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Flipping a House? Install This Flooring

When you plan on selling a house, you look at it a bit differently. You don’t look at it through the eyes of living there, creating a family home. Instead, you look at return on investment.

The kitchen, the bathrooms, even the flooring choices change when you’re flipping a house. Like any other business venture, if you have invested in a house with the sole intent to flip it for a profit, you have to make wise choices. It’s a delicate balance between investing just enough money to create a home people desire, and not going overboard to spend all of your profit trying to fix mistakes you make along the way.

A turnkey property is a move-in ready home that doesn’t require any work on the part of the buyer. They move in and start living. They don’t have to think about ripping up the floors, painting the walls, or redesigning the kitchen.

And thanks to shows like HGTV’s Fixer Upper, you might have a few ideas in mind. Statistics show that across the US, the average flip brings in just over $62,000. That alone is worth spending a little extra time and money creating the perfect showhome quality house that potential buyers love from the moment they walk through the front door.

Do a walk-thru, focus on big changes

When you have a house ready for flipping, your first goal is to walk through it and focus on where changes need to be made. This is when it pays to put on your “home buyer” glasses and see the house as a potential buyer.

What about curb appeal?

Flipping a House? Install This FlooringWhat is your first impression when you walk through the door?

Interior designers and home stagers will tell you potential buyers fixate on several things.

Light – they like to walk into a light, bright, and airy home that has a calming atmosphere.

Space – a cramped entryway filled with shoes, coats, and other accessories that gives a claustrophobic feeling.

Smell – is last night’s dinner lingering? It can be a big turnoff for a potential buyer. They immediately start wondering if the smell will ever go away.

Damage – a cracked tile, threadbare carpets and rugs, scuffed hardwood – it’s something potential buyers take in immediately.

Once you see where your biggest problems are, it’s time to get started making the space better.

Flooring – a great place to start

When it comes to flipping a house, we make three general suggestions when selecting the right flooring:

  • Stay consistent with your flooring choice throughout the home
  • Select hard surfaces over soft
  • If carpet is something you’re considering, stick with installing it in bedrooms and basements

Above all, home buyers want consistency. Seeing a mishmash of flooring options as they move from room to room will be an instant turnoff. If you select one flooring choice and run with it throughout the home, not only will you have consistency, but you’ll also create a larger, more unified space. This means starting your flooring at the front entryway, carrying it through all living spaces (living room, family room, dining room) and into the kitchen. If possible, you can even carry this look up or down the stairs, and into bedrooms and playrooms. If you’re worried about cost, in some cases, you can get a better deal on material the more square footage you buy. You’ll have less labor costs, as the installer will be there once laying all of your flooring into place at one time.

Second, buyers at every end of the spectrum prefer hardwood over carpet. While the thought of installing hardwood may be hard to fit into your budget, keep in mind that it will improve the value of your home, which in turn ups the ROI you can expect after the sale. When asked what kind of flooring homeowners want in their “dream home”, two-thirds stated it would have wood floors. As potential homeowners walk through the front door and look down at the floor, they are looking for a flooring that’s durable, attractive, and easy to clean. Hardwood checks all of those boxes and more.

Still, we get that sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to install hardwood throughout a home. You might want the WOW factor as you walk through the front door. But from there, you want to ensure you stick within your budget, and carpeting just makes sense to help you achieve your goals. If that’s the case, by all means install a plush carpet. Focus on quality, aesthetics, and softness. Ensure you stick with the same carpet choice in every bedroom, staying with a neutral color that blends well with the flooring installed throughout the rest of the house.

If you’re sold on hardwood floors but are still trying to save money

Flipping is a numbers game. We get it. But never lose sight that eventually, this will be someone’s home. There are still ways to give potential homebuyers what they want, while saving money in the process. (And this doesn’t include buying clearance hardwood planks at a big box store, where uniformity will never exist as you try and install it in the home.)

Instead, consider these tips when making your final selection:

Stick with a basic hardwood from a reputable resource. We have several hardwood manufacturers that have been in business for years, and make high quality planks perfect for your needs. Stick with basic colors, average plank width, and common styles and types. This isn’t a time to select exotic hardwood, or look for colors out of the norm.

Work with the same reputable flooring dealer for every fix and flip you manage. As you get to know your sources, they can better understand your needs. When you work with us, for example, we can make better suggestions based on the type of houses you invest in. We can also let you know of potential sales, and give you a heads up on new technology. Our goal is to help you save where you can, while providing a resource that will look great in the houses you create.

Don’t ignore new technology – the options available today that compete with traditional hardwood are amazing. Have you looked at luxury vinyl planks lately? Luxury vinyl planks are engineered to look just like real hardwood, and come with a soft, insulated backing that adds warmth and noise-reduction to the space. They look, feel, and sound more like real hardwood than laminate, and because of their ease, they can make any do-it-yourself project a user-friendly experience. Plus, they have an added bonus of being waterproof. That can be a big benefit to adding it in basements, bathrooms, even kitchens where moisture may be a problem.

