Parquet Block Cleaning Guide

Parquet Block Cleaning Guide

Keeping on top of cleaning your parquet block is going to be one of your main priorities, especially if you have a new floor.  There are simple steps that you can take to keep your floor looking clean and fresh.  Parquet block flooring is a stunning and luxurious floor but there is no need to worry about spending excess time cleaning it.  You can easily adopt a short and effective cleaning routine that will not only help to keep your floor clean, but also help to prevent scratches and dents.

We have put this parquet block cleaning guide together to help you:

Engineered Parquet Block Oak

Parquet Block Cleaning Tips:

  1. Treat your parquet block the same as any hardwood floor.


  1. Sweep your floor on a daily basis to remove loose dust, dirt and hair. You should use a soft bristle brush or microfibre duster to do this.


  1. Clean your floor on a regular basis. We recommend at least once a week, but more often if needed.  Use a pH neutral cleaning solution and a microfibre mop.  Bona Spray Mop is great at it is an all in one, ready to use mop and cleaning spray. Alternatively, an Osmo Spray Mop is a great choice.


  1. If you notice dirt or marks on your floor, try to clean them up straight away. This can usually prevent anything that you have dropped from leaving a permanent stain on your floor.


  1. If, after a number of years, your parquet block floor is looking a little dull, you can refresh its appearance using Bona Wood Floor Refresher.
What is the best way to clean my parquet block floor - mop Bona Spray Mop

Tips for preventing scratches and dents to your floor:

  • Remove outdoor footwear before you walk on your parquet block floor. This will help to keep it clean, but also eliminate the possibility of it getting scratched or dented from sharp heels or grit on the soles of shoes.


  • Use doormats at all entrance doors. These will help to catch any water, dirt or grit from your shoes.


  • We recommend using felt protector pads on the bottom of furniture. They help to protect your floor from scratches made when furniture is moved.  They are especially great to use on dining room chairs.


  • Try to lift and carefully place down any heavy objects, rather that drag them across your parquet block floor.


Things to avoid:

  • Never use a wet mop as the water can soak into the wood and cause discolouration and warping.


  • Please be careful which cleaning products your use. Harsh chemicals can sometimes be abrasive and damage the surface finish of the floor.  Furniture polish shouldn’t be used either.  It can make the parquet block very slippery and dangerous to walk on.


  • Don’t use a steam mop. The moisture and heat from the steam could greatly damage your parquet block floor.
Engineered Parquet Block – Rustic Oak

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