flooring you wish to see in your space. Innovative, we know!


Hopefully this blog has offered some handy tips and tricks to choosing the perfect colour floor for your space judging different factors you may not usually think to consider. 


These factors allow you to go the extra mile in making sure you’re overly confident in your decision. If you have any more questions regarding choosing the right colour flooring, get in touch with one of our flooring experts today. 


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Adding Texture To Your Hardwood Floors

Have you ever walked through a home or commercial space and wondered why their hardwood floors look a bit different? They might have texture added to their hardwood floors.

When most homeowners shop for hardwood, they pay attention to color, style, or pattern. But there’s another option you should think about that will impact both looks and longevity over time.

Texture is all about how your hardwood floors will feel once they are installed. When you reach down and touch, is it a smooth surface?

This also lends to how your hardwood floors look. Any type of texture can dramatically change the appearance, which in turn can change the aesthetics of your room. This is especially important if you have different ideas for your living space or kitchen, when compared to the bedroom.

Hardwood floor texture – what’s available?

When you visit a flooring dealer, you’ll find several different types of wood floor textures available.

Smooth – this is the most basic form of hardwood. This is where all discrepancies have been sanded away to make a smooth piece of wood. Smoothness gives it uniformity in appearance, and gives you a solid look from one side of the room to another. This is often what designers mean by giving your home a clean look. It’s also what gives a floor a somewhat unrealistic wood look. Wood without knots and blemishes? For some people, it’s not the best look.

Aged – aged wood floors have the appearance and charm of wood that has aged through time. It highlights imperfections rather than covering them up. However, this look isn’t created with age. Instead, it’s carefully manipulated, with the effects being placed in the wood floor planks either by hand or machines. The wood isn’t old, but instead is cut recently and carefully crafted to have an old-world appearance. The difference is it’s made with today’s technology and resources in mind. It’s a great way to go if you love old-world charm but want safety and security from the newest technology.

Adding Texture To Your Hardwood FloorsReclaimed – want one of the most eco-friendly wooden floor options on the market today? You can’t ignore reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood flooring uses wood from old buildings and structures, repurposing them as material for use in remodels or new homes. It’s a stunning way to get a one-of-a-kind look. What gives this wood a unique look is no two boards are ever the same. They are battered, dented, and worn through years of use. This can be an inviting look in some homes, especially if you’re going for a vintage or historic look.

Brushed – a brushed wood floor is created by using a metal brush on every board to develop deep, pronounced grain. This also makes wood floors a little more resistant to scratches as it already has natural blemishes. If you want uniqueness and character, give brushed wood a second look. This type of texture will be aesthetically pleasing in more traditional or classic homes.

Adding texture to hardwood floors – why should you do it?

The problem with having hardwood flooring grow in popularity is you’ll find it everywhere. It’s one of the most popular flooring choices you can make, and statistics show it will continue to rise in popularity in the coming years.

Hardwood looks great in just about any room in your home. It adds beauty, character, and has an appeal everyone loves. No matter what your taste in decor, hardwood floors are sure to complement it perfectly.

But when everyone selects the same finish, houses start to take on a replicated feel. One home is like another, and you lose some of that personalization you might be looking for.

If you use a textured look like brushed or reclaimed, it can give you an authentic look. Depending on your other design choices, that can add resale value, giving it a higher class look.

Another advantage is giving yourself wiggle room on damage control. With brushed wood, for example, the deep grain hides scratches better than other hardwood choices. If you have a busy family where action is the norm, this may be the perfect compromise to satisfy your sense of design along with your maintenance-free lifestyle. If you have pets or kids, this may be the perfect way to go.

Yes, there are drawbacks to using textured wood

Are you sold on installing textured wood flooring in your home? We agree; it’s a great way to add your own character to your final design. But we would be remiss if we didn’t go over a few of the drawbacks to help you finalize your choice.