So what’s it going to be for your next house flipping project? What flooring will you install when you’re flipping a house? 

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Beautiful Hallway Floors

If you are looking for a new beautiful hallway floor, then you have plenty of choice.  You will, no doubt, want a stunning floor that will give the entrance to your home a stylish look.  Hallways are one of the busiest areas in your home, so you will not only want it to look amazing, but you will also need it to be hard-wearing and durable. Read More

Flooring with a Name

After Covid-19 lock down, so many small businesses couldn’t survive the strain on income.  Now that competition has risen, companies realize the importance of their name and what it stands for.  The Carpet Guys strive to be #1 in all things flooring and we carry some of the best flooring names in the business.  Check out these beautiful styles in your favorite names.

What’s in a Name?

There are names for everything!  Paint colors, nail polish, furniture styles and people.  There are books of names.  You can even find out what your name means in a different language.  It’s so important that the name means something.  Maybe you’re looking for a name that means “strength”?  Or you may want a name that sounds “soft”.  Whatever your taste is, The Carpet Guys have a flooring name that matches.

We have spent over 10 years establishing our name as a flooring leader in southeast Michigan.  With our unique shopping model for flooring, you can shop in your own home with one of our expert Design Consultants.  They will bring our showroom of samples to your door.  You can see if that Mohawk Softer Living “Athena” matches your furniture and decor in your lighting.

The Best Flooring Name in the Business Can Help!

If you have flooring needs or just want to ask a question, call The Carpet Guys at 855-4-MY-GUYS (855-469-4897).  Or if you would like to set up a Free In-Home Estimate, one of our friendly support personnel will help.  Know that you can trust the top name in the flooring business…The Carpet Guys! Check out some more popular names in our top of the line, Made-in-America, flooring companies.

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When Flood Damage Impacts Your Floors

The news is often filled with stories about people dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters. A hurricane. A fire. A river that rises way beyond its banks.

So it’s natural to think your home is relatively safe if you live far away from places where these conditions occur. You’re not near an ocean here along the Front Range; you’ll never have flood damage impact your floors.

Think again.

Where there is water, there is potential for floods. And with even a small amount of standing water comes the potential of damage to your flooring.

Imagine a dishwasher with a cracked water line flooding your kitchen. Or a frozen pipe that thaws and unleashes thousands of gallons of water into your home. It happens all the time.

Different types have different impact

Carpet will handle water damage differently than hardwood. Ceramic tiles will be impacted differently than laminate.

Yet when you have standing water, they all need immediate action to prevent further damage. Let’s talk specifics about some of the different types of flooring.

When Flood Damage Impacts Your FloorsCarpet – Carpet is one of the most challenging flooring options to deal with after water damage. In most cases, there is no saving water-damaged carpet. As soon as you remove the standing water, pull out the carpet and padding too. Water-damaged carpets quickly grow mold or mildew, which can further damage your subfloor, baseboards, drywall, and more. Depending on how long your carpet has stood in the water determines if it’s worth saving. A professional restoration company or carpet cleaners can possibly save it if the water damage is only a few hours old.

Ceramic and porcelain tile – Tile is one of the better choices to avoid water damage. Of course, it depends on the tile. Porous tiles may absorb more water, so it’s important to take action quickly to remove water from the floors. Standing water can also penetrate through grout and leak down into the subfloor, so it’s important to begin cleanup right away.

Vinyl – There are many types of vinyl on the market today. Vinyl tiles or sheet vinyl may be water-resistant, but standing water may be able to filter through cracks and seams and impact the subfloor. The latest technology has brought luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and luxury vinyl planks (LVP) into homes. These flooring options are waterproof, and will stand up to flooding for short periods of time. Again, it depends on the flood, what’s in the standing water, and if the water damage penetrates the baseboards and makes its way underneath to the subfloor.

Hardwood and laminate – Both hardwood and laminate have little tolerance for flood water. Hardwood absorbs a certain amount of water – think of how a tree absorbs water for growth. Your hardwood planks still have that same characteristic, and can absorb as much as 10 percent of their weight as being exposed.

Damage can occur to the hardwood or laminate itself, but it goes deeper than that.

As water seeps down through the wood, it starts to impact flooring glue. This degrades the glue, separates it from the subfloor and the hardwood planks, and gives the flooring a chance to move.

Swelling planks is another problem. As they absorb water, the wood swells. It can cause buckling and expansion of each individual plank. That causes a ripple effect throughout your home, causing planks to pop up along baseboards and edges. You’ll see cupping throughout, distorting the shape of the floors. It’s difficult to walk across a floor where the edges are varying heights.

And don’t forget about mold and mildew. It settles in quickly. It can also spread rapidly to places you see, and to places you can’t. It can spread through joints and other wooden connections, feeding down into your basement, up into your attic, and eventually impacting your entire house.

This isn’t just a moisture problem. Don’t assume you can suck up the water and get back to life as normal. It’s not that simple.

Water has a way of trailing and running anywhere it can find a place to move. That’s why you’ll often find damage down on the main living space, even when the start of the problem was a leak from the roof. Water trails and pools as it moves along, settling anywhere it can thrive and grow.

