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Remodeling & Renovation Tips and Tricks

It’s the ultimate goal of anyone who buys a house to turn it into a dream home. Whether it’s an easy job that takes only a few hours or a massive undertaking that will consume a significant amount of time, there’s quite a bit of preparation that goes into both. A common factor that both shares is that many people are unsure of where a good place to start is. This is the driving purpose behind the article you’re currently reading. We hope to give you some helpful advice to get on the ground running with your upcoming remodeling or renovation.

Choosing the Right Job

A big mistake that many people make is starting with a task that’s so large that they can’t complete it. Choosing the ideal project to undertake makes all the difference when it comes to completing a task on time and not over budget. The first thing to remember is that your needs should be assessed. Take stock of your home and what your immediate goals are. This will allow you to prioritize them. Once you have an idea of what you might want to do, it’s important to formulate a budget and not deviate from it.

Two Things to Keep in Mind

When planning anything out, there are two factors that will greatly influence your project. Consider the space you have to work in and that something’s attainable within cost and reason. You should also keep an eye on trends. Be sure that what you want is firmly in place and that something else won’t catch your eye and pique your interest.

Planning Your Priorities

The most important aspect of any renovation project is to have a plan firmly in place. You’ve already established a budget to adhere to, so the next phase is figuring out a plan and finding a contractor. Finding the right one might take some time, so it’s important not to go with the first one you meet. Do the research and find one that you can afford and has a solid reputation and references. Once you have the right person, it’s important that you put what’s necessary first and not just what you think you might want. An experienced contractor can help you choose which is best to focus on first.

Now you’re ready to begin!

Whether it’s a simple job or one that’s complex, is one of the best places for resources. For information on who we are and what we have to offer, visit us online or give us a call at 1-800-689-9006.

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It’s The Holidays – Flooring Advice Before The Parties Begin

It’s the most wonderful time of the year …

Unless your flooring isn’t up for the occasion. Maybe your floors are already looking a little worn and dated. Maybe you’re worried this year’s festivities will only add to the problem. Or maybe you want something new.

The question is: What should you do? It’s the holidays. With a bit of flooring advice, you’ll be ready to greet each guest with a smile, knowing your floors look great and will wear well in the coming years.

Protection is key

Holidays are synonymous with parties, great food, and lots of action. They’re also reminiscent of spills, stains, and damage.

Many homeowners face the New Year looking at red wine stains on the carpet, scratches and dents on the hardwood, and rips and tears on vinyl. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Prevention is the key.

To avoid the many things that can impact your flooring, it takes a little planning. Anticipate the problems before they occur, and you’re more likely to build in protection. You can:

Place mats and trays at the entryways

It’s The Holidays - Flooring Advice Before The Parties BeginThe quickest way to damage floors is by tracking the outside in. Taking off your shoes at the front door will save mud, rocks, and other loose particles from spreading throughout your home. Keep plenty of mats and trays by the front door, and request guests take them off. If you want to ramp up comfort and thoughtfulness, have a selection of slippers nearby they can slip into if they desire. Look for rugs that are easily washed, won’t slip, and aren’t rubber-backed, as they can mar floors.

Use area rugs

For high-traffic areas, consider area rugs to protect the floors. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can use them anywhere. Choose permanent fixtures under your dining room table, in the living room, and by the front door. Purchase high-quality rugs to ensure they absorb moisture, pick up dirt and debris, and prevent slips. You can use temporary rugs for high-traffic areas during parties, then remove them when it’s just your family.

Build a spill kit

If you’ve ever had a stain set because you didn’t have the right removal gear ready, you know how frustrating it can be. To avoid stress and prevent permanent stains, build your spill kit before the first guest arrives, and keep it handy nearby. There are products specifically for wine, and others for ground in dirt. Do your research early, and select the best products for you. Be sure to test them ahead of time to ensure they are color-safe.

Prep your furniture

When Uncle John drags the chair across your new hardwood floors, your anxiety won’t peak if you’ve already prepared. Ensure all furniture legs are affixed with felt pads to so they won’t scratch and dent when the unexpected happens. Replace rugs if they might be a tripping hazard, or add backings to ensure they stay in place. Safety is critical – and you’ll be thankful you prepared ahead of time for one less thing to worry about.

Upgrade for better durability 

Have your floors come to the end of their useful life? Sometimes the only way to make flooring look better is by ripping it up and starting over. Yet the thought of doing it before the guests arrive might leave you a little nervous. Who wants spills, dents, and damage to something brand new?