One of the biggest potential issues is the fact that textured floors are more difficult to clean. Textured grain can collect dust, dirt, and other debris much easier than a smooth floor. If you obsess over clean floors, or if you hate cleaning regularly, you might want to think twice before installing textured floors.

Another disadvantage is maintenance. If you have a potential problem on most hardwood flooring planks, you can sand it out, repair it, then apply finish and have your old floors back. Textured wood isn’t smooth. If you sand out a problem spot, you’ll create a smooth finish that will no longer mesh with the rest of your flooring. That can make small repair work difficult at best, and give you more reason to either sand the entire floor, or replace it with something new.

If you choose the sanding route, keep in mind that you might have to take the wood down a lot to achieve a uniform look. Especially with brushed wood where the indents may be fairly deep, it will cut back a lot of the wood within each plank. That means the lifespan of this type of flooring will be much shorter than a more traditional hardwood floor.

What’s your choice?

It’s difficult to ignore the beauty of textured wood floors. It’s one of our favorite looks.

But like any flooring, this is a personal choice. If textured wood floors are calling to you, stop by and take a closer look.

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EvoCore Origins 

EvoCore is our ever growing innovative flooring where beautiful designs meet home-wide suitability. With the existing EvoCore ranges seeing great success, we continue to expand with more amazing ranges of EvoCore with our new line: EvoCore Origins. More colours, more styles and at an affordable price. There is something for everyone with EvoCore Origins. 

What is EvoCore Origins?


EvoCore Origins is the latest range within the EvoCore brand, offering beautiful authentic wood designs for adding a natural warmth to your home. Featuring in-built underlay, home-wide suitability, high durability and a variety of colours and styles, EvoCore Origins is an ideal flooring for any home, home with any lifestyle, and what’s more, it’s budget friendly. So you can have all of this without breaking the bank.


In addition, this beautiful range brings a distinctive charm to your home whilst being highly durable, suitable home-wide and easy to maintain. Stunning and practical without compromising on budget, the Origins range is sure to turn heads.  


The Origins range is perfect for any area of any home. So whether you’ve got a house-full or populated office, you can add luxury, comfort and style to your space with EvoCore.


Moreover, this EvoCore range is made up of 7 layers as shown below, all coming together to create an extremely resistant and durable flooring.

EvoCore orgins Composition


The Benefits of EvoCore Origins

EvoCore Flooring provides many beneficial factors concerning practicality and appearance. So this flooring offers longevity like no other flooring before. Below is a bullet-pointed list of each benefit that this range offers: 

  • EvoCore is 100% waterproof
  • Anti-slip surface
  • No expansion or contraction when exposed to heat and cold
  • Pet-friendly
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • No glue needed for installation, due to its easy click-lock installation feature
  • Real wood look and feel
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Compatible with underfloor heating
  • Hides subfloor imperfections
  • Can be laid over existing flooring
  • In-built underlay backing

Amazing, right? With a list of benefits that long, you know you’re getting a quality flooring for your home!

The Specification


Next up is the EvoCore Origins specification. This range is the closest you’ll get to imitation wood, incorporating a registered embossed true-to-grain real wood feel in it’s boards.


Thickness 4.5mm Wear Layer 0.2mm
Pack Coverage 1.80 Board Length 925mm
Board Width 150mm Species Oak
Pack Contents 13 boards Residential Warranty 10 years


Installation of EvoCore Origins


EvoCore Origins is quick and easy to fit thanks to a click-lock system. It is similar to installing click LVT or tongue and groove and click wood flooring, due to its similar click-lock system. However, the installation of EvoCore Origins is a quicker and easier process thanks to the built-in underlay.  


Furthermore, help with installing this flooring is available using our step-by-step guide. It is easy to follow and offers the best practice for a stunning finish. 


Shop the Range


Finally, the moment you have been waiting for. We’ve talked about the stunning appearance of this flooring, but let’s actually see it! Below are some of our beautiful options available to purchase in our Origins range. 


