Mixed Hardwood Flooring May Be Just What You’re Looking For

Mixed Hardwood Flooring May Be Just What You’re Looking For

Hardwood flooring can be expensive. That’s why many homeowners prefer to remodel one room at a time, adding new flooring to each room as they update. 

But that causes a dilemma that’s widely debated among designers:

  • Is mixed hardwood flooring an acceptable design trend inside a home? 
  • Is it okay to have two different wood floors, especially when they’re close together or touching?
  • Can you mix different hardwood flooring brands, and not create a mishmash appearance when moving from room to room? 
  • What about using different planks, different materials, and different tones as you install a wood floor in your home?

What mixed hardwood flooring really means

Flooring is never an exact science. What works for one home might not work for another. What’s recommended by one designer may be shunned by the next. In design, rules exist. At the same time, rules are meant to be broken. 

That’s because every homeowner has a different approach to design. 

Maybe you’re building your dream home one room at a time. Hardwood is expensive; yet you know if it’s well cared for, it can last decades. Why not install one room at a time? 

Or maybe you’re looking for ways to display your individuality. You love different looks, and want personality in your home. Why can’t you mix different types of hardwood? 

With a little bit of research, you can find your ideal design displayed online. Using visuals as your queue, we can help you create a floor you’ll be proud to walk on every single day.

When we refer to mixing hardwood flooring, we believe it can refer to two different things. 

Mixed Hardwood Flooring May Be Just What You’re Looking ForFirst, mixing hardwood can mean adding a particular product to each individual room, each in its own time. This allows you to remodel based on budget and time constraints, and gives you flexibility of selecting products for the project when the work is performed.

Second, mixing hardwood can also refer to using two different types or styles of hardwood planks, and using them to create a unique flooring pattern in one area of your home. If you like both a light and darker color, why not mix the two together?

Can you do that? 

Why not? 

The look and feel of your home’s decor should always be about what’s most pleasing to you. If you do any searching online for design ideas, you’ll find many opportunities waiting for you. 

Hardwood in its natural form contains many different undertones, colors, and shades. Even if you stick with one product line, you’ll often find planks with other characteristics, personality that shines when it’s laid into place. That adds depth and character to your space, making your design truly one of a kind. 

Ask yourself: Do I like uniformity? Do I prefer creativity? Am I okay showcasing differences as I move from room to room? Use this to guide you to the right choices. 

Advantages of using the same flooring throughout your home

If you love hardwood and want it in a variety of rooms in your home, should you use the same product throughout? For many homeowners, it’s the only way.

By installing one product, one color, one design, you increase a natural flow throughout your home. It creates a calm and soothing image as you move from room to room. 

For some fans of hardwood, this is a great way to create harmony in every room. Rather than focusing on each room as an individual, you set the stage for the personality of your entire home. 

This also allows you to create your base with a flooring choice you’ll love for years to come. While it might be a bigger hit to your budget upfront, you’ll know you have a solid base to work with for years – decades – into the future. Because hardwood can be sanded and refinished multiple times, even if you want to change things up, you can always play with the color. This can lead to cost savings throughout the life of owning your home. 

If minimalism and conformity are important to you, a uniform hardwood base may be perfect for you. It’s less time thinking about how things flow together. It creates a stunning appearance in every room of your home. 

Advantages of mixed hardwood flooring throughout your home

Have you entered other homes and felt a sense of sameness that isn’t necessarily appealing? If you’ve seen one hardwood floor, you’ve seen them all. “Boring” is the only word that comes to mind as you see an endless amount of sameness throughout the open concept floorplan. 

That’s not a feeling every homeowner likes. Or wants. 

And that’s okay. 

Mixing hardwood allows you to let your creative juices flow. 

If you want to clearly define the purpose of each room, decorating each separately allows you to design based on needs. Kitchens are messier than bedrooms. Having more color, character, and texture may make it easier to hide the messes that undoubtedly will happen every time you step into the kitchen to cook. Bedrooms are meant for tranquility – maybe a calmer texture and a softer color are just what you were looking for. 

Manufacturers also know that people have different tastes in design. If you stick with one manufacturer, you’ll find an array of stains and color options, yet the quality of the product remains the same. Instead of worrying about how grains and textures will match, vary the colors, tones, and materials, letting the floor be your canvas and creating a dynamic new look. 

Mixing your hardwood flooring as you go along also gives you more flexibility when things go wrong/ If your child “forgets” to mention the spilled juice box for hours, you can easily replace a few planks and get right back to living. No worrying about matching – you can work in smaller areas and achieve the same results. 

Can you have mixed hardwood flooring throughout your home? 

Why not?

Let your creative juices flow, and create the home of your dreams. 

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