You’re in luck. By selecting suitable flooring materials, you’ll create a space that is as functional as beautiful.

Use resilient flooring for your entryways

Wouldn’t it be advantageous to have resilient flooring that pops back no matter what you do to it? It’s possible! Manufacturers have resilient flooring in many product lines, including vinyl products like LVT, rubber, cork, and linoleum. What makes them great for your entryways is they withstand scratches and dents, and resist moisture. In some cases, they may be waterproof. That makes them perfect for entryways where you pile boots and shoes regularly.

Use luxury vinyl planks in the kitchen

If you’ve been avoiding hardwood in the kitchen because you regularly make messes, there’s another flooring choice that might be perfect for you. Consider luxury vinyl planks. They have the look and feel of hardwood, tile, or stone, yet offer the benefits of being scratch-resistant and waterproof. No more worrying when someone drops a plate of cranberry sauce on the floor. Just wipe it away.

Use hardwood in the dining room

Hardwood will always be a popular choice because of its classic good looks. To make a bold statement, place it in the dining room where you and your guest will spend hours talking. With hardwood still in high demand, manufacturers have made it even more durable than hardwood you might have installed before. Look for high-performance hardwood that will give you a durable surface area that can withstand lots of pressure.

Tile is perfect for bathrooms

More visitors bring more trips to the bathroom. That increases the risk of water hitting the floor and puddling unnoticed for hours.

You won’t have to worry if you install tile flooring. It’s the smart choice for any high-traffic, high-moisture surface area. And you won’t have to compromise on looks. Tile has more patterns, colors, and styles than ever before. If you want to carry the classic looks of hardwood throughout your space, you’ll find tile that mimics it closely.

Are you ready for the next holiday party?

Whether you’re ready for new flooring, or trying to protect existing flooring, the more you prepare ahead of time, the longer your floors will last.

Start by selecting the right floors for each room. Make sure they’re up for the job, for all you can dish out.

Then have your toolkit ready for when the spills happen. It’s the holidays – spills will happen. But if you have the appropriate products ready for action, you’ll never worry when someone yells, “uh-oh.”

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Avoid These Mistakes If You’re Replacing Commercial Carpet

It’s time for replacing carpet in your commercial space. Why not go with what was installed before?

Many property managers take this approach because it requires less time and hassle. It’s worked before, why not just keep it in place?

Here’s something to consider: It might not be the best choice for your current situation.

Flooring products have changed a lot over the past few decades. With so many options available for consideration, what if there was something better for your space?

Carpeting plays an important role in commercial spaces. It has to be durable and stand up to the traffic. It should also be attractive to make a solid first impression. How do you ensure your new commercial carpet does all of that?

Common mistakes to avoid when replacing commercial carpet

With any commercial flooring renovation, it’s essential to do your research early. Yes, you can find anything online. There are many options out there that look like a “good deal.” That can lead to costly mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not considering your options

Avoid These Mistakes If You’re Replacing Commercial CarpetAs a property manager, you have opinions about everything. You’ve listened to tenants and visitors talk about the space. Before you invest in new commercial carpet, spend some time listing out your complaints and expectations based on past performance.

  • What comments do you hear from tenants and visitors about property conditions?
  • How does the current flooring function?
  • How long has the existing flooring lasted?
  • What is one thing you wish the current flooring had or did?

Maybe you’ve wished for a different color. Or it didn’t need cleaning as much. Or it didn’t look so worn.

These are options you can fix by moving to a different carpet line.

Mistake #2: Choosing commercial carpeting for a commercial setting

Walk into the carpet studio and you’ll find thousands of potential samples. However, not all of them are suitable for your commercial location.

There’s a difference between residential and commercial carpet. Commercial carpet is created for higher traffic situations, and is constructed to be more durable. Residential carpeting typically has a longer pile, which can snag easier, be more of a tripping hazard, and attract dirt, debris, and moisture. This can be especially damaging in open areas with higher traffic situations.

It also allows allergens to be trapped in the fibers, impacting indoor air quality. If you’re attempting to create a cleaner, more sustainable building, paying attention to the type of commercial carpets you’re installing is essential.

Additionally, commercial carpeting is better suited for heavy furniture, large mechanical equipment, and helping control ambient noise.

Mistake #3: Going with inexperienced carpet installers

Commercial carpet comes in rolls or tiles.