EvoCore Origins Gazelle EvoCore Origins Elephant

EvoCore Origins Gazelle

EvoCore Origins Elephant EvoCore Origins Bear

More info

More info

More info

Add Sample to Cart Add Sample to Cart

Add Sample to Cart


In summary, the EvoCore Origins range is host to a stunning range of flooring in many colours, options and styles to suit any design. 


If you like what you see and want any more information on our incredible EvoCore Ranges, get in touch with one of our experts who will be happy to help. 


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Can you put Laminate Flooring in a Bathroom?

If you plan on installing laminate flooring in your bathroom, you may want to explore a few more options before making a final decision. Laminate flooring, though it is water resistant, it is not waterproof.

If you desire a look of wood or tile that works well with water, then we recommend Luxury Vinyl Plank or Luxury Vinyl Tile. Read on to learn why we don’t recommend installing laminate in a bathroom.

LVP: The Perfect Bathroom Flooring

bathroom with lvp flooring

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring succeeds in wetter areas that other flooring won’t. Since laminate flooring is made with wood components, high humidity levels from your bathroom can cause damage. LVP is made of just that, vinyl. Similar to the plastic that your water pipes are made of.

Luxury Vinyl flooring comes in many colors and styles. To achieve a wood-looking floor in your bathroom, go with an LVP. There are also Luxury Vinyl Tiles for a tile-look, without the cost and labor of ceramic tiles and grouting.

LVP is a great flooring selection for bathrooms for many reasons including:

  • Water Resistance – Vinyl products resist water much more effectively than natural wood products do. The tight interlocking of the planks also prevents water from seeping down into your subfloor.
  • Easy Maintenance – Keeping your vinyl plank flooring clean is simple. Mop from time-to-time, and your floors will look like new.
  • Durability – Many vinyl products are durable and wear well. Your flooring will continue to stand strong against your household activity with some proper care and maintenance.
  • Budget-friendly – Vinyl products are less expensive than most. You can get the wood look you want at a fair and affordable price.

It’s safe to say that vinyl products make the best flooring for bathrooms, but it won’t perform it’s best without a proper installation.

Schedule your Free LVP estimate today!

If you’re ready to have beautiful vinyl bathroom flooring installed, give The Carpet Guys a call today. 855-4-MY-GUYS (855-469-4897) or schedule a Free In-Home Estimate.

Flooring is what we do, and we guarantee you’ll get the best flooring performance with us at your side.

Modern Farm House Bathroom with large marble look lvt

With The Carpet Guys, you’ll gain many benefits including:

  • Free vinyl flooring estimates are available all week long
  • Affordable pricing on high-quality products
  • Expert installation from the best installers near you
  • Complimentary decorating advice
  • Multiple samples for you to view in your own home
  • So much more!

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What Are The Most Durable Flooring Options

The definition of durability is:

The ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage.

When it comes to flooring, that often tops the list of what homeowners want.

It only takes one spilled glass of red wine, one tear from a moved chair, or one ding from a dropped cast iron pan to realize how quickly your flooring can lose its new look and feel.

Yet you’re still concerned with the aesthetics of the flooring. You want it to look good with your decor, and be beautiful long into the future. What ticks all those boxes? What are the most durable flooring options you’ll love?

Glad you asked. We have some ideas for you.

Classic Hardwood

If you want a durable flooring option, you can’t avoid one of the most popular choices homeowners make: hardwood. There’s just something timeless about the look. It’s also one of the most versatile, giving you options all throughout your home.

When properly maintained, you can expect hardwood to last for decades. Although they can be susceptible to water damage, today’s hardwood is more durable than ever. They are easy to clean, and will stand up to just about anything your family can dish out.

When selecting hardwood, there are a few things to keep in mind.

What Are The Most Durable Flooring OptionsPay attention to the wood hardness – that determines how well your hardwood floors will stand up to the test of time. The Janka hardness test ranks hardwood according to its resistance to wear and tear. Pine is one of the softest hardwoods you can install, while a Brazilian Walnut is on the opposite end with one of the hardest woods available.