It can take weeks – months – before you have clear indication of the problem it’s become. But that can be doing serious damage to your house’s structure, as well as impacting your health.

Flooding – any flood – needs to be handled with care. Don’t wipe away the water and call it a day. Trust an expert to determine just how extensive the water damage is. And make repairs accordingly.

A quick look at the different types of floodwater

It’s also a good idea to understand what type of water you have inside your home.

Clean water – clean water can come from a variety of sources. If your toilet’s holding tank breaks, or the line breaks to the ice maker in your refrigerator, that would be clean water. This type of water damage poses no health risks, and you can clean up this kind of water damage on your own. It still can be a problem as it seeps down into floorboards. If it sits for more than 48 hours, it risks becoming graywater, which will pose more risk.

Graywater – graywater is water that may have contaminants or chemicals in it. It may come up from the drains in your shower, sink or bathtub. It may be from aquariums, a leaky waterbed, or a backup in your dishwasher. Graywater will cause more damage than a clean water flood, requiring a different level of cleanup to ensure everything is cleaned. If graywater sits for more than 48 hours, it risks moving to the black water stage.

Blackwater – black water is contaminated by sewage. If you’re near a river and it floods into your home, you have a black water problem. If your toilet backs up and floods on your floors, you have a black water problem. If the main sewer line is clogged, you have a contaminated living space that can be very dangerous to your health. When this type of flood occurs, be sure to call in remediation experts who know how to thoroughly clean your home and bring it back to livable condition.

After the flood

Flooding can cause all sorts of damage throughout your home. It can be a costly, time-consuming process to get your home back to livable conditions.

Your first step is safety. Get your family to safety, and call in the experts to help.

Second, hire a trained expert who will know full remediation practices to ensure your home is safe, top to bottom.

Only after your home is cleaned and inhabitable once again should you start the process of looking for new flooring. How can we help you select the right flooring for your needs?

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Stone effect LVT

Stone effect LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring is a great choice if you want a floor that looks like a natural product like stone or tiles.  It is easy to install and hard wearing. LVT flooring is a synthetic floor that is designed to mimic either stone tiles or wooden flooring planks. Read More

Good, Better, and Best

good better and best flooring

In the carpet and flooring industry, it’s natural that some products will perform better than others.

The “Good, Better, Best” formula is an efficient way to gauge how the carpet you want will look and perform. Why settle for good flooring when you can have the best? The Carpet Guys want to explain how to assess what type of flooring you’re looking for.

The Good Flooring

The “good” of the flooring industry has one main factor in play, the affordability!  For people that must replace flooring for a resale, and don’t want to invest in expensive, long lasting type of floor, it’s best to purchase a type that can be easily replaced, like carpet. It gives the room a fresh new look without costing too much.  Often, when the home is sold, the new owners will replace it to the colors and styles that best reflect their lives.  According to most realtors, replace the carpet with a color that is neutral like beige or grey.  This will not only help with the sale, but potential buyers will be able to envision their furniture in the room if the flooring isn’t something that would clash.

Another reason to buy “good” flooring would be for a rental property.  A revolving door of new tenants means you will be replacing the flooring frequently.  Don’t waste money on expensive floor options that will have stains and need replacing after a year or two.  The Carpet Guys padding option that would go with this trend is our grey, 7/16” padding.

good better best carpet

The Better

“Better” flooring can be assessed best with two factors: reasonable affordability and functionality.  This is a great flooring option for most of us!  When you call The Carpet Guys, a design specialist will ask you about what type of household you have.  If you have small children or pets, they may recommend something that will be more practical and can be replaced within approximately seven years.  Or they may recommend a hard surface option that’s easy to clean and durable for those little tykes. It won’t just be inexpensive; it will also perform under the rigors of your busy household. 

If you’re not planning to stay in this location long, it’s still recommended that you choose a neutral color and style for resale value.  The Carpet Guys have many options of carpet, laminate, sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl that fall into this category. 

If you want a better type of padding for this type of carpet, ask The Carpet Guys Design Consultant about our Blue Odor Barrier padding.  It is thicker and softer than the grey pad.

The Best

man helping baby learn to walk on good flooring

The “Best” flooring type is going to be high functioning, aesthetically pleasing and will have a higher price tag associated with it.  There are expensive styles of carpet and hard surface, like hardwood.  You would want to choose this type of flooring if you have moved into your forever home.  It’s perfect for the parents that want their kids to grow up at this location and don’t want to think about changing it for 10 or more years. 
Choose a carpet style that is dense and has our best pad installed with it. The Memory Foam Pink Odor and Wetness Barrier pad is luxurious under foot.