There are several issues with commercial carpet rolls. They usually come in large format, and if it isn’t unrolled correctly, it can cause several problems. It’s easy to snag or cause divots. Dips in the fibers could become tripping hazards. You’ll also put the carpet at greater risk of fraying and wearing out before its time. If it’s not unrolled and secured wall to wall, the gaps can cause hygiene and contaminant issues, leaving places for dirt and moisture to accumulate. This can impact air quality.

Tiles are easier to install, and provide options for replacing sections of the building rather than the entire carpet. However, it’s equally important to have a professional install the tiles to ensure a flush fit, blocking out potential tripping hazards and preventing hygiene and contamination issues.

Mistake #4: Choosing the wrong commercial installation team

When trying to save money and stick to a budget, it’s easy to find deals with overinflated promises. If a company doesn’t have experience in commercial carpet installs, you may have varying mistakes that can be costly down the road.

Commercial applications are different from residential. By partnering with someone who has experience, you’ll have a better understanding of the installation process, as well as other impactful decisions.

What about the subfloor? Do you have the proper subfloor in place for longevity?

Are you installing the right carpet for the various businesses in your building?

What about cleaning – do you understand how to clean the carpets throughout the year?

A quality installation team can answer all of these questions and more.

Mistake #5: Not having a big picture view

With residential carpet, most homes are small enough that the carpet is taken from one roll. Not so with commercial carpet. If you have a large area, it might require several rolls to complete the job. The right carpet dealer stands this and is familiar with roll sequencing and lot numbers for modular carpet tiles.

Roll sequencing is where each roll is marked and properly sequenced to help maintain a uniform and consistent appearance when multiple rolls are needed to complete the job. This is especially important in hallways, function rooms, or long corridors where changes in appearance would be noticeable.

Finished jobs are only as good as the installation. If you are replacing commercial carpet now, your goal is to have it last as long as possible. A proper installer should have a good understanding of progressive sequencing, ensuring the seams are adequately joined, and sealing is completed once the carpet is in place.

Replacing commercial carpet – Are you ready?

When done correctly, the carpet will provide a suitable base for all of your needs. It might be placing seams in the right locations to avoid tripping hazards, or to place them away from heavy furniture where they might cause unraveling at the seams. Or strengthening the subfloor for even better performance.

It starts with an understanding, taking into account all interactions within the building. Digging deep before you make your final selection can make a wiser decision.

Ask your questions first and spend time researching different products. Bring in other team members who can help you make the decision. Who will be cleaning it? Who will be maintaining it? They may have ideas you’ve never considered before.

And when you’re ready to finalize your decision, give us a call today. We’ll help you make the right decision for your building needs.

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Best Flooring When Creating a Home Gym

Homes and lifestyles changed when everyone stayed home for a year. Suddenly, you looked at your space a bit differently.

Do you really need a guest room that sits idly by almost every day of the year?

Or how about that extra space in the basement, the one with boxes stacked in the corner?

Why not turn it into usable space? Why not make it a home gym? It’s the perfect solution to ensure you get your workouts in each day without having to make time to go to the gym.

People have found that working a fitness routine into their lifestyle when the gym is at home is easy. In fact, Three out of four respondents said gyms are becoming more obsolete due to the pandemic because it’s easier than ever to incorporate fitness routines into their lives right from the comfort of their own homes.

Is the time right for you to add a gym to your home? Where do you begin?

It starts with the floor.

The best floor choices for a home gym

If you’ve ever placed a piece of workout equipment in your living room or bedroom, sitting it on top of carpet, you know the damage it can do. It crushes the fibers, compresses the padding, leaving divots and bumps in the carpet.

Even one simple machine can cause extensive damage. So you know the flooring in your home gym has to be carefully thought out.

Best Flooring When Creating a Home GymHome gym floors should be durable to stand up to your routines, without impact from the weights or machines. It should cushion your body as you jump and bounce during workouts, but also withstand and protect from scratches, dents, or gouges.

Take a look at commercial gym flooring choices to be your guide as you finalize your selection. The most popular floor choices include:






Of course, the final selection is dependent on your desired workout routine. What type of equipment will you be using? What exercises are a part of your routine?

Ultimately, your choice should provide you comfort, wear, and durability.

What’s the right home gym flooring? Ask these questions first.

The easiest way to create a home gym is to find a spot, move furniture and boxes out, and get your new workout equipment in.

