Is Parquet Flooring Making a Comeback?

Is Parquet Flooring Making a Comeback?

Remodeling your home this year? One of the most difficult choices can be in determining what flooring to install. Select wisely, and it can be an investment that will last for decades.

For many homeowners, the thought of installing “the same” flooring as everyone else is a turnoff. You want uniqueness, personality. Why settle for anything but the best?

What about parquet flooring? Is it the right choice for you?

What is parquet flooring?

Decades ago, homeowners didn’t have a lot of choices in flooring materials. That made builders more flexible and innovative when using what they had access to.

Parquet flooring was a way to use smaller hardwood pieces and create tiles by rearranging them in geometric patterns. They are designed with repeating patterns to create truly unique looks.

Is Parquet Flooring Making a Comeback?While popular in the 1960s, this option gradually decreased over time as laminates, vinyl, and other flooring choices became more commonplace. Gradually hardwood flooring dealers moved to other options, leaving parquet harder to find.

Like other flooring trends, you’ll find parquet flooring popping up through time as people look for ways to innovate in their home decor. It’s starting to make a comeback in recent years because it has a lot to offer a homeowner.

It’s affordable

When homeowners originally started installing parquet flooring, it was because of cost. Parquet comes in tile format, which makes it easier to install. That cuts down on both product and labor costs.

It’s stylish

While it may cost less than other flooring options, it doesn’t lack on beauty. What makes parquet flooring unique are the many colors and patterns available. While they vary greatly, the most popular include:

Herringbone – this is a classic design that has been installed in homes across the world for decades. Herringbone is achieved by laying wooden planks in a rectangle, with each one placed at a 90-degree angle to create a zigzag effect.

Double herringbone – to create an even more sophisticated style, a double herringbone is made the same way as the herringbone design. However, the planks are doubled to create a bigger focus on the zigzag pattern. Because this takes more space for the pattern to shine, many people recommend this in larger spaces. However, when worked correctly, it can add grace and elegance to any room in your home. Diagonal placement is best to really let the beauty of this design out.

Chevron – unlike the herringbone, the planks are cut at an angle to create an arrow point. It can be laid diagonal or parallel to the wall, depending on the look you’re striving for. Because there are more angles to produce this look, it does take more labor costs to ensure it’s laid into place correctly.

Basketweave – this takes on the classic design of the handmade craft of basket weaving, where different planks are laid together to give the appearance of a basket. It can be installed parallel or diagonally, depending on your preferences. This design is usually created by weaving two or more colors together to ensure a pleasing visual effect.

Brick – the planks are laid together to simulate traditional brickwork. It’s one of the simplest and effortless designs that can keep classic good looks running throughout your home.

It’s different

Let’s face it, flooring can start to feel the same when you head down a traditional path. Hardwood is everywhere, especially here in Colorado, when it’s a big part of our culture. You love hardwood, but you want something different. Parquet flooring may be the perfect solution to suit your needs. It stands out in today’s industry because it brings a fresh new look into your home.

It can make your flooring shine

Sometimes flooring blends into the woodwork. It’s nothing more than a base for your decor. That will never be the case with parquet. Your flooring will be the center of attention, depending on the design you ultimately choose. Depending on the pattern, wood type, and color, it will be the star of the show.

It gives you a chance to create something new

While we’ve mentioned the basic patterns in this article, it by no means includes everything available. The good news is with a little creativity, you can design something truly unique. We suggest picking out a room and focusing on style – how about the dining room? Weave a pattern together, and it can complement your dining room furnishings. Who needs a rug when your flooring says – Wow!

Parquet flooring installation

Parquet flooring tiles are easier to install than traditional hardwood planks, since they are usually glued into place rather than nailed. They can be professionally installed, or if you’re looking for a DIY project, this may be one you can take on. If you select a urethane-based adhesive, you’ll have up to 60 minutes of working time to make movements in the tile placement. This gives you wiggle room if you adjust the way the tiles are laid into place.

The tiles are relatively thin – about 5/16 inch – so they are easy to cut with a jigsaw. They are primarily prefinished, meaning you won’t have to sand, stain, or varnish.

Yet because these tiles are relatively thin, it means you’ll have to ensure your subfloor is properly in place. Ensure that the subfloor is flat, clean, without anything to cause the tiles to flex. You’ll notice this visually and as you walk over it.

Also pay attention to getting the layout correct. Because of the dramatic geometric patterns of parquet, if they aren’t symmetrical along the edges, you’ll notice the way it makes the room feel.

Another distinct difference between today’s parquet and the products from yesteryear is construction. Most parquet tiles today use solid wood, which means you might be able to refinish the flooring in the future. It’s still thin material, meaning you might not be able to refinish multiple times. But if you’re considering parquet and want that as an option, it’s work finding the right manufacturer to suit your needs.

Is parquet flooring making a comeback?

Because homeowners are adding their own personality into design, and the modern midcentury style is coming forward once again, interest is growing in parquet. If parquet flooring is for you, stop by today. We’ll show you options you’ll love for your home.

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