Other types of flooring fall under the “best” category like waterproof and scratch-resistant laminate and luxury vinyl planks/tiles.  These will be easy to clean, durable for your lifestyle and will last for years to come. And with The Carpet Guys Lifetime Installation Warranty, you can’t beat this BEST IN THE BEST plan!
The Carpet Guys have all these good flooring options and more!  We can facilitate any level your household needs.  Don’t be afraid to ask about our mid-level or “best” line. New floors don’t have to break the bank.  We have ways of making all your flooring feel luxurious and make it affordable for everyone.  If you don’t think you have the money to choose the highest grade, ask about our financing options.  Call 855-4-MY-GUYS (855-469-4897) or get a Free In-Home Estimate with one of our experienced Design Consultants.

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How Do You Choose The Right Color Hardwood Floor?

Should you go with an oak or walnut?

Should you select a warm or cool tone?

How about color, true color, white or black?

Just when you think you’ve made a major decision and are ready to install your new hardwood flooring, the choices get even tougher. Hardwood isn’t one size fits all. You won’t walk into the store and find one choice waiting for you.

Instead, you can peruse aisle after aisle of choices, with confusion mounting the more research you do. One resource will tell you to avoid dark hardwood. You’ll hate that it shows every crumb dropped to the floor. The next says stay away from light hardwood. You’ll see every mess more, and you’ll worry constantly about staining.

Which is true? What should you believe? Let’s dive in and help you decide the right color hardwood floor for your needs.

What determines color

How Do You Choose The Right Color Hardwood Floor?You might think the color of the hardwood is easy to come by. The manufacturer selects a color and that’s what you’ll see. It’s not as easy as that.

The final color you see is determined by two factors:

1. The grain of the wood

2. The finish or stain applied to the wood

When you head out into nature, it’s easy to see that different trees have different characteristics. Pine trees grow tall, with needles remaining intact all year long. A maple has a distinctive shape with large leaves that turn brilliant colors in the fall.

No one would argue that all trees are alike – they each have distinctive looks as they grow.

It’s the same when they are harvested. Every wood produces different characteristics as plank wood you install in your home.

With so many different types of trees, it’s no wonder there are equally as impressive amounts of options when you visit your hardwood flooring dealer.

Red elm will naturally be darker than red oak. White pine will be lighter than white oak. Want darker? Go with a mahogany. Want close to black? A Brazillian ebony may just do the trick.

These different hardwoods naturally take on different shades and tones. They absorb finish and stain differently and will ultimately give you different results, depending on your final choice.

But there’s another variable too. Grain patterns allow each hardwood type to accept surface treatments differently. They absorb stain in unique ways, and provide final patterns based on its core design elements. You can work harder to change the color, but why not let that natural beauty shine through!

Let undertones shine through

Have you ever stood in front of a paint selection in a big box store mesmerized by the varying colors of paint? Want white paint – it’s not that easy. Do you want grey undertones? Or how about a shade of red? Maybe yellow to warm up the place, or blue undertones to create a sense of coolness.

Hardwood works in the same manner. You can change the look of the hardwood based on the type of stain and finish you apply. Designers will often warn you to stay away from drastic color tones. If you apply a wood finish that moves too far into the orange or red tones, for example, it can feel dated over time.

But that doesn’t take into account your preferences, your aesthetics, or your decor. Trends should always take a backseat to your design style. Ever walked into a home that breaks all the rules … and it works? That’s because the homeowner has a strong sense of personality and designs around things they love.

If you’re drawn to a specific tonal quality, go for it. Just be sure it works with your furnishings, and it fits your personality for years to come.

And then there’s upkeep

There are two factors that matter in upkeep:

  • The hardness of the wood
  • The color of the wood

Where are you installing hardwood? In the bedroom? Throughout your home? Will it be in entryways and hallways? In an area where you frequently throw parties?

Harder woods do better in high traffic situations where they will face a daily barrage of activity. Oak, for example, is a common addition to homes because it handles well in many different situations. That’s also why you’ll find hardwood like walnut in home office space and bedrooms, because it’s better suited for lower traffic situations.

We also receive a lot of questions about installing a dark hardwood. “Will it be difficult to keep clean?” Dark flooring will be less forgiving with the spills your family creates. And as your dog sheds, you’ll be more likely to see those little furballs accumulate in the corners.

But don’t think the Scandinavian-style light wood floors are easier. It, too, will showcase more of the messes your family creates. You’ll have a more regular schedule for sweeping up the messes and scrubbing those little mistakes off the floor. But if a few minutes of cleaning every day isn’t a bother for you, then these light-colored floors may be the perfect installation for your needs.

Think about your needs

Before you commit to anything, bring home samples and swatches and see how it lights up your room. Lay those samples down in the middle of your room and watch them for several days. How does it look in the morning light? How about in the evening? What does natural light do for the color? How does it look when you switch on your lamps?

You can also see how each sample plays out with your decor. Do you prefer an undertone of red, or do you prefer the cooler tones of blue? If you’ve already selected your wall paint, be sure you match the tone with your hardwood flooring selection. Your home will feel “off” if one has warm undertones, while the other has cool.

Need a little help? That’s what we’re here for. While you won’t find decorating help at your local big box store, when you visit our flooring experts here, we can help answer every question you have about installing your new hardwood floors.

What questions do you have about choosing the right color hardwood floors? 