It might not take very long to discover the problem. Carpet may hinder your HIIT routine. Hardwood may scratch as you drop weights onto the floor. Without considering your actions first, your flooring can quickly be compromised.

Ask these questions first:

What workouts will be a part of my routine?

Everyone has a different approach to fitness. Some love the elliptical. Some prefer lifting. Some like to change things up and move through various routines. Carefully consider the equipment you’ll need, the exercise you’ll perform, and what your flooring must withstand in the process.

Who will use the gym?

You may have your own routines, but what about the rest of the family? Will you be investing in different equipment to meet everyone’s goals? The best gym flooring works well for everyone in the household, providing comfort, safety, and durability.

Will you use free weights?

Free weights are one of the most impactful pieces of equipment you can own. If you’ll use them in your home gym, be especially aware of your flooring choice as the sudden drop can cause extensive damage. Be aware that you may need to build up the subfloor as well to handle the additional weight.

Is moisture a problem? 

Even small home gyms can be impacted by moisture. Will you crank the heat for a hot yoga session? Are your routines especially rigorous, leaving you sweating throughout the sessions? In small spaces, moisture can be a big problem. If you add a small sauna for after workout sessions, it can be an even bigger problem. Consider how much moisture you’ll bring into the room before you finalize your flooring decision, or you could face a problem down the road.

What about equipment?

Machinery is heavy. It’s bulky. It might need special attachment features to the walls or floor. It can also move around as you use the machines, further damaging the floor. Don’t forget about the lifecycle of the machinery. If you’ll be upgrading or switching out the machines periodically, the wrong flooring can leave divots, further impacting your routines.

Finalize your home gym floor with one of these best flooring choices

Are you leaning towards a specific flooring choice for your home gym? If you have several options in mind, here are a few more ideas to keep in mind.

Rubber is always a good choice in a home gym setting. Walk into just about any commercial gym or fitness studio and you’re likely to see rubber flooring. There are many different types of rubber flooring – tiles, rolls, and mats. It comes in a range of thicknesses to best suit your needs. Tiles are a great DIY choice, allowing you to take control over the installation process. Rolls provide a seamless appearance that is great for wide open spaces. If you want multiple options in your small space, mats can be especially beneficial for customizing the space based on your requirements. If you’re using free weights, thicker is better to help prevent impact on the floors.

Carpet tiles are another popular flooring option that are relatively inexpensive, comfortable to the touch, and are fairly easy to maintain. What’s more, tiles make it easy to change out and replace if damage occurs to part of your space. Select low-pile, commercial-grade carpet that is designed for high traffic and high impact. The touch of softness works well if you’ll be up and down between workouts. You’ll also be able to customize the aesthetics by having a wide variety of color options to choose from.

Luxury vinyl planks are also an option. Be sure to select waterproof rigid core for the best durability. The right vinyl plank can withstand many different activities, including weights, heavy equipment, and more active workout routines such as basketball. Vinyl planks have a natural tendency to prevent mold and mildew growth. They’re naturally scratch and stain resistant, and did we mention waterproof? Depending on your workout routine, luxury vinyl planks are definitely worth a second look.

What’s the best flooring for your home gym?

Still have questions about the right home gym flooring for your home? Stop by today and see our complete selection. We’ll help you find just what you’re looking for.

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How to Remove Candle Wax From Carpet

Theres a chill in the air and the leaves have fallen off the trees – these are signs that winter is on the way, and with it the holiday season. Now that its getting colder, its tempting to light a few candles. After all, whats not to love about candles? Their ambiance and scent can make any home feel warm, cozy and inviting.

Theres a downside to candles, however, aside from the fire hazard – melted candle wax can drip onto your furniture or carpets if youre not careful. So what can you do to remove candle wax from carpet? Here are the steps you need to take to prevent that melted candle wax from becoming a permanent stain.

5 Simple Steps to Remove Candle Wax from Carpet

1. The first thing you want to do is to get the melted candle wax to harden as quickly as possible. Grab an icepack, a bag of ice, or even a bag of frozen vegetables and use it to freeze and harden the wax. This will help to keep the wax from seeping further down into the carpet fibers, which will make it even more difficult to remove.

2. Once the wax has hardened, scrape as much of it off as you can with a butter knife or other dull object (dont use anything sharp – you could end up cutting the carpet fibers). You can even break off the larger chunks of wax and scrape the rest off as best as you can.

3. Get out your vacuum cleaner and vacuum up the wax pieces. Still have wax in the carpet fibers? Try using heat to get the rest of it out.