It starts with a base by selecting the right hardwood for your lifestyle, but it also depends on the finish. Each manufacturer selects and uses its own technology to ensure your flooring wears well over time. Pay attention to manufacturer’s guidelines for care and maintenance, and refinish your floors periodically to ensure the longevity of the floors.


Many homeowners are in love with the idea of hardwood. Yet the more they consider adding hardwood to their homes, the more doubt they cast over having this type of flooring in place. Hardwood may not be the perfect choice in every room in your home. Its cost may also be prohibitive in some cases.

Laminate is designed to offer options when hardwood doesn’t work. If you have a high traffic area, laminate may be the better choice. It’s harder than hardwood, and handles well under pressure. In fact, some manufacturers offer as much as a twenty-five-year warranty against wear and tear. That can make laminate flooring a perfect choice in a growing, active family home.

Laminate also provides more durability than what a classic hardwood might. It’s resistant to moisture, and will not fade from sunlight. If you have a bright, airy home with lots of windows, don’t let that be your holdback when selecting your flooring.

Luxury vinyl

If you’ve started looking at flooring, you’ve probably noticed one of the fastest products on the marketplace: luxury vinyl. It comes in luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP). Both products are durable, inexpensive, and more stylish than ever.

What draws people in is their classic good looks, and their waterproof features. Yes, waterproof. This isn’t your mother’s vinyl. It’s designed to take on the appearance of other flooring products you’ve come to love – like natural stone and hardwood flooring. But it adds all the features you want in a flooring, such as durability, wearability, and lower cost.

Luxury vinyl is designed to closely mimic all types of hardwood planks and natural stone tile. When it doesn’t make sense to install these classic flooring options, luxury vinyl steps up to the plate. Want to install it in the bathroom? Go ahead. Want to install it in the basement? It makes a perfect choice.

And that’s really why we’re seeing such growth in this product line. If you’re looking for an affordable option, yet want the classic look of hardwood or stone tile, this may very well be your choice.


One of the oldest flooring choices is tile. There’s a good reason for that. Tile is durable, waterproof, and provides classic looks throughout your home. You can install it in the entryway, mudroom, laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen, and never tire of the way it looks or feels.

Plus, it’s difficult to ignore its good looks. Want to go bold and beautiful? Want sleek and sophisticated? Or maybe a minimalist look that blends in with the surroundings? You can create all that and more with the unlimited options you’ll find with tile.

Different tiles provide different aesthetics. If you have an area prone to moisture, spills, or a lot of foot traffic, tile can be the perfect option. Work with your flooring consultant to ensure the tile you select is up for the job. You’ll also be happy to know that tile handles well against fading, staining, and has longevity that can keep its good looks for years to come.


When most people think about cork, they immediately think about the little stopper in their favorite bottle of wine. Cork flooring differs dramatically. If you’re looking for durable flooring that is environmentally friendly too, give cork flooring another look.

Because it’s soft by nature, it’s one of the quietest and warmest options you can make. That means you won’t hear people coming the way you do with choices like tile or laminate, and in the heart of the winter, it can help hold in the heat. Because it has a little spring in the quality of the material, it also bounces back as foot traffic continually moves over it.

If your daily activities include walking in high heels, dragging furniture across the room, or continually using sharp instruments for your hobbies or work, cork may not be the perfect choice. But if you treat it with care, cork flooring is an easy choice to care for over the years. Regular vacuuming and mopping are all you need to keep its good looks.

You should also re-seal your cork floors on a regular basis to ensure they stay looking their best. Check with manufacturers’ guidelines to understand how often you should schedule this process.

These are some of the top durable flooring choices available today.

What choice are you leaning towards?

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Caramel coloured flooring

Caramel coloured flooring can add a fantastic twist onto the more traditional golden tones associated with Oak floors.  The rich tones will add warmth and character to your home, while still giving you a natural, elegant floor. Furthermore, Caramel tones will easily complement most styles of interior, transforming your room completely.  We have many different shades of caramel-coloured floors to choose from.  So, here are some of our favourites: Read More

Remodeling Your Dining Room? Go With These Flooring Options

The dining room is one of those places that might not get a lot of use, but when you do use it, you want it to look spectacular.

