The Benefits of Carpeting Your Home

The Benefits of Carpeting Your Home

With so many different flooring materials available to you, sometimes it can be difficult making a choice.

Maybe you’ve had your heart set on a specific floor covering – carpet, for example – but after even a small amount of research, doubt creeps in. The world seems to revolve around hardwood flooring today. But that’s not what you’re really in the market for. You want carpet. But should you listen to your gut?


Carpet is still an excellent choice for installing it throughout your home. The global carpet market stood at $61.9 billion in 2020, and is expected to increase to $73.9 billion by 2025. With that level of increase, carpet isn’t about to dwindle out of the marketplace.

And when you look back through time, you’ll find that throughout history, we’ve brought forms of carpeting into our homes. There is evidence from thousands of years ago that animal furs and hides, as well as weavings from sheep wool and other fibers were made into rugs and placed throughout the home for warmth and aesthetics.

Is it right for you? Consider the benefits.

The benefits of installing carpet

The Benefits of Carpeting Your HomeFor most of us, we’ve grown up with a variety of different flooring covers installed inside our homes. Vinyl, tile, wood, carpet – these materials are all good inclusions depending on what room they are installed in. Yet carpet brings out a few traits you don’t find as readily as with other flooring materials.


One of the biggest reasons people settle on carpet is because of its comfort. Have you ever stood on a hard surface – tile, concrete, or even wood – for a length of time, only to find your joints and back hurt? You won’t find that with carpet because of the padding beneath your feet.

Get down on the ground. Sit. Lie down. Play a game with the kids, or build a house out of Legos and blocks. You’ll never tire of moving around on the softness of carpet.

Depending on what fibers you select, it can also feel soft to the touch. Run your fingers over it and it makes your home feel a little cozier. It can also make you relax when you dig your ties into it at the end of the day.


Have you ever entered a room with hardwood or tile floors on the coldest day of winter? Feels chilly, no matter how much your furnace runs.

That changes when you bring carpet into the room. That’s because carpet has a higher insulation value than other flooring choices. You also install carpet over padding, which has its own insulation qualities. When your furnace turns on and blows warm air into the room, some of that absorbs into the carpet, keeping the heat near your feet longer than other materials. Not only will that make you warmer, but it will also show up as a savings on your monthly energy bill. A win/win for every situation.


Try and sneak into a room with hardwood or tile floors. You hear every move you make, click-clicking across the floor. And because it’s a hard surface area, the noise carries, bounces around the room, echoing throughout the house.

Carpet fibers absorb the noise, and hold it close to the surface area. This can be a big deal if you have small kids who nap during the day, or have a family member who works odd hours. You’ll find carpet is one of the quietest flooring choices you can install.


Drop a little liquid on certain flooring materials, and it could be a slip-sliding experience. If you’ve ever walked down stairs made of a hard surface material, you may have also noticed it’s a little more difficult to gain traction; it’s easier to have your foot slide from the step.

Carpet gives you a soft landing if you do fall, as well as provides a surface area that’s easier to navigate, especially on stairs. Properly carpeted stairs increase safety in homes where mobility is an issue. If you do select carpet, be sure to talk with one of our sales associates about installing the right carpet. Ideally, it should provide durability without being too thick, or it moves back into a risk hazard for people navigating the stairs.


If you’ve decided to install carpet, the first thing you’ll notice is the vast array of choices. If you want to keep costs low, you can do so easily by installing carpet. It’s one of the most budget-friendly flooring options on the market today.

Many hard flooring choices require special preparation before the material can be laid into place. Not so. Carpet can be rolled into place over a variety of subfloor options. If there is a slight problem – a floor you just can’t get even – that’s not a problem. This can save you a great deal of cost in labor.

Can you move up and get plush, expensive carpet that’s luxurious to the touch? You bet. But if you’re trying to stay on the economical side, carpet is often the one flooring choice that makes sense.


We’ve alluded to it numerous times in the other benefit categories, but with carpet, style is only held back by your imagination. You’ll find carpet selections in every color of the rainbow. And if you’re looking for something special, possibly for your commercial location, you can get custom orders that make anything possible.

You can go with shag or short fibers, patterns, or Berber. Stick with a solid color, or have a variety of colors woven into a pattern. Stick with one color, or use different colors depending on your room. Even carpet tiles can be a playful way to make any room pop with a bit of pizzazz.

Which carpet is best for your home?

That’s the fun part. When you decide carpet is the right choice for your home, you’ll love the possibilities.

Come in and shop around. Look at your options. Select a few choices and bring samples home. Live with them a few days before making your choice.

That’s the best way to choose the right carpet for your home.

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