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Laminate Wood is a Fantastic Durable Option

Laminate wood flooring is a wonderful option for your home. suggests that consumers look into selecting laminate wood flooring due to the benefits it provides. Although it mimics the look of actual wood, it does not need the attention that real wood demands to maintain its beauty. A few of the perks it offers is that it is strong, reasonably priced, and available in an impressive spectrum of styles.

Mannington Laminate Restoration Wide Plank

The average lifespan of laminate wood flooring depends upon the amount of wear and tear from everyday usage in a particular room. Essentially, your flooring will last anywhere from 10 to 30 years based on its foot-traffic. The grade of the material is taken into consideration as well.

What could be better than the appearance and even the sound of real wood minus the expense? Laminate has many finishes from which you can make your selection. Whether your personal preference is high-gloss, whitewashed, embossed, or any of the other marvelous finishes, the choice is all yours! You can have spectacular flooring without breaking the bank!

Walking on laminate flooring is more comfortable than it was in the past. The material is constructed with a slight flexibility to it. It also has some grip-ability to the texture making it much less slippery.

Laminate is ideal for rooms that contain apparatus for water such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. It does not damage as easily as real wood when coming into contact with water. As long as an underfelt is installed beneath the planks, the laminate is protected from marginally wet and moisture-inclined areas. Plus, water will not cause the warping of laminate to the degree of actual wood.

Noise can be reduced significantly by the presence of an underfelt. It acts as a cushion, lessening clatter resulting from two opposing facets as well as other noises such as squeaks and echoes.

Another fantastic feature about laminate wood flooring is that it resists most scuffs, scratches, and stains. This is very desirable for homes that have children, pets, and/or endure a lot of traffic on a regular basis.

Kindly visit and browse our stunning choices of laminate wood flooring. We supply seemingly endless styles, finishes, color schemes, and designs for even the choosiest of patrons. We offer extraordinary products at affordable prices. Please feel free to contact us at 800-689-9006. It is our pleasure furnishing you with all your flooring needs.

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7 Questions To Ask Before Buying LVP For Your Home

Are you looking to replace existing flooring in your residential or commercial space? After extensive research, are you leaning towards luxury vinyl planks – LVP? Great choice. There are many reasons to consider this product for your next project.

1. What is LVP and why should I consider installing it?

Where did you start researching your new flooring? For most, it’s a combination of:

  • Seeing what your neighbors are installing in their remodeling projects
  • Looking through websites and television shows to see what’s popular
  • Discovering flooring options as you wind through the aisles of your favorite big box store

If you’ve done even just one of the three, chances are you’ve come across LVP. It’s trending as a great alternative to traditional hardwood floors because it adds several characteristics not available with hardwood. It’s easy to install, making it a great do-it-yourself project. It’s waterproof – yes, waterproof. And it’s hard to ignore the cost.

2. What should I pay attention to when making my final selection?

Let’s talk about the LVP flooring wear layer.

When luxury vinyl planks are created, they are designed with several layers. There is the base, or core layer for strength and endurance. You’ll have the print layer that gives LVP its classic good looks. You’ll also have a wear layer, which gives added protection between the printed design of the vinyl plank and the finish that goes on the very top.  This is what protects your floors from things like scuffs, scratches, and dents. Choose wisely and you’ll ensure longevity for your flooring choice.

7 Questions To Ask Before Buying LVP For Your HomeYou’ll find the planks will be listed and sold with a mil thickness level. Don’t mistake this for millimeters. In general, the higher the mil level, the more durable the wear layer will be on your LVP.

With standard residential spaces, we recommend selecting 12-mil or thicker. High traffic spaces will do better with a 20-mil or thicker level plank. And if you’re installing this in commercial spaces, move to the 28-mil or thicker level. Remember, these are guidelines. When we chat about your project, we’re happy to make suggestions based on what we’ve seen in the past. We have experience with multiple manufacturers and varying product lines, and understand what products handle best in different situations.

3. What about longevity – how long will LVP last?

When you’re installing a new flooring, looks may be what you focus on in the beginning. But very quickly, your thoughts will turn to longevity. Installing new flooring isn’t something you want to do frequently. The longer the product can exist within your space and look good in the process, the better.

Luxury vinyl is a highly durable product. If you install it correctly and maintain it over time, you can easily expect to get ten to twenty years of life. Depending on the manufacturer you select, you may even find warranties up to 15 years, protecting you from problems that might come from the wear layer.

Of course, results may vary. That’s why it’s important to be honest with yourself about your expectations. LVP is a great resource for the high traffic areas you spend most of your time. LVP is growing in popularity in living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. Plus the waterproof feature means you can extend the look beyond and into your bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. That’s one of its greatest benefits – you can keep the same product in every room in your home if you choose.

4. Let’s talk about style – will LVP really give me the look of hardwood?

When you start looking at LVP, you’ll discover there are three different categories of vinyl plank flooring.