It’s a place where you greet guests and share a meal. The last thing you want to worry about is a spill.

Or maybe thanks to staying closer to home, you’re using your dining room more than ever before. Why not make every meal spectacular … without the worry, of course.

Whether your dining room is a once-in-a-while place, or you use it all day, every day – hello, home office – we have a few flooring design options to make it your favorite room in your house.

Every room begins with great flooring. If you get the flooring wrong, you’ll avoid the room for lack of functionality and personality. But if you get it right? Let’s start there.

Upgrade to hardwood

Remodeling Your Dining Room? Go With These Flooring OptionsIf you look through our site, you’ll notice a lot of our content is based around the idea of adding hardwood flooring to your home. There are reasons for that.

First, Coloradans love hardwood. All you have to do is head into any commercial space, restaurants, or resorts and you’ll notice this trend. Maybe it’s the Rocky Mountains right in our backyard that has us yearning for a great mountain lodge.

Second, people pay more money for a house with hardwood floors. When you walk inside a house that greets you with hardwood, you can’t help but think “ah, clean.”

Third, it gives you more functionality. Dining rooms are meant to share food and be with friends, not worry about the stain on your carpet. Hardwood gives you the option for easier maintenance while giving you classic good looks.

If you’re reading this to confirm hardwood as your choice of flooring for the dining room, you won’t get any argument from us. It’s what people want; and we meet people every day selecting new flooring for their home.

Maybe laminate is more your style

Of course, there are just as many people that love the idea of hardwood, yet are skeptical about maintenance. Hardwood can be a little more difficult to care for. And if moisture is a problem, you will have trouble with hardwood.

That makes many homeowners go looking for a better option. Maybe laminate is better suited for your needs.

Laminate is a stain-resistant, water-resistant, low maintenance option for people that want the look of hardwood with less worry. Laminate gives you the look of hardwood with a strong core of hard plastic. The top layer is real wood – for some homeowners, that’s important. But included in the layers is a hard plastic that makes it more durable than real wood options.

Because it’s not solid wood, it’s also more budget-friendly. It’s also easy to install, a perfect choice if you’re looking for a DIY option.

Don’t ignore luxury vinyl flooring

If you’ve looked for even a short time in the new flooring market, you can’t miss one of the latest players in the “hardwood” game, and that’s luxury vinyl. Technology has made it possible for luxury vinyl planks (LVP) to take on the look and feel of real wood, but with all the benefits of vinyl.

It’s waterproof. If you drop a glass of water and don’t clean it up immediately, no worries. It won’t harm your flooring. That’s because LVP is made from several layers of vinyl, giving it unparalleled strength and durability.

And thanks to technology, the print layer – the one that gives it its classic good looks – it’s more real than ever before. It’s so real that even experts have to give it a second look to determine if it’s hardwood or LVT.

If your dining room has turned into an office space, a school, a workout room, as well as a place to eat, luxury vinyl might be the perfect choice for your remodel. Plus you’ll be amazed at all the different looks, textures, and styles that are offered. You can truly find any look you’re craving for your home.

When in doubt, go with tile

If you want to stretch beyond traditional, maybe it’s time to give tile a second look. Tile isn’t just for bathrooms and kitchens anymore.

Today’s homes often apply open concept to new levels. Are your kitchen, dining room, and outdoor living space all blended into one? Rather than blending multiple flooring options and trying to make it look good, why not select tile and create a better flow?

What we love about tile is the unlimited possibilities in creativity and looks. If you still want a wood look, only with tile functionality, tile has you covered. Today’s technology has created a tile that compares with both wood and stone looks. It gives you a traditional look with modern flexibility. And you can continue the look well beyond the door.

We also see homeowners laying tile over radiant heating. That means your feet are never cold, even on the coldest day of the year.

