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These 7 Bank Holiday DIY Home Hacks Will Blow Your Mind

With a bank holiday weekend coming up, there’s no better way to spend that extra to yourself than to give your home some extra love and attention. While a little bit of DIY can be daunting, it doesn’t have to be. These 7 DIY home hacks will help you to get the biggest results with the least effort. Sounds good to be true? Read on and see for yourself.


DIY Tip 1 – Upcycle Old Drawers Into Stylish Shelves


If you want to save money and save the environment (at least a little bit) then upcycling is the name of the game.  If you’ve an old set of drawers that you’re not using any more or simply don’t have the room for them, then you can stick them on the wall for an artsy, make shift shelf.

Shelves with old wood effects would be ideal, but with a little spray paint and vaseline (more on that later) you can create an authentic distressed effect at a fraction of the cost. Alternatively, charity shops can be your best friend for picking up retro furniture that might not be fit for it’s original purpose but is ripe for an upcycling project.

DIY Tip 2 – Artificially Distress Furniture With Vaseline


Distressed furniture used to be something that you’d never want. It was a sign that your furniture was old and beaten, and in desperate need of replacement. But like most home design trends, old is the new new, and having distressed furniture is now very much in vogue.

You could buy an old antique (and expensive) piece of furniture, or buy artificially distressed furniture from your furniture store of choice, but there’s a much cheaper and faster way to get your furniture to have that inauthentic authentic look. There’s a whole bunch of ways to DIY your way to that look, including using steel wool, sandpaper, and candle wax with several different types of paint for coating involved too. But by far, the cheapest, quickest way to get those quality results is with milk paint and vaseline.

You might want to give your furniture a fresh undercoat of paint before you get stuck in, but it’s not necessary. Let’s take the example of a dresser table. apply the undercoat if desired, or if not, simply apply vaseline generously to the areas that would naturally get distressed. For example, the edges of the table, the sides of legs, down near the bottom, anywhere that might get worn away by human hand, moving, or scuffs and scrapes.

Once the vaseline is applied, simply apply the paint colour you desire. We recommend using a cheap brush here, as you don’t want to ruin your good brushes by covering them with petroleum jelly. We also find that the cheap ones with the stiffer bristles are also better for repelling vaseline to avoid it spreading to your paint and other parts of your furniture. Just paint your dresser as if the vaseline isn’t there at all.

Once the paint is dried, simply wipe away the remaining vaseline, and voila! You’ve got brand new old furniture with a fraction of the cost or elbow grease. Relax and have a cuppa.


Distressed furniture DIY

3 – Get Creative With Hiding Unsightly Electronics


Many households will now have a couple of routers spread around to cover the increasing internet demands a house full of gadget mad little demons will have. Especially if any of the little ones have discovered Minecraft, or if you have a habit of going a bit crazy with online shopping on your iPad when you’re settled down on the sofa with a cup of tea.

A fake line of books coupled with a wooden box can make a nifty DIY router tidy. Grab a few old books you’re never going to read, or dive into the charity shop bargain bins. Take four or five hardcover books, and cut out the pages at the spine.

Keep the back and front of the two books you want to start and end your faux stack, and glue the spines and covers to the front of a small wooden box, the kind of one you might see at a fresh fruit stall or a garden centre. If you don’t want to use a box, you can glue the spines to a piece of card and simply set the router behind it rather than sticking it into the box. You can glue it all together with a glue gun, stick it together with super glue, or use blu tack or doubled backed tape. Whatever works for you, but a little twenty minute bout of handywork can really tidy up those necessary but ugly black or white boxes.


DIY Bookshelf Router Tidy


DIY Tip 4 – Remove Carpet Indentations With Ice Cubes


If you’ve got a mark in your carpet caused by a sofa, TV unit, bed, or even just a groove worn from pacing or from a door opening and closing, here’s a nifty trick. Placing an ice cube on your carpet can sort out any pesky marks. First off, move your furniture out of the way, then simply place an ice cube on the mark. If it’s a long line – like a mark from an opening door or dragging a chair, then place a few ice cubes on the groove.

Leave the cube to melt over night and the water will plump up the fibres. Dry the carpet with a towel, and use a fork to gently fluff up any stray fibres that have stayed flat. You may have to repeat it for persistent dents.

