Top 5 Essential Carpet Care Tips

Top 5 Essential Carpet Care Tips

Top 5 Essential Carpet Care Tips

When you first have your carpet installed you expect it to be comfy, cosy and clean. Beyond that you’d like to retain the quality of the carpet, but it can be hard to keep your carpets looking fresh when feet trample over them on a daily basis. That’s why we have chosen five of our best carpet care tips – some are cleaning tips but some are more preventative measures you can take.

Clean Spillages Pronto

When disaster strikes it can be easy to panic, but that panic could make things worse in the long run. No carpet will be free from spillages and accidents do happen so it’s better to keep your cool and react quickly. Have a damp cloth and a dry towel handy before you begin, dab gently at the liquid to lift most of it, if you press down too hard it will soak into the fibre even deeper.
If you catch a spillage early enough you stand a better chance of stopping it becoming a stain, but if it does stain then you might want to take tips from family members, such as baking soda to lift a stain.

Steer Clear Of Dirt

With something seeing high traffic, like carpets, you need to create some house rules. Make sure you don’t wear shoes indoors and be firm about this rule with family and friends, they don’t need to keep their footwear on and you’ll be amazed at how much better your carpets will look for it. Even the rubber sole of a shoe can create a scuff mark on tougher fibre carpets.
To minimise the amount of dirt in the house have a mat outside and one inside so that you lower the risk of dirt being trampled. In bad weather it is unlikely that your shoes won’t pick up any kind of dirt or debris.

Make Vacuuming A Habit

It can be a real pain but someone has to do it, if you make vacuuming your carpets a regular thing then your carpets will be consistently clean. Make sure you get into those awkward spaces too – more dirt accumulates in the areas under furniture and in tight corners. Every nook and cranny should be vacuumed at least once a fortnight to keep your carpets fresh.

Rotate Your Furniture

The pressure placed on your carpet by heavy furniture can ruin the thread of the material, you’ll notice flattened spots and grooves. If you rotate your furniture not only can you avoid this but you make sure that all areas of the carpet get vacuumed easily at some point.

Special Carpet Protectors

You can get permanent carpet protectors for vulnerable areas or temporary ones for when you’re doing any DIY work or painting. Dust, paint, residue and other annoying substances will ruin your carpet unless you have something to cover the floor. If you don’t want to invest in a protector then old bed covers will suffice, lay them down before you start any DIY or painting and you will catch any mess before it hits the floor, you can even reuse these.

If you need professional carpet care advice or would like to hire a carpet cleaner, then give us a call at Pyramid Carpets. Our friendly staff will be happy to offer you advice on maintenance and installation.

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