4. For this step, youll need an old (but clean) cloth or T-shirt, if you can spare one. Otherwise you can use a paper towel or brown paper bag. Youll also need to use an iron set to the lowest heat setting.

Put the cloth, T-shirt, towel or paper bag on the wax and slowly run the iron on top of it. The heat from the iron will soften the wax, while the cloth or paper will help draw the wax out of the carpet fibers. You may need to do this step more than once to get all of the wax out.

Remember to put the hot iron on a book or baking sheet to prevent it from burning your carpet if you accidentally knock the iron over. We have repaired burned carpets from hot irons, so this step is critical!

5. If the above steps fail to remove the melted wax from the carpet, then call A Personal Touch for professional carpet cleaning. We serve the Denver metro area including Littleton, Parker, Castle Rock and more!

We use a powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning system that can help remove not only candle wax from your carpets, but also gum, tar, rust, pet stains and odors. We also offer upholstery cleaning services, so if youve spilled candle wax on a sofa or chair, we can clean that, too.

Having your carpeting professionally cleaned once a year is your best bet for keeping it clean and allergen-free all year long. If youre due for a professional cleaning, contact us today so that your home will be ready to welcome your holiday visitors!

Remember at A Personal Touch, we don’t cut corners, we clean them!

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Exposing The Most Common Flooring Myths

Thinking of remodeling and adding new flooring to your home? Before you start looking, spend some time debunking the most common flooring myths that homeowners still believe.

Myth: Laminate floors are inferior and look cheap

There once was a time when Pergo dominated the laminate flooring market. It came with its classic clicking, hollow sounds.

No more. Technology has advanced to make laminates so closely related to solid hardwood, it’s often difficult to tell the difference.

Laminate is created from a particle board wood base topped by a realistic image layer, sealed with a wear layer to provide strength and durability. The result is a beautiful flooring option.

Because of technological advancements, they look and act more realistically than ever before. The image quality gives a realistic look and feel, while the scratch-resistant surface area makes it suitable for homes with busy lifestyles. Plus, its low cost gives it an added bonus to families concerned with sticking to a budget.

Myth: Hardwood flooring is too expensive

Exposing The Most Common Flooring MythsWhat’s the most expensive flooring on the market today? Don’t fall for the myth that hardwood tops the list.

In reality, hardwood flooring is a perfect solution for any homeowner on any budget. There’s an option perfect to suit your needs.

When you visit a flooring showroom floor, you’ll find hardwood is one of the most popular options, and as such, many different manufacturers are competing at many different levels.

The key is knowing your budget ahead of time, then considering your options carefully. Many homeowners like the fact that hardwood can be refinished multiple times, giving them more remodeling options in the future.

Myth: Carpet won’t work for anyone with allergies

Do you believe the myth that carpet harbors dust bunnies, dirt, and other debris? If you are prone to allergies, you may be shying away from installing carpet.

Carpet remains one of the top flooring options for good reason. It’s soft. It reduces noise. It makes a space feel warmer.

Manufacturers know this, and work hard at creating better products. They make carpet with better fiber technology to capture allergens and hold them in to keep them from getting into the air inside your home. Simply vacuum the carpet with a vacuum with HEPA filters in place, and your carpeted room can often be just as clean as other flooring options you may be considering.

Myth: Engineered hardwood is inferior to solid hardwood

Nothing is better than solid hardwood flooring. Or is there?

Engineered hardwood actually provides several advantages over traditional solid hardwood.

First, engineered hardwood works in places where solid hardwood won’t. Want to install hardwood in your basement? Give engineered hardwood another look. That’s because it’s designed with moisture-resistant qualities making it a better choice in basement situations.

Next, engineered hardwood can offer you more choices than solid hardwood. Because it’s built in layers, it can offer strength and durability that traditional hardwood can’t compete with. Pay attention to brands to find the right choices to suit your needs.

Also, engineered flooring offers you the aesthetics of solid hardwood in a more sustainable option. That’s because solid hardwood is created from the core of a tree, while engineered flooring uses a top layer of real veneer wood. That means more hardwood planks from fewer tree resources.

Myth: Vinyl flooring is obsolete 

When many people hear “vinyl”, they think of their grandmother’s vinyl floors. You have a vision of cheap flooring in obnoxious colors that simply won’t work in your home.