Take care if you’ve got a wood underfloor. The water might do damage to the wood underneath. It might be a good idea to perform a test on an inconspicious spot and pop up the carpet for a look underneath to make sure no damage has been caused, but generally you’ll have spilt a glass of juice or something similar on your carpet at some point in it’s life, and if it can survive this, it’ll be fine with a little ice cube.


Ice cube on carpetWrong kind of ice cube.


DIY Tip 5 – Use a Picture Frame as a Memo Board

While you’ve probably thought about installing a chalkboard or wipe board in your kitchen to keep track of what groceries are needed and who in the family needs to be picked up, and where from, and what you’re making for dinner… and on and on and on…

These little boards can look a little unsightly and if you’re wanting your whole house to be a domestic paradise, you’ll want something a little more chic than a dull black or whiteboard. Enter this stroke of genius, the glass picture frame as a dry wipe board, a DIY dream.

Frame a pretty scrap of wallpaper or fabric, preferably something light, nothing too busy, and hang it in a high traffic area of your home. Attach the marker to it with a matching ribbon, and suddenly you’ve got a stylish memo board that you’ll struggle to stop people from writing on. Just make sure you buy dry wipe markers and not the permanent variety…


Picture frame memo home hack

6 – Use Velcro to Keep Rupert Off The Floor


Okay, he might not be called Rupert, but we’ve all got teddies somewhere around the house, whether they belong to little ones, or they’re a childhood friend that you just can’t let go. Keep them clean and off the floor, and solve your clutter crisis at the same time by sticking them to the wall with a velcro strip.

Not only does this DIY trick keep the room looking tidy, but it’s ideal for a kids room as a fun way for them to display their cuddly friends, and keep the floor clean at the same time. Even if they don’t use it, you’ll have a nifty place to store the teddies when you’re hoovering or cleaning up for a playdate.

Attach the rough side of the velcro to the wall in a strip (to stop scrapes with the rough bit on the teddies) and attach the soft bit to the back of lightweight toys, or even just stick them straight to the velcro. The same trick will work well in an adult’s room to turn a collection of soft toys into a decorate statement rather than something to be hastily hidden under the bed when friends are over.


Velcro teddies hack

7 – Create A Self Draining Boot/Shoe Tray For Your Hallway


Summer may be on its way, but if you’re (un)lucky enough to live in the United Kingdom, you’re still going to experience a range of rainy days. Rather than setting your wet and muddy shoes on the floor and having to clean up a puddle, along with some mud and grass later in the day, why not add this nifty little tray to your hallway? It’ll keep the floor clean and dry, and any mud or water will naturally drain off your shoes into the rocks and evaporate.

All you need is a bag of pebbles like you might find at a pet shop, and a pet litter tray, while you’re at it! A long, flat tray will hold the whole family’s wet shoes, and the unique design will ensure that kids always remember to put their shoes here, and don’t just dump them on the carpet.


Entry way tray DIY hack



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May’s Mood board

What’s inspiring us this month?

As we edge ever closer to summer and the temperature starts to rise we are getting inspired by soft, washed out colour.

Living Coral is Pantone’s colour of the year for a reason.  It is vibrant, yet mellow, and has a warming comfort to it.




The deep, rich colour of a solid bamboo floor, pairs beautifully with the warmth of coral, helping to create a space that is soft and welcoming.



For a relaxed look, Renove has renovated and reupholstered vintage swivel chairs from the 1960s.



For a relaxed touch, the chalky tone can be applied a large canvas to highlight different areas of your home.



Our Morocco tile effect floor is inspired by the Mediterranean, with rich, sun-kissed tones, this laminate works wonderfully in your bathroom.



Sadly, the British summer never lasts long. So we are also filling our houses with as much greeny as possible!



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What is Laminate AC Rating?

When shopping for laminate flooring, you may encounter a term referred to as a “laminate AC rating”. Meaning “abrasion class”, AC rating describes a floor’s durability against a number of key factors. The higher the AC rating, the more durable it is. Whilst laminate with a rating of AC1 is only suitable for areas with little footfall, the higher AC5-rated laminate floors are robust enough for use in commercial buildings, such as busy retail stores.

Laminate AC rating determines how well a laminate floor copes within different environments. Abrasion class was first introduced by the Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring (ELPF). Since its conception, it’s been adopted as the industry standard for rating laminate flooring.

How is AC Rating Determined?