Tile is also easy to maintain, and virtually indestructible. Of course, that depends on the type of tile you select, and ensuring it’s properly installed. We can help with all of that.

Carpets and rugs

We know everyone has a different design style, and personality dictates what you choose to install in each room in your home.

If you love hardwood, but want to marry it with carpet, how about a new rug to place underneath the table? We have a complete selection of rugs that can suit any style, and need.

If you love carpet, we can show you a broadloom or Berber carpet that handles very well in busy rooms. It’s especially great for multipurpose rooms, where action is the name of the game all day long.

What’s your style?

What’s the perfect flooring for your dining room?

If you have questions, we can help you narrow down your selections, and make the right choice for your home.

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Which Laminate Flooring is Best for Kitchens?

In the past year, we have spent more time at home than we have in decades.  The flooring in your home needs to withstand the impact from additional wear and tear.  The rooms most often used during the pandemic were kitchens and bathrooms.  So, one of our most asked questions now is which laminate flooring is best for kitchens?

Check out this quick video by Joe Zago, of The Carpet Guys. Which laminate flooring is best?

Do you have kids or pets?

Mohawks RevWood Plus laminate flooring is an excellent durable product if you have kids or pets!  Hardwood, though beautiful, scratches easily.  And due to moisture levels, carpet is not practical for kitchen use.  Laminate flooring is a scratch-resistant and dent resistant product.  It can withstand your son throwing the ball into the kitchen just so he can watch Fido slide across the floor.  Don’t forget! If the kids “accidentally” color on your new laminate with a permanent marker, it wipes off easily with a bit of cleaner.

Can’t stand the heat? Then get out of the kitchen!

Hardwood flooring is…wood!  But laminate will withstand higher than normal temperatures. RevWood Plus is flame retardant.  This makes it a unique solution to use in your kitchen where heat from a running refrigerator or frequent stove use are a daily occurrence. Also, if your laminate is installed properly, it will allow for the expansion and contraction that happens with warm to cold climate changes.  Additionally, if your kitchen is full of windows, have confidence that your RevWood Plus laminate will not fade in the sunlight like most other floor coverings will.

Open the flood gates in your kitchen

Cute Baby Boy taking a bath in Kitchen Sink

Another exceptional quality of RevWood Plus Laminate is that it’s water resistant.  In a kitchen, where you’re washing your hands constantly, cooking, carrying pots of water, running a dishwasher, etc., you want something on your floors that will repel water damage.  Hardwood absorbs water and begins to buckle. Carpet is not recommended for high humidity levels. Laminate flooring cleans easily and holds up in most wet situations.

If you’re looking for the best laminate for your kitchen, call The Carpet Guys!  We guarantee our installation for the life of your flooring.  Call 855-4-MY-GUYS (855-469-4897) or set up a Free In-Home Estimate today.  One of our experienced Design Consultants will bring our showroom of Mohawk’s, American-made, RevWood Plus laminate to your home so you can see which color and style goes well with your furniture and lighting.  Don’t replace your floors every 3 years.  Get it done right, with the best product, and do it once!

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Tired of Cleaning House? Go With These Low Maintenance Flooring Option

Let’s face it, there are certain rooms in your home where you spend more time. You gather as a family. You bring friends in for the big game. You have parties so you can talk.

And in those rooms, the last thing you want to do is spend all of your time worrying about your floors. Do you really want to spend time cleaning it each day? Or repairing damage after your guests leave?

Why not go with low-maintenance flooring options instead.

What does low maintenance mean?

Before we get into a few flooring options that might be right for your home, let’s discuss what low maintenance truly means. In fact, it’s different for every homeowner.

For one, it might be easy cleaning. With a broom and an occasional mop, they want a flooring that makes any spill easy to clean up. For another, they might be willing to put in a bit of extra effort. Regular vacuuming isn’t a chore, because they like the looks.

Tired of Cleaning House? Go With These Low Maintenance Flooring OptionAnd that’s what it really comes down to – what is your definition of low maintenance?