That’s not today’s vinyl. Instead, vinyl today is designed to give you the very best look with other benefits you can’t refuse.

Luxury vinyl planks are dominating the market as they mimic solid hardwood. Yet these planks have the added benefits of being durable, and in some cases, waterproof. That means you can have your hardwood in areas where it wasn’t possible before – bathrooms, laundry rooms, and your basement remodel.

Of course, it’s not just hardwood – luxury vinyl can mimic just about any look you desire. Want marble floors? Consider luxury vinyl tile.

You also get the added benefit of finding colors that are harder to reproduce in nature. And if you do, it’s almost always at a cost. Luxury vinyl gives you a wide array of colors and patterns, all at affordable pricing.

Even if you wish to stay with traditional vinyl choices, either in sheet or tile format, you’ll be amazed at the colors and patterns, and how well they appeal to your design senses.

And you won’t be able to resist the affordability.

Myth: Carpet is outdated

Who installs carpet anymore? If you believe this myth, it’ll surprise you to learn that carpet is everywhere.

While we would never suggest putting carpet in the bathrooms or kitchen, it still makes a wonderful choice where comfort and warmth are important.

Bedrooms are perfect places for carpet. Nothing feels better than wiggling your toes into the fibers on a cold winter morning.

How about a media room? The insulation from carpet works well to help insulate the room.

All you have to do is take one look at the wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles to put your mind at ease that carpet is still in style.

What’s most important when adding carpet is to ensure you buy padding to give it proper support, and transition it well to other flooring choices in your home.

Myth: Solid hardwood is hard to maintain 

Nope. It’s simply not true.

Solid hardwood is designed to provide one of the best flooring choices suitable for almost any home.

There are hundreds of varieties to give you a chance to let your personality shine. How about:

  • Red oak
  • White oak
  • Maple
  • Bamboo
  • Walnut
  • Cherry

You’ll find the possibilities are endless once you start taking a look.

Stop believing the most common flooring myths circulating online. When in fact, it’s up to you to decide the best flooring choice to suit your needs.

With so many options, you’ll find the perfect flooring to love for many years to come.

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Ways to Protect Your Flooring During the Holidays

The holidays can be an amazing time to get together with friends and family. It almost feels like regular life disappears for a couple of days just so you can reconnect with the ones you love. But with the holidays, you tend to ignore those little aspects of life that you tend to care about for the rest of the year. For example, the quality of your flooring it’s not something you’re going to be thinking about while cutting the turkey on Thanksgiving. But the truth in the matter is, you can still have fun while protecting your flooring this holiday season. So when you have guests over, don’t stress about it. Because today we’re going to give you some tips on how you can protect your flooring during the holidays.


You can’t put door mats all over your home but a doormat can be essential in keeping your main floor in great shape. This is done because it acts as a cleanser for the shoes that walk through the front door. If someone’s got something on their shoe, you can direct them to the doormat. You don’t even have to do that because when the person sees it, they tend to wipe their feet anyway. This is just a small little thing that you can do to protect your floors without going above and beyond.

Strategic Rugs

As we said, you can’t put door mats everywhere. But you can take the idea of the doormat and duplicate it. All you need to do is place rugs in high-traffic areas. If you know that many people have been walking in your living room, put some rugs down there. You probably won’t need rugs in your basement or your bedroom. All you need to do is buy enough rugs to cover the areas that may face damage. be strategic about it.

Takes Shoes Off

Instead of putting rugs all over your house, you can eliminate the problem by getting rid of the source. This can be done by asking your guests to remove their shoes. Don’t feel awkward about this whatsoever because, at the end of the day, it’s your home. And this isn’t as uncommon as it may sound. There are plenty of homes that have this done all over the place. Sure, back in the day this may have been a little strange. But today it’s a lot more common than you may think. And this can be a huge benefit because shoes carry some of the most harmful bacteria that you can bring into your home.

Call the Pros has been bringing floors to customers for years and we’re ready to help you redo your floors this season. So give us a call at 1-800-689-9006. We can’t wait to help!

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6 Reasons Hardwood Flooring Will Help Sell Your Home

What do home buyers want today?

A study produced by the National Association of Realtors, found that 54 percent of home buyers are willing to pay more for hardwood flooring.

Whether you’re considering a remodel, or are getting your home ready for selling, hardwood flooring may be the perfect addition to your home. Here is some food for thought on why hardwood flooring will help sell your home.