In order to receive an AC rating, laminate flooring must go through rigorous testing. Known as the Taber test, the process assesses the flooring to measure its resistance. The AC rating is dependent on how it deals with a number of different stress points. Abrasion, stains, impact, moisture, heat and scratches are all factors used to produce a laminate AC rating.

To receive an AC rating, every aspect of the test requires a pass. If it fails even one, it receives an “unrated” label, meaning it misses the mark in terms of quality expected by both retailers and consumers.

AC4-AC5 Rated Commercial Laminate Flooring in Office Space

Two main groups divide laminate AC ratings: residential and commercial. These two groups are then split again to describe the level of traffic they’re able to withstand: moderate, general or heavy.

Laminate flooring thickness often has a part to play in a difference of AC rating. Generally speaking, the higher the thickness, the better the abrasion class rating.

See also: How to maintain laminate flooring

Different Laminate AC Ratings

As we touched upon earlier, the abrasion class rating of laminate flooring depends on its ability to withstand a number of different tests. How it copes with these tests determines its rating.

So what are the different AC ratings? You’ll often find them described by a simple label:



Suitable for moderate traffic. Best suited to use in bedrooms or guest rooms that see very little foot traffic.


Suitable for general traffic. Dining or living rooms are the best place for AC2-rated laminate floors.


Suitable for heavy traffic. Generally suitable for all areas, especially areas such as hallways which see a lot of footfall.



Suitable for moderate traffic in commercial spaces. Think small offices, cafés or smaller retail outlets.


Suitable for heavy traffic in commercial spaces. Large department stores, public building and large offices are the perfect place for laminate with a rating of AC5.

You may also find AC rating described using pictograms. In these images, the different AC ratings display either a house (residential) or a commercial building (commercial). They may also contain icons for people, as well as numbers to display the laminate flooring’s suitability for either moderate (1), general (2) or heavy (3) use.

Laminate AC rating - abrasion class icons

Weighing Up Your Options

The higher the the laminate AC rating, the better its durability. So, that must mean you should always go for the higher rating, surely? Well, not always.

As with any flooring, making your decision depends on individual circumstances. AC1-AC4 rated laminate is made using direct pressure laminate, whilst AC5 and higher is created using high pressure laminate. The difference in their manufacturing makes for slight differences in their appearance and feel.

Loft Dark Grey Laminate Flooring - AC3 Rating
Loft Dark Grey – AC3

Commercial spaces with heavy footfall require a high-durability laminate floor, although there are benefits to choosing lower-rated laminates as well.

AC3/AC4-rated floors tend to be smoother and softer to the touch than those with a higher rating. Whilst the rough texture of AC5 may be good for commercial use, this may be too abrasive for family homes – especially if you have young children.

Direct pressure laminate (AC1-AC4) is also better equipped to look more realistic than high pressure laminate. This is also due to the laminate flooring thickness and its wear layer. Each AC rating increase means a 60% increase in wear. So, for example, AC3 has 120% heavier wear than AC1. The heavier wear may also mean a cloudier look to your flooring. Therefore, if you prioritise style over durability, you’re better suited to a lower grade flooring.

Our AC Ratings

Here at Direct Wood Flooring, we only sell laminate flooring with an AC rating of AC3 and above. This ensures high durability, without compromising on the authentic look of the flooring. Images are crisp and clear, whilst a textured surface gives an authentic real wood feel.

To find your chosen laminate’s AC rating, simply scroll down the product page until you reach the AC rating in the product information.


To Conclude

Laminate AC rating is certified through rigorous testing to even receive a rating. Even with the lower AC1-AC2 floors, you can still make a decision knowing the product is certified for its purpose.

The lower AC-rated laminate flooring is better suited to residential properties, whereas higher rating such as AC4 and AC5 are perfect for commercial environments. AC3 sits in the middle, and will handle any area in your home, as well as being suitable for light commercial use.

If you’re looking for laminate flooring and would like advice on the best AC rating for you, get in touch by calling 03308 088777, or email [email protected].

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New Home? Refinish And Repair Hardwood Floors Before You Move In.

Have your recently purchased a home, or are you planning to purchase a new home soon? Among the rest of your miles-long to-do list, here’s another item to add: refinish and repair the hardwood flooring in your new home before you move in. Do yourself a favor and have the Floor Sand Crafting team take care of this daunting task for you. You’ll thank yourself in the long run!  

