The Difference Between a 1-Year and Lifetime Warranty

The Difference Between a 1-Year and Lifetime Warranty

The Difference Between 1-Year and Lifetime Warranties

Today we want to talk about what makes our industry-exclusive Lifetime Installation Warranty so valuable to our customers. Each day we receive calls into our call center asking about wrinkled carpet that another company installed three years ago. The customer will ask if we can either fix or stretch the problem since their original warranty was up. 

Unfortunately for that customer,  we don’t know the quality of the goods that were installed. Along with their previous installation, we don’t know the tactics that their installers have used.  In most cases, we are unable to help that customer. However, we can send out someone that can help prevent that headache from ever happening again.

Warranties from other flooring companies come in all shapes and sizes. Many will give you a 30-day or 90-day warranty on the labor of their installation. The big-box stores like the orange and blue ones you see on TV each day will offer a 1-Year Warranty on the labor and installation.  What that means for the customer is if the installer didn’t stretch the carpet properly or created a sloppy seam, it’s covered for a year. What they won’t cover is your product after it’s been installed for a year. 

Here’s Why The 1-Year Installation Warranty is a Problem

After 1-year you could see wrinkles, bumps or waves in your carpet. Typically this is caused by one or two things, number one: the installer didn’t use a power stretcher and did not stretch the carpet tight enough. Without supervision or direction, most installers won’t use a power stretcher to do a whole house. Power stretching can tack on three to five hours on a job. The equipment is heavy and hard to drag around an entire house. When not using the proper equipment, installers can get away with subpar work that won’t show it’s flawed until a couple of years after installation.

Another reason carpet will wrinkle, or come apart is due to humidity. Inside your house during summertime, you’ll notice your doors start to stick. This is typically from moisture inside your home. When there is more humidity the elements inside your house will absorb more of that moisture and begin to expand. Your carpet and flooring will do the exact same thing. When expansion happens your carpet will tighten up and then when the wintertime hits you can notice your seams loosen up. This fluctuation of humidity and moisture can cause havoc on your flooring products and is why most flooring companies only offer 30-day, 90-day or 1-year warranties. It will save the big box store time, money, and grief. Unless their installer did a horrible job to begin with.

Once you face these issues, you might have to pay repair costs of up to $1,200 depending on the room. Remember that once you find these buckles and waves a technician will have to come out there. Move your furniture, lug in the big ole power stretched, and then tighten up the carpet. 

The time on the job for those installers to come back and fix their past mistakes could take hours depending on the room they are fixing. 

Save the Headache and Go with a Lifetime Warranty

At The Carpet Guys, we give you a Lifetime Installation Warranty. We are the only company that honors this down the road as opposed to other box store warranties that cover you for a limited time installation warranty. We are the only flooring company that gives our customers peace of mind with a Lifetime Installation Warranty

Do I Pay More for This Warranty?

The answer is no. Usually, when you buy a product at a store like a washing machine or laptop, you’ll pay 20% of the cost of the item to put a warranty one it. So if the laptop was $2,000, you’ll pay $400 to cover it for a limited time.

There’s No Extra Cost

What’s great about The Carpet Guys is you don’t pay a dime extra for any extended warranty. You have total peace of mind with a Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own that home. Another perk of our warranty is that we cover everything 100% after one year and if there is a problem, wrinkle, seam split anything after one year. The most you’ll ever have to pay for a Carpet Guys repair is a $80 co-pay. If you sell your house in the first year of your warranty, your lifetime warranty can transfer to the new owners of the home. This added perk can give you the edge in the competitive real estate marketplace. 

So don’t go with limited warranties by the big box stores. Go with a local company that gives you a Lifetime Warranty that covers you from A to Z for as long as you own your home. That’s the ultimate peace of mind and that’s the Carpet Guys way. Be Wise Call the Carpet Guys at 855-4-My-Guys or online at

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