Random Width Planks – What You Need To Know

Random Width Planks – What You Need To Know

Once upon a time, residential flooring didn’t offer as many flooring choices as it does today. When it came to hardwood floors, the general rule was to install planks based on the size of the room.

In smaller rooms, evenly spaced planks precisely the same size are placed together to create a refined look. As the rooms grow in size, wider widths may be used to create a fluid look.

People are drawn to wider widths because of the beautiful layout it presents. While narrower planks are created with uniformity in mind, wider widths can bring more of the natural wood to light. It can showcase texture, knots, swirls, and other features that give personality and uniqueness to the overall design.

As homeowners brought wider planks to their main living spaces, their love for wider planks began to grow. They challenged old beliefs and started laying them everywhere.

And that brought out even more opportunities in the way hardwood is used.

What are random width planks?

When you look at hardwood flooring today, you’ll find that the standard plank size is 4 or 5 inches. This standard has grown over time.

Random Width Planks - What You Need To KnowNarrow planks will typically run 2 to 3 inches in width. This is where industry standards sat for many years, with it being easier to feed narrow planks into just about any room in the house. Narrow boards are cleaner and have fewer knots or imperfections, creating a cleaner, more uniform look.

Wide planks are gaining in popularity, and start at 6 inches and go up from there. These wider widths create a more rustic appearance because of the features they showcase once in place. No two floors will ever be the same.

Random width planks started appearing to add even more uniqueness to a home. Generally, rooms will have a combination of three widths mixed together – three, five, and seven-inch widths. They are installed in alternating patterns, creating a unique design that adds character. Some say it modernizes the parquet, herringbone, and chevron designs from long ago.

Are random width planks for you?

If you’re new to the concept of random width planks, your first step is to see these designs in action. A quick Google search will bring up all kinds of ideas. You can even Pin some of them to your Pinboard.

You’ll find that homeowners and business owners use random width planks in all kinds of situations. It’s a great way to add beauty to your room, while giving you a modern look you’ll love for years to come.

In truth, random width planks aren’t always random. Rarely will an installer pick up a random board and feed it into place. Instead, they lay out the design ahead of time, to ensure the natural beauty of each board shines through.

If you’re laying new hardwood into a smaller space that often feels tight and closed in, random width planks may be the perfect choice. Homeowners have long since used wide planks to add depth to a closed-in space. Random width achieves the same goals, but provides added aesthetics to the space.

Will you love random width planks for years to come?

This is a common question we receive from homeowners.

When you install new hardwood floors, it’s with the expectation of keeping them in place for years to come. What makes hardwood so appealing is that you can install them today and have them last for decades if well cared for. They give you the opportunity to sand them down and refinish them multiple times,

That applies to any width you install: narrow, wide, or random.

If you want to install the best hardwood floor to suit your needs, it all comes down to preference. The adage “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” applies here.

What do you want your home to look like? What is most appealing to you? If your heart moves to the look created by random width planks, then by all means, move in that direction.

Here are a few tips to help you select which width is best for you.

With larger rooms, open concept design, and high ceilings, wider planks may be a perfect choice. These bigger planks will help keep the flooring from getting lost in the expansive space. It’s not uncommon for installers to lay the widest boards here – six, eight, even ten-inch widths can look amazing in these situations.

The opposite is also true. For smaller rooms, move to the other end of the spectrum. Move towards three or five-inch planks to create a sense of airiness. Don’t go with super skinny widths unless you really love the look.

The busier a room, the more you should work at minimizing the design on the floor. Stick with one or two widths to tone down the aesthetics and keep the eye from moving to the wide variety of design elements you have in place.

Let design be your guide if you’re making your floors the center of attention. Use random widths to create intrigue. Mix lighter and darker shades to add depth. Let your furniture and other decor items accent the pattern of your flooring.

Are you ready for your new floors?

Are you sold on the concept of random width planks? Not sure what to do next?

That’s the easy part.

Again, your best friend is Pinterest, or other decor sites that give you a chance to start selecting what you like. Find examples that speak to you. Then focus on what you want most. Is it the color of the hardwood? The variance in width? The overall look of the room?

That’s your starting point.

Now you can bring your ideas in, and we can make your desires a reality.

We’ll show you your options, help you narrow down your selections, then help you create the layout of your dreams.

A professional installer will help make it a reality, with the knowledge and experience to get the job done the right way the first time.

What are you waiting for? Isn’t today the day you take the next step in finding your perfect floors? If random width planks are appealing, you’ll love the options waiting for you. Give us a call. 

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