4 Things To Think About Before Investing In New Carpet

4 Things To Think About Before Investing In New Carpet

Trying to create a comfortable living space? Looking for materials and furnishing that allow you to snuggle down and relax? New carpet may be the perfect addition to your home.

If you’re hesitant on whether new carpet is right for you, or you’re worried if you’ll enjoy it for years to come, read on. Carpet provides a host of reasons why it’s still one of the best flooring materials on the market. Whether creating a place to sit, work, or play, carpet may be the perfect choice.

4 questions you might be asking about new carpet

If you’re thinking about installing new carpet in your home, you might have a few questions on the tip of your mind. While carpet often gets a bad wrap, it’s still a popular choice for homes all across the Front Range. We often have people ask:

Is carpet good for your health?

People often assume that carpet fibers hold in the bad stuff you don’t want in your home. Yet research shows that a well-maintained carpet can actually reduce airborne allergens, which can help create healthier indoor air quality. Carpet traps dust, dirt, allergens, and other pollutants in the fibers. By cleaning regularly, you can pull those contaminants out and away from your living space. Vacuum regularly, and schedule professional carpet cleanings according to your carpet’s manufacturer’s guidelines. This will also help keep your carpet in good condition and under warranty too.

Is carpet still popular?

4 Things To Think About Before Investing In New CarpetWorried your house won’t sell if you decide to put it on the market in the future? Pay attention to where you install carpet. Colorado homeowners still love a soft, warm carpet in places like the bedroom, home office, or den. Carpet often makes a good addition to basement living space. It can also be a good addition to any place you need noise reduction, such as a media room.

Is carpet easy to clean?

Today’s carpets are the latest in technology, and now provide years of wear, while looking good in the process. You’ll find carpet that resists stains, doesn’t mat, and stands up to everything your kids, pets, and family can dish out. Check to see what warranty is in place; many have stain-resistant and fiber protection. Pay attention to how often you’ll have to professionally clean your new carpet to ensure the warranty stays in effect.

Is carpet good for pets?

Carpet is one of the best flooring choices for homes with pets. Unlike hardwood and vinyl, you won’t have to worry about claws scratching or ripping the material. It provides traction as they walk, run, and play. And as they age, it provides a welcome cushion when they lay down to sleep. Select a color that hides the potential dirt they might track in, and clear it regularly.

4 things to consider before purchasing new carpet

When selecting new carpet, you’ll have to stretch beyond picking out the right style and color. We often tell our customers to consider the following before making a final selection:

Pay attention to the texture

People often select carpet with only the style and color in mind. It also pays to consider texture to ensure it stands up to all your family can dish out. Will you be installing new carpet in a bedroom with little foot traffic? Or is it going in a hallway where you have track patterns from people moving around your home? Different textures can stand up to different types of abuse. We can help you find the right texture to suit your needs.

Carpet quality matters

Before making a final selection, it benefits you to pay attention to the manufacturer. Will you be investing in the highest quality carpet you can afford? Keep in mind that it’s not just the carpet that matters; padding and underlayment are equally important. Padding offers support for the fibers and carpet backing. A low quality pad won’t provide the proper support. If you’re debating where to cut corners, we often suggest to take a step down in carpet cost and move to a higher quality pad to ensure your carpet maintains a long wear life.

Where you purchase carpet matters

We all know you can shop and find deals online. Even coupon shopping to get multiple rooms of carpet for one low fee may sound good in the beginning, but most customers rarely feel like they got a good deal by the end of the transaction. By working with a reputable company, you’ll get an honest price, and will never feel cheated or misled at any stage of the process. They will be open about the costs from beginning to end.

Look for reviews

We often suggest doing your research before making any decision. We understand you’re a savvy shopper who understands this is an expensive purchase. Look up the manufacturers you’re debating on. Look at reviews for our flooring store. We want to ensure you’ll be happy with your product as well as doing business with us.

4 myths you might believe that are holding you back from installing new carpet

You might have gathered we’re still big fans of carpet. But in case you still have your doubts, we thought we’d cover a few of the most common myths homeowners believe about carpet too.

Carpet wears out quickly 

Define quickly. If you care for your carpet, it can easily look good for a decade or more. Depending on the room it’s installed in, it can look good for even longer. Just be aware it will take more care than other flooring choices. Regular vacuuming and cleaning are a part of the process.

Carpet exacerbates allergies and asthma

Scientific studies have proven that carpet fibers can actually pull dirt and allergens away from the airflow, and help people with respiratory issues breathe a little easier. Just be prepared to vacuum regularly, and be sure to invest in a high-quality vacuum with a HEPA filter for maximum cleaning.

Carpet isn’t green and can emit chemicals

There are many natural carpet options that have zero or low VOCs. You can find many selections that are Green Label Plus certified. Because carpet has been around for centuries, it can be one of the most natural materials you bring into your home.

Carpet is bad for the environment

Carpet often uses sustainable materials, and can be recycled. Pay attention to the materials used in production – some can even be recycled from other products, and be one of the greenest flooring materials you bring into your home.

Is new carpet the right flooring for you?

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