Refinished Hardwood Flooring in Indianapolis

You’ll Save Time Later

Although we work hard to finish the job in a timely manner, most hardwood refinishing jobs take between 2 to 5 days, depending on the scope of the project. By having the floor refinishing completed prior to your move-in date, you’ll save time that you’ll be able to spend doing other things to get your house the way you want it. Curious about our process? Check out this FAQ page!

Your Floors Will Be Perfectly Clean for You

Once the floors are refinished, your home will be literally move-in ready. Any pet stains, water stains, damage, or dents will be taken care of. With beautiful floors in place, all you need to do is add your furniture. By checking off “refinish floors” from your checklist before you move in, you’ll feel much more settled in your new home. 

We’ll Work with Your Schedule

We’ll work with your schedule to coordinate the best time to refinish the floors. We also suggest allowing 24-48 hours after we’ve completed with the project until you move in your furniture. This will allow the floors to finish curing. 

For a free estimate, contact the friendly Floor Sand Crafting team today at (317) 759-2575. With over 30 years of experience in refinishing and installing hardwood floors in the Indianapolis area, we’re happy to help make your new house into a home. You’ll never regret investing in your home’s hardwood floors, which will add great beauty and practicality to your home. So before you move in, give us a call. 

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Top carpet tips to help you love coming home


Does your floor say welcome home or wear & tear?

How does walking through the door make you feel? Your home is perhaps the one place you can realise your interior design dreams, flex your creative muscles and build a space you feel completely, perfectly at ease.

It’s a space you love.

All too often though, our carpets don’t reflect this. Years of wear & tear, dirt and dust, spills and stains, all take their toll on our floors and leave them looking worn and faded. Unlike, for example, curtains, fittings or wallpaper, our carpets bear the brunt of everyday life and suffer for it.

Heavy foot traffic and moving furniture treads down the pile, and they soon start to leave their original vibrancy and charm behind. Many of us don’t change our carpets for many years after they’ve deteriorated, failing to notice the gradual decline and just falling gradually out of love with our home interiors, little by little, without quite realising why. A good carpet has a distinctive feel and look, and has the power to change the way we feel in our homes. Literally every step you take through your home can be improved by a high quality floor- meaning if you’ve overlooked upgrading your carpet for a few years- it could be the answer to falling back in love with coming home.

At Pyramid we specialise in helping people find the carpets that make them love coming home. That’s how we’ve become South Yorkshire’s favourite carpet store, with our Sheffield showroom visited by thousands of homeowners who have left ready to give their home interiors a new lease of life with a vibrant and stylish carpet. Here are some things to look for to help you find a carpet that will make coming home the highlight it should be.

  1. Choose one that’s durable

Imagine the feeling of stepping onto a brand new carpet that cushions & warms, springy and comfy at the same time. Bright and stylish, it captures the eye and creates a feeling of light and space to the room. This is what great carpet should do. Now imagine if this effect was not a new carpet at all, but one that’s been in place for years. Even after years of wear, it’s still just as attractive and comfortable as it was on day one. That’s the importance of choosing a durable carpet. Two, five or even ten years later- you want to experience the same comfort & quality you get on the day you fit your carpet. We recommend using a specially-designed, ultra-durable material such as synthetics, which stand up well to wear & tear and keep their colour better than natural fibres.

  1. Comfort is king

Choosing the right thickness of carpet for your floor means getting the right balance of comfort, warmth and depth for your needs. Bedrooms and living rooms, where comfort is typically most important, often benefit from both a deeper carpet and a thicker underlay, which both helps heat retention and makes the floor more comfortable. It allows you to stretch out in comfort in front of the TV, walk around in bare feet in the night and enjoy warmth and luxurious softness even on the coldest winter’s day.

  1. Go stain resistant

Nothing reflects more poorly on the state of your carpet than a great big stain. Whether it’s pets, children, food, or a glass of red wine gone rogue: it only takes one lapse in attention for your carpet to come off badly, quickly. As we’ve previously discussed on our blog, it’s possible to save your carpet from stains, but knowing the right way to fight the different spills, mess and marks can be tricky. If you’re worried about your carpet being marked, using an advanced synthetic fibre for your carpet helps avoid staining and limits the spread of bacteria, meaning mildew and smells are kept at bay.


If you’re still looking for the right carpet for your home, why not speak to the team at our Sheffield showroom? With a huge range of carpets on offer- from budget options to premium brands- we’re a one-stop-shop for all types and scales of home interior redesign.

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