The first is LVP. These vinyl planks are created with a rigid construction that is durable and higher quality than the typical vinyl flooring products you might be used to. The focus on this product line comes with its rigid construction. These planks can stand up to much of the abuse your family can dish out. Have pets, kids, and high traffic rooms? Not a problem. They are built with multiple layers that stand up over time.

The second is waterproof planks, sometimes listed as WPC vinyl flooring. This product is 100 percent waterproof and can be installed basically anywhere inside your home. Worried about your basement? Not a problem. Have an imperfect subfloor or one made of concrete that has caused problems in the past? Install it and love it. This product typically has four-layer construction that includes a waterproof core. When installed correctly, it can give you a base you’ll spend less time worrying about and more time loving.

Third is rigid core vinyl planks, sometimes sold as SPC vinyl flooring. These can also be 100 percent waterproof. The difference is in composition. Rigid core vinyl flooring has a stone-plastic composite core that is practically indestructible. That elevates this product and makes it installable in high traffic areas, even commercial locations, and stands up well over time.

5. What other options are there? Does it just mimic hardwood?

Just by the description, you can see that LVP makes the perfect addition to your home because of how closely it resembles hardwood. If there’s a color you’ve been dreaming of, you’ll find it. If you want exotic wood without exotic prices, you’ll find that too.

But LVP isn’t just for hardwood. You’ll find stone-look flooring products that resemble ceramic plank flooring too. Concrete, travertine, and slate are growing in popularity in the LVP product lines. It produces a unique look that may be the perfect choice for your home.

6. What about installation? Should I attempt this myself?

Does the thought of installing hardwood sound difficult and tedious? It can be. You want to ensure hardwood planks are installed correctly to avoid common problems such as warping and cupping. Install it incorrectly, and you may void the warranty too.

But with LVP, its interlocking installation uses a tongue and groove method of installation that makes it easy to install. Want a do-it-yourself project? Look no further than LVP. It’s a great way to add high quality products to any remodeling project, no matter what budget you have in mind.

7. Why go with a flooring dealer instead of a big box store?

If you’ve looked at your local big box store, chances are you’ve seen a small selection of what’s available on the market today. Why not just shop there – the price fits your needs?

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5 Interior and Flooring Trends for 2021 

thenIt’s 2021! Forget new year, new me. What about new year, new home? If you need some interior and flooring inspiration, or just want to try out a new trend, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be looking at some of this year’s interior and flooring trends to give you some inspiration when it comes to a renovation. 

  1. The Neutral minimalist – This look incorporates natural earthy tones, and thrives off natural light. Minimal furnishing and accessories coupled with a light coloured wood flooring finish off this look.
  2. Herringbone flooring – This style of flooring is available in a range of different types of wood to suit different budgets. It sees the planks positioned in a zig-zag pattern, in a timeless design. 
  3. Eco Chic – Using recycled materials to furnish your rooms can add more meaning to your home, providing you with not only an on trend style but a connection to sustainability 
  4. Cottage Core – Romanticizing the idea of a self-sufficient life. It sees the combination of agriculture, and traditional ways of living such as baking, pottery and crafts incorporated as a design feature. 
  5. Navy Colour – The result of a combination of deep blue and navy, this naval colour trend has seen a rise in kitchens in particular. 


1. The Neutral Minimalist – Interior Trend


You must have seen an abundance of beautifully styled rooms featuring pampas grass filling your Instagram and Pinterest feeds already this year, and we know you’re not mad about it. 


This 2021 interior trend strips back to minimal furniture, accessories and colours, to create a comfortable light and airy space in your home


Natural Minimalist
(Image Credit: Archziner)


To achieve this look, opt for warm earthy tones when considering paints. Light shades of browns, beiges and white are all great choices when it comes to brightening up your space. 

Natural Minimalist decor

These shades of colour on the wall will also compliment any light wood accessories and natural elements such as pampas grass that you wish to incorporate into your design. 


Rattan furniture is a popular style when aiming for the neutral minimalist interior trend. Rattan furniture is usually made from harvested palms. Because of this, the natural colours, tones and textures this provides when a piece of furniture is created, it makes the perfect addition to a neutral decor. 


Chairs, sideboards, coffee tables and dining tables are all common pieces found within this aesthetic. 


Flooring to Complement this Trend


When it comes to choosing the perfect flooring to fit your design, continuing with the lighter wooden tones is our suggestion. Of course opting for a colour still gives you free reign of a flooring type: Laminate, EvoCore, Engineered Wood, LVT and Solid Wood all offer a selection of lighter coloured flooring. 


Flooring trends Flooring Trends 2021 Engineered Wood Herringbone LVT flooring and interior trends

Loft Light Sand Oak Laminate

EvoCore Essentials Natural Almond Oak Trade Select 12mm x 127mm Gelato Oak Classic Herringbone Natural Oak LVT Park Avenue Herringbone Frosted Oak Solid Wood

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Herringbone Elegant Oak Laminate

Make sure that when choosing the perfect flooring, that you consider both your budget and room suitability. This will help you narrow down your choices, for you to then focus on which lighter toned flooring you prefer.