What are you willing to give up in exchange for aesthetics and good looks?

Today’s flooring options are better than ever. Carpets have stain resistance, hardwood has durability layers, and vinyl can be waterproof if you so desire. Whatever flooring you choose today is going to have top technology, and be more durable than ever before.

And if you have special needs, just ask. We can help you select a low-maintenance flooring that makes sense given your situation.

While you’re contemplating your choices, we have a few suggestions for you. These are some of our top sellers, some of our favorite flooring choices. Homeowners all across the Front Range are selecting these every day, and loving the freedom they bring to their active lifestyles.


First on our list is vinyl. But don’t think we’re talking about the vinyl you might have grown up with a decade or two ago; you’ll be surprised at how beautiful the product is and how well it holds up.

Vinyl is a human-made material that has resilient properties. Depending on your selection, your new flooring may be waterproof, and stand up to all your family can dish out.

The newest product on the market is known as LVT and LVP – luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank. These are created to resemble materials homeowners have come to love, yet may not be suitable for their lifestyle.

Luxury vinyl tile can resemble stone, marble, even concrete. Luxury vinyl plank resembles hardwood, and can bring out any grain and pattern you desire. Yet they both offer something the other materials can’t: affordability and durability.

If you’ve had your eye on exotic wood, but can’t handle the high price that goes along with it, give LVP a look. If you love the look of marble, but want something that handles better in day to day living, give LVT another look. They are so realistic that even experts have had to give it a second look.

And by installing LVT or LVP, you’re also gaining a low-maintenance flooring that stays clean and requires little work to keep it looking good. Homeowners love it because it’s waterproof. Those occasional spills can easily be wiped away without worrying about staining, warping, or other damage.


Not completely sold on vinyl? Want something more natural in your home? You can’t go wrong with natural stone.

Natural stone refers to flooring material that is extracted from the earth and processed into tiles to be used inside your home. Depending on your final selection determines how the look will be laid into place in your home.

For kitchens and bathrooms, you can’t go wrong with natural stone. Slate and granite, for instance, are hard surfaces that handle well to daily happenings in these busy rooms. With a sealer, they can be resistant to water and other spills that may damage the surface area.

Their hardness factor also means they are resistant to scratches and divots. Keep in mind that they can crack if you drop something heavy, or if the tiles are improperly installed.

But for a truly low-maintenance flooring option, one where you can create one of a kind looks, you can’t go wrong with natural stone.


Linoleum is another low-maintenance flooring choice that gives you the classic good looks of vinyl, with the natural, sustainable option found in natural stone. Linoleum is one of the most eco-friendly flooring choices on the market today. It’s manufactured from linseed oil, it’s a renewable, biodegradable, all natural product that’s quickly increasing in popularity. It also has the benefit of being able to be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

You’ll love the colors, patterns, and styles you’ll find available to you. Plus linoleum is resilient flooring that has many of the durable properties you’ll find in vinyl products. That makes it a great choice for the messiest rooms in your home like kitchens and bathrooms. Just be sure to have it professionally installed to ensure it’s put into proper placement.


Don’t ignore the classic good looks of tile. In fact, tile can take on any shape, any size, and be incorporated into your final design in many ways. The look is truly unlimited when you’re installing tile in your home.

Tile also has another benefit that can make it worth a second look. Are you expanding your kitchen outdoors? Do you have indoor/outdoor living and are designing it for use year-round? Tile may be the perfect choice for you to continue the look throughout your home, even to the great outdoors.

Plus we love the fact that you can install radiant heating underneath, and have warm toasty flooring on the coldest winter days. With a flip of a switch, your home will feel warmer no matter where it’s located inside your home.

What’s the right choice for you? 

We know that today’s homeowners are busy and want flooring that can withstand all your family can dish out. If you’re looking for low-maintenance flooring, let’s talk about your needs and desires.

We have a full range of flooring options, and we’re sure we can help you select the right flooring for your needs.

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