Hardwood flooring adds value to your home

Let’s start with the most obvious. Besides being attractive and making a good first impression when potential home buyers walk through the front door, it also boosts how much money they’re willing to put down. Realtors report home prices can increase by as much as 5 percent of the asking price if they have hardwood in the main living quarters.

If you’re considering a remodel, it’s good to keep in mind that the average return on investment (ROI) for installing hardwood ranges between 70 to 80 percent.

Use this as you plan out your remodel. Will you be investing in hardwood flooring for immediate resale? Or will you be enjoying your new flooring for a few years before putting it up for sale? That may alter what type of hardwood you put in.

With today’s technology, there are many ways to get the look of hardwood.

  • Solid hardwood is always a wise choice. Its classic beauty can last for decades if well cared for.
  • Engineered hardwood gives you classic looks at a more affordable price.
  • Laminate provides more functionality and stands up better where traditional hardwood may have a problem.
  • Luxury vinyl planks mimic the best of solid hardwood, yet can offer waterproof options that are perfect for moist and humid areas.
  • Tile planks are growing in popularity for giving you the functionality of tile with the looks of hardwood.

Hardwood flooring is aesthetically pleasing

Hardwood flooring is the one material that remains relevant and continues to look good throughout the years.

Maybe it’s because of its flexibility. It works effectively with almost any design theme, and in any situation. Prefer a clean, modern look with minimalistic lines? Hardwood flooring works perfectly. Want country chic? Hardwood gives you just what you’re looking for. Prefer rustic, reminiscent of an old skiing lodge? Yep, hardwood works there too.

6 Reasons Hardwood Flooring Will Help Sell Your HomeIt may also be from hardwood’s ability to look even better with age. Because you can sand it down and refinish it time and again, some of the very things that give it an original look make it even better over time. You can feel the history just by walking into the room.

Of course, if natural beauty is your thing, you can’t go wrong with hardwood flooring. It’s worked in homes for thousands of years – who can argue with what works? There’s something about knowing how your hardwood flooring is sourced that can give you an added bonus of knowing you’re adding sustainability and classic materials to your home as you complete your remodel.

Hardwood flooring offers durability that lasts for years

Durability stems from providing a surface that’s long-lasting and easy to care for.

Hardwood flooring provides all of that and more. In fact, they’re so durable, they’ve lasted for centuries in some cases, and still look good.

Solid hardwood planks provide strength to a residential setting. If you focus on quality, they offer a high-quality surface area. With the right sealant, your regular household activities won’t impact the surface. You’ll sweep away dust and debris with a quick swipe of a broom. Spills will also be wiped away easily, leaving nothing but the quality shining through every single day.

And when the years go by and the shine disappears, the planks still have life in them. Just sand them down and refinish them. You can change the color, or keep it the same. Then repeat it again somewhere down the road.

What other flooring can give you all of that?

Hardwood flooring stands the test of time

Every generation has its style and fads. Think shag carpet. The colors orange, gold, and avocado green. How about Pergo?

Each style and fad is reminiscent of a certain period in time.

Hardwood, however, stands the test of time. You’ll find it in residential homes through every generation. You’ll find it used in homes in ancient civilizations.

That’s because nothing is better than using building materials right from the source. It’s one thing that will never go out of style.

Hardwood flooring offers a clean, allergy-friendly surface

Want a surface area that won’t hold dust, dirt, or other contaminants? Look no further than hardwood flooring.

Its natural qualities also mean it doesn’t bring in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It’s created and manufactured from solid hardwood.

If you suffer from allergies, hardwood won’t harbor dust mites and other pollutants the way other flooring choices may.

It also makes cleaning a breeze. A simple swipe of a broom carries potential problems away.

Hardwood flooring can be refinished multiple times without having to replace the floors

If you are living in your forever home, your idea of a “dream home” may change from time to time.

You’re looking for light and airy today. You prefer dark and dramatic tomorrow.

With hardwood, that’s okay.

When you’re ready for a change, skip buying and installing new flooring. Instead, you can sand it down and refinish it to give you the fresh appearance you’re looking for. Sanding it down takes it back to a smooth surface area. New stain and sealant give it its new appearance.

And you’ll fall in love all over again.

Are you ready to make your house more sellable? 

Then it’s time to install hardwood.

While traditional hardwood is always a good choice, it’s not your only choice. Let your preferences and lifestyle lead the way to finding the perfect hardwood flooring to make your house a home.

And create a house that will be a future buyer’s dream come true too.

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