Top Tip: For more visually appealing results, a real wood flooring offering natural grains and knots throughout its design can help tie together the aesthetic as a whole, adding to the other natural textures within the room.


And there you have the neutral minimalist interior trend and how to achieve it. Love this look as much as we do? We thought you might! Our next trend is a 2021 flooring trend you will not want to miss!


2. Herringbone – Interior and Flooring Trend


We know you’re probably thinking you’ve seen quite a lot of this trend already. And you’re right. The herringbone interior and flooring trend began to soar into 2020 and is continuing to do so in 2021!


This parquet design sees a traditional styling of the flooring planks being positioned in a zig-zag pattern that is repeated, filling your room. 


Herringbone Palazzo Oak - flooring and interior trends
Herringbone Palazzo Oak Laminate

This timeless design is available in a range of colours to suit your aesthetic, and flooring types to suit your needs and budget. Let’s take a look at some of these:


Herringbone Laminate


First let’s take a look at the Laminate option. Herringbone Laminate is a popular choice at the minute, offering that affluent parquet design at an affordable price. 


Not only that, as Laminate designs are printed within one of its four layers of its composition, there are a multitude of stunning colour and style options available to suit your taste.


This flooring option has a range of other practical benefits too. Laminate flooring is renowned for its practicality within the home.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Highly scratch-resistance 
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • Easy to install
  • High impact resistance 
  • Pet friendly
  • Child friendly
  • Long lasting


Laminate makes for a great option whether you’re looking for a flooring to meet the demands of a busy family home, or you’re just wanting a beautiful design for a fraction of the cost of Solid or Engineered Wood. There is something for you.


Herringbone Laminate Best Sellers


Herringbone Pearl Oak Laminate Flooring

Herringbone – Pearl Oak Laminate

Vintage Chateau Herringbone – Antique Brown Laminate Herringbone – Bayside Oak Laminate
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You can see why this flooring trend has really taken off!


Herringbone LVT


Another great option when it comes to choosing the type of flooring you’re wanting your herringbone design to reside in, is LVT. 


LVT is another amazing choice when it comes to flooring types. It is one of the most durable flooring materials out there whilst allowing you to achieve your interior dream with its stunning range of designs.


Herringbone Light Grey Oak LVT


LVT is a robust alternative to Solid or Engineered wood, still providing the luxurious wood effect that many desire, at a more budget friendly price. 


This flooring is extremely versatile and has made itself a stand-out performer in the flooring market. Which is why there is no surprise it is now available in the style of one of the latest flooring trends: Herringbone.


Let’s take a look at what makes this flooring so popular and versatile:


  • Durable and hard wearing
  • Affordable price
  • Waterproof
  • Slip resistant
  • Adds warmth underfoot
  • Insulates sound
  • Easy to maintain
  • Beautifully replicates real wood 
  • Easy to install
  • Long lifespan


As you can see, from its host of benefits, it is clear why this option is a great contender when it comes to flooring types. These practical benefits combined with the stunning Herringbone design options, is what makes this flooring a great choice in line with 2021 interior and flooring trends.


Herringbone LVT Best Sellers


Classic Herringbone – Washed Grey Oak LVT

Classic Herringbone – Country Oak LVT

Classic Herringbone – Ebony LVT

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Another fantastic choice when it comes to choosing the perfect flooring type for your herringbone design, right?


Herringbone Solid Wood


Solid Wood is also an option you have when it comes to choosing the flooring type you are wanting your Herringbone design in. 


Solid wood gives that added touch of elegance, exposing stunning natural grains and knots throughout the planks. 


Interior and flooring trends - solid wood
Unfinished Parquet Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood flooring is undoubtedly a beautiful choice, and an enhanced option for this 2021 flooring trend. Along with this, it offers a whole host of other benefits too:


  • Adds value to your home
  • Highly durable
  • Can be sanded down and refinished
  • Long lifespan
  • Adds warmth
  • Easy to maintain


Whilst this flooring trend may be a bit more pricey, it is the practical option when it comes to a flooring that will stand the test of time whilst looking amazing.


Herringbone Solid Wood Best Sellers


flooring trends - herringbone flooring trends - herringbone flooring trends - herringbone

Unfinished Parquet Solid Wood

Unfinished Luxury Parquet Oak Solid Wood

Luxury Parquet Brown Oiled Solid Wood

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Herringbone Engineered Wood


The last flooring type we’ll look at for this impeccable parquet design is Engineered Wood. Similar to Solid Wood, Engineered Wood is slightly higher up the scale where budget is concerned. 


However, this is with good reason. A beautiful addition to any home replicating solid wood designs. It has a real wood top layer so you’re getting all the natural elements that gives wood flooring it’s reputable charm. 


Branscombe Natural Coastal Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood flooring is not only aesthetically pleasing, owning its natural appearance, fitting with a multitude of aesthetics, it proudly offers a wide range of benefits. 


