What Flooring Adds The Most Value To Your Home?

What Flooring Adds The Most Value To Your Home?

When you’re planning to sell your home, a lot of things go through your mind. You might be excited about the new property you’re purchasing, but you can’t forget to make your current home look its best.

So you slap on a new coat of paint. You fix the dripping faucet that’s leaked for months. You box up a few of your belongings to try and give it a clean look. But is it enough?

Take a second look at your flooring – it’s one of the most important features a new homeowner will look for. It makes a big impression from the moment they walk through the door.

Is the hardwood dull and scuffed? Is the carpet filled with stains? Does the vinyl look like it’s been there since 1982?

Why People Move

According to a study put out by the National Association of Realtors Research Group, 35 percent of US homeowners prefer to move to a new space rather than remodeling the one they’re living in. Think that number has risen as we adjust to our lives beyond COVID? We’re seeing movement everywhere as people relocate and find new places to call home.

When they walk into a home for the first time, curb appeal is everything. Some won’t even walk through the front door if it doesn’t “feel right” as they drive up. Once inside, modernization matters. Do they like what they see? Or do they start adding projects to their improvement lists? The closer the two meet, the more likely they’ll put a bid in on your property.

What People Want 

What Flooring Adds The Most Value To Your Home?It should come as no surprise that when people enter a home, hardwood flooring will tick one of the first boxes off their list. Hardwood flooring has been in demand for years, and will continue to be there for years to come.

However, it’s not as simple as that anymore. Buyers like hardwood, but they also pay attention to functionality. Sometimes hardwood just doesn’t make sense. And that’s when buyers look for flow.

Have you ever walked through a house where there are different flooring choices in every room? You move from hardwood to tile to carpet, with vinyl thrown in for good measure. The transitions are all wrong. The colors don’t even match. It’s a hodgepodge mess. It just doesn’t work.

People want transition. They want a solid look throughout the home. They love to see hardwood in the main areas, including stairways and hallways. But if there’s carpet in the bedrooms? That’s okay. Consistency matters most. It has to make sense to how they see their lives operating if they were to move in.

And the worst thing you can have is two different hardwoods touching. If you installed hardwood in one room with hopes of adding on slowly, beware of how it looks as it moves from each section on. Again, it’s the puzzle piece layout that leaves a potential buyer with dreams of ripping it up.

Hardwood Flooring – Lots of Options

If you’re remodeling your home with the hopes of increasing resale value, it’s also important to pay attention to your market.

If you’re at the high end of the luxury market, you can better believe buyers will be looking for top of the line hardwood. Think exotic wood would turn a buyer’s head? There’s nothing like adding a product that’s hard to find into the mix, to help make the home unique and one of a kind.

If you do choose to install exotic hardwood, just be sure you do so in a sustainable way. Reputable suppliers will practice responsible and sustainable production, and will be aligned with organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council to ensure it remains environmentally friendly.

Another option may be to choose hand scraped hardwood flooring. This provides hand scraped planks that provide a retro or vintage look. Each plank will have its own unique look. When combined, it creates a look that many luxury homebuyers yearn for.

Not every home sits firmly in the luxury marketplace. That doesn’t mean there aren’t high quality products that give you beautiful results.

Luxury vinyl tile is one of the hottest flooring trends to come along. Maybe it’s because it’s easy to clean, easy to maintain, and offers you a waterproof flooring option you won’t find with traditional hardwood.

We think it’s also because of its good looks. Thanks to modern technology, today’s luxury vinyl tiles look so close to the real thing, even experts have taken a second look. They imitate some of the most popular flooring choices on the market, from exotic wood to stone flooring. You can find color choices at all ends of the spectrum. Want a wood floor as close to black as you can get? You’ll find it. Looking for a whitewash to brighten up your home? You’ll find that too.

Luxury vinyl tile offers a lot of what hardwood does, only it adds the waterproof part in it too. Plus you’ll find luxury vinyl tile is softer and warmer on the feed than traditional tile, and it’s slip resistant as well. You can install it in the bathroom and never give it another thought. Try that with exotic wood.

Your Flooring Should Make Sense

If you’re remodeling with the hopes of adding value to your property, you’re looking at it through your wallet. How can you improve the looks for as little hit to your budget as possible?

But a homebuyer looks at it as home. They want to move in and not have to think about flooring for a very long time.

Whether you’re thinking of installing carpet in the bedrooms or exotic hardwood throughout, the important part is creating a place that someone will want to call home.

Consistency is the first key. Don’t install new flooring in a couple of rooms because that’s all you can afford. Work within your budget restraints to choose a flooring that will give you results. It would be much more beneficial to select a lower grade material and refinish the entire home, then to install a higher quality in one or two rooms.

Second is quality. People look for options in a home that ensure they can move in and live with it for years to come. When in doubt, stick with neutral. This isn’t a choice for your home – this is about resale. And a homebuyer will be much happier with a clean, finished look that can look good no matter what their decor.

Carefully consider your options before making your final choice. While there isn’t one strategy that’s best, the right choice could make your home easier to sell, and bring in more money on the final offer as well.

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