  • Has a real layer of wood
  • Difficult to tell apart from solid wood
  • More resistant to temperature fluctuations
  • Compatible with underfloor heating
  • Highly durable and hardwearing
  • Easy to maintain
  • Available in stunning designs


Herringbone Engineered Wood Best Sellers


flooring trends - herringbone flooring trends - herringbone flooring trends - herringbone

Oxford Herringbone Golden Smoked Oak Engineered Wood

Oxford Herringbone Vintage Oak Engineered Wood Branscombe Whitewashed Coastal Herringbone Engineered Wood

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So there we have another 2021 flooring trend that is undeniably stunning and one to look out for! We don’t think this one will be going anywhere any time soon. 


3. Eco Chic – Interior Trend


Next up on the list is a sustainable trend that has taken 2021 by storm! Introducing: Eco Chic!


Eco Chic refers to using recycled materials to furnish your rooms and can add more meaning to your home, providing you with not only an on trend style but a connection to sustainability. 


This interior trend has seen a peak due to a global recognition and acceptance of environmental issues that need to be rectified. In light of this, this trend has been widely adopted with many upcycling furniture, and purchasing products that are made from recyclable materials or can be fully recycled once they’re finished with the product. 


This not only applies to your furniture items but your flooring too! The EvoCore range is 100% recyclable, with the 360 range being made from 80% recycled materials, and the Nature range having an in-built cork backing – adding that extra element of sustainability. 


EvoCore 360 – Best Sellers


Interior Trends - EvoCore Interior Trends EvoCore Interior trend EvoCore

EvoCore 360 Harvest Mouse Oak 

EvoCore 360 Tudor Oak

EvoCore 360 Tiles Light Cloud

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EvoCore Nature – Best Sellers


Interior Trends EvoCore Interior Trends EvoCore Interior Trends EvoCore

EvoCore Nature Antique Oak

EvoCore Nature Glacier Oak EvoCore Nature Golden Oak 
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And there we have the Eco Chic interior trend. This is perfect for the eco-conscious who want to create their dream aesthetic whilst having a positive effect on the environment. Amazing right?


4. Cottage Core – Interior Trend


Cottage Core is the next interior design we’ll look at. This trend incorporates the idea of a self-sufficient life. It sees the combination of agriculture, and traditional ways of living such as baking, pottery and crafts incorporated as a design feature.


This interior trend encourages a retrospective way of living, throwing back to a simpler time.


Rustic interiors, upcycled furniture, plant life, the use of open fires in your design, and incorporating natural materials is a great way of achieving this look. 


125mm Solid Wood Chocolate Oak


Flooring to Match This Trend


Given the organic nature of this interior trend, adding an element of wood is a great way to commit to the full aesthetic. You can introduce this via your flooring. 


A rustic appearance that comes with using wood flooring would make a great addition to the Cottage Core trend. Natural grains and knots that give wood flooring the charm it possesses, can elevate the essence of Cottage Core, adding more depth to the embracing of nature. 


flooring trends - solid wood flooring trends - solid wood Flooring trends solid wood

Deluxe Georgian Oak Solid Wood

Classic Espresso Oak Solid Wood

Deluxe Cinnamon Oak Solid Wood 

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Loving this 2021 interior trend? We’re not surprised! Start your 2021 transformation today with Cottage Core.


5. Navy Blue – Interior Trend


Last but certainly not least of designs among our interior and flooring trends for 2021 is the navy blue trend. The navy trend is the result of a combination of deep blue and navy shade incorporated into your home. This year, the naval colour trend has seen a rise in kitchens in particular. 

EvoCore Premium Herringbone Crafted Georgian Oak


This use of navy blue in this interior trend provides a calming vibe, also adding warmth and depth, working as an alternative to darker colours such as grey or black. 


The placement of the colour can be fluid, with the ability to use this navy tone on walls, accessories and furnishings. 


There are multiple contrasting colours that fit with this design, white being one of them. However, for those who want to live their life in colour. Adding a mustard shade in soft furnishings and accessories is  a great way of adding a burst of colour and personality.


Flooring to Match This Trend


Where flooring is concerned, your options are unlimited as you are working with a fairly forgiving shade when it comes to matching it with your floor.


Lighter Flooring Options to Match This Trend


Flooring and interior trends

Loft Sand Light Oak Laminate

EvoCore Premium Arctic Oak

Studio Vanilla Brushed Oak Engineered Wood

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Darker Flooring Options to Match This Trend


interior and flooring trends - laminate interior and flooring trends - evocore interior and flooring trends - engineered wood
Villa Harbour Oak Laminate

EvoCore Origins Bear

Loft Vintage Oak Engineered Wood

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Depending on whether you’re looking to contrast the darker tones within the navy and brighten up your space with a lighter flooring, or embrace the darker calming essence this interior trend provides. Your flooring options aren’t limited. 



All that’s left for you to do is decide your budget and vibe and narrow down your options. 


And there we have it! Some of our favourite interior and flooring trends for 2021. So if you’re planning on updating your home, then hopefully some of these trends have offered you a touch of inspiration when it comes to deciding on your interior and flooring trends. 


If you have any questions regarding flooring, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our flooring experts who will be more than happy to assist you. 

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